DraftKings is one of the best sites out there for daily fantasy sports, gambling and betting on esports. However, getting into such activities can prove daunting for newcomers, considering the price factor for certain aspects.

If you ask yourself “Can you play DraftKings for free?”, the answer is a resounding: YES.

To help ease new users, free DraftKings contests frequently occur to make sure anyone can participate. In general, DraftKings Contests are a staple of the DraftKings experience, as they are some of the most enjoyable, competitive, and profitable activities. Free DraftKings contests are usually simpler, less complicated contests that even someone with limited experience can understand. They’re not just newcomer-friendly but also accessible.

To find these free contests, participants should be looking around for DraftKings bonuses or promos. These frequently include free contests. DraftKings itself will also commonly advertise them on the home screen. If you can’t find any free contests after a couple of minutes of searching, there likely aren’t any available at the moment.

Everything you need to know about Free DraftKings Contests

There are some important things users should know about DraftKings free contests. The first is that they most commonly occur during the beginning of a major sports season. To give an example, the start of the NFL season in the fall usually brings with it many free contests. They use these to take advantage of the influx of new participants with a new season’s beginnings. Of course, the participants should also take advantage of these free contests, as they can serve as good practice for getting into paid activities.

The majority of free contests won’t have a payout. After all, DraftKings is still a business, so don’t expect to earn money without paying. However, every now and then, some free contests are exceptions.

These exceptions usually aren’t traditional free contests that anyone can just join for free. They’re still free but may need some extra hoops to get through. You can use the refer-a-friend bonus to get a free entry into some high-end tournaments.

To do this, someone will have to provide an individual with a link to sign up for DraftKings. Now, said person would have to deposit money into their DraftKings account. However, they won’t have to spend it. Once they do that, both the new user and the referrer can access a major tournament or contest.

Free DraftKings Contests

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Participation and Rules

As stated earlier, DraftKings gears their free contests towards new participants. However, that doesn’t mean experienced or older users can’t join. A group of people may not want to join as free contests are likely not to provide a payout, but it’s still open to them.

The rules of the contest will usually vary depending on what sport or esport it’s based off, but they’ll usually be simple. As stated earlier, these contests serve as practice, so the ruleset will probably be simple and easy to understand.

As stated earlier, just by signing up and depositing some money into an account, new users can reap benefits. Of course, doing it through the refer a friend system will help someone else, but even alone, they’ll be able to claim $20 free play credit today with the first deposit.