Valorant Betting – The best betting sites for your Valorant bets

Valorant, the new, and savagely expected, first-person shooter is here, and it is time to talk about it. As this game is catching on and the tournaments are on the rise, Valorant betting also becomes more and more present in the bookmakers’ portfolios.

What is Valorant?

Valorant is the latest game released by Riot Games Company. This game is a mix of the famous FPS and Battle Arena. In this way, the game has similarity with titles such as CSGO, Overwatch, or Apex Legends.

Currently, the game is within the Open Beta phase where already millions of players are helping to achieve the completion of the project. Its launch attracted more than one and a half million people, and it also managed to break the records of visualizations within the Twitch platform –Which is a lot for the Valorant Beta stage.

There are still a few months left to see Valorant grow as an eSports, but we are certain that this will happen! Especially now that the official Valorant release date as been announced. And, as we all expect, Valorant Betting will follow. So, let’s talk a bit about how things will be.

Best bonus offers for your Valorant bets

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Why should you try to bet on Valorant?

There are mainly 3 reasons:

1. It’s a game that breaks the pattern of Riot

We’re all used to Riot Games relationships with League of Legends. Thanks to the nice administration of the world’s greatest MOBA, Valorant has managed to cause a lot of hype around the entire gamer community. It also promises to be a game with a lot of content to be exploited, something that draws even more attention.

2. Pro Players from other FPS will migrate to Valorant

Overwatch pros switching to Valorant is probably the first symptom. This happens because professional players are more attracted to Riot’s new project as an emerging market –Or just a slightly easier chance to pass from #13 to #1.

3. Fewer players mean higher profits

Valorant is a new game, and that’s why it will take time for Valorant’s bets to become famous. But the sites where we can bet on Valorant promise that the winnings will be higher than in other games. The reason: It is a market with few bettors with more chances of winning.

Valorant Betting

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Key features of a good Valorant betting site

As usual, trust and variety are the key facts for a good esports betting site, but here are 3 facts that will determine the changes on this new market.

  • Bets must have sufficient depth and breadth: Valorant’s bets must be thought of as a way to break the mold. Going beyond simple win-lose bets.
  • Live betting from Valorant: Being able to bet on the players, results, first kill, among others, works better in real-time betting.
  • Valorant odds: As usual, odds have to be clear and well-based. If you can’t trust a site’s odds, then you can bet properly.

Valorant’s Tournaments

As in other games of this style, Valorant plans to have several tournaments per year. Valorant’s esports betting sites can take advantage of these tournaments to gain more visibility.

Expectations are based on Riot Games promoting several tournaments annually. Valorant will be no exception to this, so it is a good time for Valorant’s betting sites to recruit more players.

Get a head start on betting on Valorant

Valorant will be an FPS with a lot from the usual titles. Therefore, to get an advantage within Valorant’s betting we can analyze the factors with which you bet on other games.

  • Observe from the most outstanding players to know their way of playing –Especially those migrating from Overwatch, Apex Legends and CSGO.
  • Look for bets that were made before and know their probability: first kill, headshots, among others.
  • Analyze these parameters a little bit before the launch, for example, it is easier to achieve a headshot in Overwatch than in CSGO.