VALORANT is really taking the esports world by storm in 2023. It was designed with esports in mind, and in a relatively short period of time, it has become a leading competitive title. Of course, where competitive gaming exists, esports betting markets are sure to follow. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a one-shot guide to help you understand everything you need to know about VALORANT betting.

There’s no stopping VALORANT as a competitive platform. As time goes on, the esports tournaments nestled within its ecosystem are becoming increasingly popular, and its market share as an esports betting title is becoming increasingly large. Pair that with a thriving Valorant Franchising System, and we got yet another esports ecosystem for our predicitons.

Best Bonus Offers for Your VALORANT Bets

Take a look at our best esports betting bonus offers before you start Betting on VALORANT:

If you’re eager to start betting on VALORANT, make sure you read through this rapid-fire guide and place your VALORANT bets on the safest, most reputable, most beneficial platforms possible.

Where to Bet on VALORANT

Wondering how to bet on VALORANT, you should first be asking where to bet on VALORANT. There are countless esports betting sites out there just waiting to accept your business, but it’s a fact of business that some are just that much better than others. It’s important to select a platform that boasts a wide array of VALORANT gambling markets, competitive odds, and a safe and reliable site.

If you’ve never bet on VALORANT before, you’ll be safe opting for one of the following platforms. These are, without a doubt, the best VALORANT betting sites out there.

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GG.BET is one of the best esports betting sites out there, and when it comes to VALORANT betting, it offers a near-unparalleled experience. For years, GG.BET has been expanding its range to offer more competitive markets than any other esports-focused betting platform online today. If you’re going to bet on VALORANT games, GG.BET is the place to be, offering in-built streaming features, team and player statistics, and a wide range of markets.

If you need to know more, consider checking out our GG.BET review. esports logo


Thunderpick is an iconic esports betting site, and it’s one of the best platforms to bet on VALORANT with. It’s a progressive, forward-thinking, and dynamic platform, giving bettors the ability to make deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency. On Thunderpick, users will be able to pick from a diverse range of VALORANT betting markets, some of which are exclusive to the Thunderpick platform.

If you’d like to learn more, you can read our in-depth Thunderpick review.



Betway Esports is an age-old platform that is equal parts tried-and-tested and popular. It has been around for years, first offering traditional sports betting markets to users before ‘hybridising’ to offer esports betting markets as well. It’s a more basic platform at first glance, but there’s a lot of depth there, and if you’re going to bet on VALORANT, you can’t go wrong with Betway Esports. It’s safe, secure, and reliable, and it’s backed by years of operational experience.

If you’re not convinced, try taking a look at our comprehensive Betway Esports review.

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How to Bet on VALORANT

Okay, you have the ‘where’, now it’s time to discuss the ‘how’.

Fortunately, betting on VALORANT couldn’t be easier, and sometimes, all you’ll need to have is a basic understanding of the best VALORANT players and teams. If you’re hunting for the best VALORANT betting tips, it all begins with this one: find the right platform. If you’ve read this far, then it’s likely you’ve settled on your platform of choice. Once you’ve zeroed in on the right site for you, you’ll need to make an account, take advantage of any betting bonuses, and place your wagers.

It’s advised that you watch the best VALORANT tournaments like the Valorant Champions Tour unfold live, to give you the best chance possible of understanding what’s actually going on. There’s also a need to study the VALORANT betting odds, to ensure you know exactly what it is you’re betting on and what you’re likely to win if your wagers are successful.

Get a Head Start Betting on VALORANT

VALORANT isn’t a complex game by any means, but there are still some top tips that you can take away with you before you start taking part in VALORANT betting. If you’re taking part in VALORANT betting in USA, you may find it harder to track down betting markets, but that’s dependent on the state that you’re located in.

With that information aside, here are some of our best VALORANT betting tips.

  • Learn which teams are considered the favorites, studying their players and understanding exactly why they’re sitting at the top of the competitive table.
  • If you’re going to step outside your comfort zone, make sure you fully understand the markets that you’re using to bet on VALORANT.
  • Find tipster platforms, making use of sites like or trawling to find the best tips for VALORANT betting Reddit has to offer, for example.

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The Best Tournament for VALORANT Betting

Like many other esports ecosystems, VALORANT’s biggest draw is its prestigious tournaments. These form the backbone of all VALORANT betting practices, and as the platform has grown over time, these tournaments have risen to become multi-million dollar affairs. At the top of the table sits the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT), the top-tier competition that features some of the finest gaming talents that the VALORANT world has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking part in VALORANT betting in Australia, Germany, or the United Kingdom, the VCT is global franchised tournament system that you should be keeping your eyes fixed firmly on. This is also a tournament ecosystem that is spread across an entire year, more or less, so it’s the main event that fans remained glued to over time.

To add to the excitement, Riot Games organizes two Masters events and a Global Championship each year where all the best teams gather for ultimate glory. These events should become your bread and better for all your bets.

Finally, as the VALORANT player count just keeps rising, so too does the popularity of the sport.

What is Valorant?

Let’s go through a basic breakdown of the game itself, in case you’ve gotten this far and you’re not sure what VALORANT actually is.

VALORANT is a mix of two genres: first-person shooter and battle arena. It’s a hero-based shooter developed by Riot Games, the powerhouse behind League of Legends. It’s extremely similar to games such as CSGO, Overwatch, and Apex Legends – so much so that, for a while, players were fuelling a vibrant Overwatch vs. VALORANT debate.

It’s a comprehensive platform, boasting ranked and unranked multiplayer, diverse game modes, and best of all, it’s totally free to play. There are fantasy VALORANT games, a vivid backstory for all of the characters featured in the game, and a lucrative ecosystem that is getting more valuable with each passing day.

At the moment, it’s a PC-only title, but there may be an update in the future that brings VALORANT to consoles.