Valorant Champions Tour 2021 – VCT Season Info, Events and Key Dates

Valorant Champions Tour is the first event series organized by Riot Games aimed at developing the game’s esports ecosystem. The 2021 season culminates with the Valorant Champions event to crown the seasonal world champion.

Before we get ahead of ourselves lets look at each ladder on the way to becoming the global Valorant Champion.

The VCT competition calendar is divided into three distinct tiers of competition, with each tier being played across ten geographical regions. Fans get to support local talent in each league as they grind their path upwards through the competitive ecosystem. To this end Riot Games has made it possible for any amateur team to fight their way to glory through their competitive hierarchy.

VCT 2021 Structure

Valorant VCT Challengers & Masters

The first step for all Valorant teams is the Challengers stage held in 10 different competitive regions. They are: North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Brazil, LATAM North and LATAM South.

Each region holds their own VCT Challengers events divided into stages. Teams can qualify through an open qualifier event and ultimately compete at the challenger level. Here they either secure spots in the next challenger event or secure a spot for Valorant Masters events as the higher tier of competition. During the season three stages of Challengers competition are held with each rewarding a slot at a masters level event.

The first VCT Challengers Stage was held in February and March with the best teams advanced through to the Challenger Finals. VCT Challengers Stage 2 matches were played in April with the best teams advancing through to the Challenger Finals and ultimately VCT Masters Reykjavik. Finally, the third Challengers Stage is scheduled for June and July with the best teams earning a spot at VCT Masters Berlin.

Each stage has promotion and relegation system aimed at allowing up and coming teams to battle their way to to the top. Apart from the winner of VCT Masters Berlin being guaranteed a spot at Valorant Champions, all other teams have to re-qualify for each stage of competition in Valorant.

Head over to a dedicated page for an in-depth look at VCT Masters Reykjavik Teams. Additionally, specific weekly match overview & predictions for various Challengers matches are available in our Valorant News section.

Valorant Stage

VCT Champions

VCT Champions is the final event of the competitive season in 2021. Sixteen teams from across the planet all meet up to determine the best Valorant team at the end of the competitive calendar.

In its first iteration the regional slots are awarded based on a per-determined values ahead of the event. Followup events might have these numbers altered with some regions earning or losing spots based on performance. This system is similar to what Riot Games does for the League of Legends World Championship.

Teams earn Circuit Points in their regions for the duration of the season. Top performers from each region earn direct invites to the main event. Additionally, four slots are made available to teams through a Last Chance Regional Qualifier event.

The regional distribution for VCT Champions 2021 is as follows:

Circuit Point Slots

  • Europe: 2 slots
  • North America: 2 slots
  • Southeast Asia: 2 slots
  • Brazil: 2 slots
  • Korea: 1 slot
  • Latin America: 1 slot
  • Japan: 1 slot

Last Chance Qualifier Slots

  • Europe: 1 slot
  • North America: 1 slot
  • South America: 1 slot
  • Asia: 1 slot

Finally, the final 16th slot at the event will be awarded for the VCT Masters Berlin winner. Additionally, teams from minor regions like CIS, Turkey and Oceania will qualify through their closest regional LCQ.

Valorant Champions Tour Key Dates

Valorant competition in 2021 beginds in February and finishes in December. This give us approximately 500 matches in total in terms of Valorant betting, and near constant supply of Valorant Twitch streams to follow. The key months and dates for each stages of competition are illustrated below.

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Season Final
Valorant ChallengersFebruary 2021April 2021August 2021
Valorant MastersMarch 12-21May 24-30September 9-19
Valorant ChampionsDecember 1-12

In the end, it’s worth noting that competitive play is not limited to only Riot organized events as third party organizers are also incentivized to hold competition during the Valorant Champions Tour season. The near endless supply of competitive Valorant is only going to increase in upcoming seasons.