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January 14, 2022

Cloud9 and 100Thieves on easy mode – LCS opening day match predictions

The lock-in phase of the LCS opens this weekend with a packed schedule of games, beginning with matches from Group A on Friday night. Here is a breakdown of some…
LoL Esports
January 12, 2022

MAD Lions vs Vitality – LEC Spring Split 2022 Week 1 Match Predictions

After two months of break, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) 2022 Spring Split kicks off on Friday, Jan. 14! The LEC off-season offered us a lot of excitement…
LoL Esports
January 11, 2022

DRX, T1 favored in LCK Spring 2022 openers – Match Predictions & Odds

A brand new split of the LCK, one of the most competitive League of Legends competitions in the world, begins this Wednesday. Here is a primer of the two matches…
LoL Esports
January 11, 2022

Weibo Gaming vs BiliBili Gaming – LPL Spring 2022 Week 1 Predictions

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is kicking off the 2022 season with a packed Week 1 schedule. After two months of downtime, the Chinese teams will restart the…
LoL Esports
January 7, 2022

LEC Power Rankings 2022 – Who signed best team in the off-season?

The LEC Power Rankings 2022 are here! The League of Legends off-season is coming to an end for the LEC, as the 2022 Spring Split will kick off on Jan.…
Esports News
December 27, 2021

LoL Pacific Championship Series Offseason – Key roster moves into next season

Now that we’ve covered all the major regions in our off-season Roster Trackers, we now will take a look at the PCS, the Pacific Championship Series. There are plenty of…
LoL Esports
December 24, 2021

VCS Winter Finals Predictions – Who will become Champion?

The 2021 VCS Winter Finals are finally here! After the two semifinals, we will have one final series to determine the VCS Winter Champions! Who will rise to glory? Let’s…
LoL Esports
December 17, 2021

VCS Winter 2021 Week 5 – Who will advance to Playoffs?

The VCS Winter Split is coming to an end with the final weekend of Group Stage action! We are looking at Saigon Buffalo as they team to take 4th in…
LoL Esports
December 15, 2021

LPL Free Agency Breakdown – 2021/22 LPL Roster Updates

To round off our off-season Roster Tracker and Updates, we have the LPL, with yet another explosive transfer window. Plenty of teams are still holding the cards close to their…
LoL Esports
December 10, 2021

GAM & Cerberus Esports finally clash – VCS Winter Week 4 Predictions

The VCS Winter Season is entering the most important stage. We’ll take a look at the standings so far and make some predictions for the most interesting matches for this…
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Here at, we strive to keep you in the loop on what’s happening in the League of Legends scene, and what effects it can have on pro play. Staying up to date with the latest things happening in the League of Legends scene will provide a more in-depth look into professional matches, enabling you to determine exactly which teams hold advantage over their opponents. Our goal is to cover all aspects of the LoL Esports scene.

Balance Changes, Predictions and a Whole Lot More

We’ve got all the latest Riot news to bring you the best and most relevant updates straight from the game’s developer. We also keep our readers posted on League of Legends patches and other balance changes that might affect in-game strategies and esports predictions.

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Discover LoL Esports updates for the LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LMS, Rift Rivals, and LoL Worlds!

Whether it’s reading up on the latest League of Legends news, learning more about specific team matchups, or tracking the results of your favorite players, we’ve got you covered. And no matter which region you follow, you’ll always find the LoL news that piques your interest.

Some of this analysis is very straightforward. For instance, a team removing an established jungler from its starting roster and replacing him with an emergency stand-in is a sure way of knowing that said team is suffering from personality clashes. However, that’s just the tip of the news iceberg. Player interviews can be invaluable for finding out the inner workings of their teams and learning their thoughts on their competition. Meanwhile, power rankings and opinion articles will give you great insight into how experts rate different teams in different competitions.

The main thing to note here is that you don’t always want to take LoL news at face value. A PR release from a struggling organization can assure you that everything is fine and the team still has championship aspirations. Yet, if you read between the lines, you’ll often discover a plethora of issues that should prevent this team from accomplishing something as minor as making it past the first round of the playoffs.

Granted, it can be challenging to sift through the sand to find a single grain of truth. Which is why you should confirm your takes on resources like the League of Legends message boards and League of Legends subreddit. You’ll still need to be selective on which comments you choose as your guidelines. However, the League of Legends community is broad enough that you will always find several different viewpoints for every news release.

Putting LoL News to good use

So, now that you know how to read LoL news, what exactly can you do with that knowledge? Well, the most obvious answer is you take it to LoL betting! Many esportsbooks offer odds on League of Legends matches, and if you keep track of the latest news, it will be much easier to make accurate predictions.

You can also try your hand at LoL fantasy. Most contests revolve around player performance, and if you know which pros are feeling good about upcoming matches, you will be able to build a top-tier fantasy team.

Of course, reading League of Legends news doesn’t have to be about money. There’s something intrinsically exciting about following a thriving competitive scene, exchanging ideas with other passionate fans, and watching competitive matches together with your friends. Time spent on LoL is a good time. And in the end, that’s all the reasons we need to keep delivering the latest LoL esports content.

If you wish to contribute to our LoL news section, get in touch with us and follow our tips to become an esports journalist.

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