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LCS 2020: Evil Geniuses Scouting Report

The Evil Geniuses organization has been a notorious name in esports since their inception in 1999. Their inclusion and dominance over a variety of game titles has come as noMore
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League of Legend’s Wolf retires from professional play

Lee Jae Wan, more commonly known as Wolf by the League of Legends community has officially announced his retirement from professional play. This “retirement” means Wolf will no longer playMore
LoL Esports

Free Agency Breakdown: Roster Swap shenanigans in the LEC

We are now 10 days into the League of Legends Free Agency period and “drama” has been happening in all four major competitive regions. Today we kick off our FreeMore
LoL Esports

Thai-based MEGA Esports CEO banned from LoL esports until 2022 for not paying players

League of Legends is, hands down, the biggest esport in the world. It ranks first in viewership numbers; hours watched on streaming services and has some of the biggest tournamentMore
LoL Esports

Organizations fail to inform their players of third-party offers – Is this wrong?

ESPN Brazil recently made big revelations that multiple LoL clubs have kept their players in the dark by failing to inform them of offers that had been sent over byMore
LoL Esports

100 Thieves Roster Update: New management, new signings, same expectations

Of all the teams making offseason changes so far in Free Agency, 100 Thieves have taken a holistic approach to their 2020 ambitions with a top down approach to frontMore
LoL Esports

Riot Games partners with 4Entertainment to launch two new league

Riot has recently unveiled their new partnership with 4Entertainment to boost their esports scene. The Benelux region, comprising of players from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, previously considered as oneMore
LoL Esports

G2 Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix, post LoL Worlds Final match discussion

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is arguably the most exciting Worlds event to date, filled with multiple upsets. Unfortunately for Europe, 2019 was doomed once again to seeMore
LoL Esports

Patch 9.22 Sets the Stage for the End of the LoL Ranked Season 9

It’s been a while since Riot has released a major patch for League of Legends, but Patch 9.22 comes at the perfect time. It prepares players for the end ofMore
LoL Esports

LoL Worlds Finals – A new era for Europe dawns

Last week we asked: “Is this the fall of the super region Korea?“. The answer was a resounding yes after LEC & MSI champions G2 dominated SKT (3-1). The semifinalMore
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