LoL Esports News

March 3, 2020
LoL Esports

Valorant, aka Project A, expected to come out in Summer

Riot first teased their FPS game as project A, with only a few snippets of gameplay. After many months, Riot has finally released more details on their upcoming FPS. RiotMore
March 2, 2020
LoL Esports

Pathing around the world: who is the best Jungler in League of Legends?

League of Legends Season 10 has introduced a variety of new ways to play the game with features like dragon soul and alcove mechanics that have spiced up Summoners Rift.More
February 19, 2020
LoL Esports

NA LCS: The state of the LCS after four weeks of play

The NA LCS is going through a renaissance, but not everyone is happy about it. Four weeks in, the NA League of Legends Championship Series is shattering all of ourMore
February 19, 2020
LoL Esports

TFT Mobile release date is approaching, Riot has done an amazing job

Riot’s first highly successful game aside from the traditional League of Legends MOBA, Teamfight Tactics, is soon to become available on mobile. Having only launch officially in mid 2019, TeamfightMore
February 18, 2020
LoL Esports

TFT Set 3 – Teasers, Release Date & All We Know So Far

TFT Set 3 has been announced for early March of 2020. Even though this is just an initial date of release, it still gave us goosebumps. Even though there areMore
February 14, 2020
LoL Esports

Riot Project A: everything we know about the new FPS game so far

During their 10th year anniversary showcase, Riot Games hinted a brand new title and a contender for the FPS market. Codenamed “Project A”, the Riot FPS/Caster shooter quickly become theMore
January 23, 2020
LoL Esports

Riot sets aside Fantasy LCS, what are the alternatives?

Riot Games announced some pretty disappointing news for LoL fantasy draft fans – as per a Tweet from Chris Greeley, the commissioner of the LCS announced that there won’t beMore
January 21, 2020
LoL Esports

LEC Spring 2020: Can we begin the season with a 100% prediction rate

The hype season is upon us, and that can mean only thing. The LEC (previously known as EU League of Legends Championship Series) is back ladies and gentleman, better andMore
January 16, 2020
Esports Industry

Record-breaking views for 2019 esports events | LoL Worlds the most-watched event

2019 was, so far, the biggest year for esports yet. With record viewership numbers, bigger prize pools and competitions than ever, esports have had a fantastic year. We’ve taken aMore
January 14, 2020
LoL Esports

LoL Esport is starting strong into the new decade with the LPL Spring Split

It’s finally time for the new LoL esports season to begin – the first season of this decade is just kicking off. The 2020 LPL Spring Split opening showdown alreadyMore
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