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August 16, 2021
LoL Esports

Misfits Gaming – Rise of a new contender in the LEC

After missing out on playoffs last year, Misfits Gaming managed to secure the 4th seed this summer split. Not only did they reach their goal, but their insane early winMore
August 7, 2021
LoL Esports

Pathing around to Worlds: Best Junglers in League of Legends S11

League of Legends’ most unique role is without a doubt the Jungler: the player kills monster camps and works around the map to find advantages for his teammates. Not onlyMore
August 4, 2021
LoL Esports

LCS Championship Round 1 Match Preview & Predictions

With the LCS Summer Split ending, we’re entering in the most important stage of the season: the LCS Championship! Replacing the old Summer Playoffs format, the LCS Championship will allowMore
August 2, 2021
LoL Esports

FPX and EDG in direct battle for first in LPL Week 9

We are entering the final week of the LPL 2021 Summer season group stage. Several teams who have clearly improved and fallen from grace over the past few weeks, makingMore
July 30, 2021
LoL Esports

LoL Wildcard Regions are becoming a real threat this Worlds season

With all attentiontypically focused on the big four LoL regions (LCS, LEC, LPL & LCK), the importance of the smaller regions is oftentimes overlooked when searching for LoL betting opportunities.More
July 28, 2021
LoL Esports

LEC Week 8 Preview: It’s Super Week Time!

The LEC is wrapping up! Week 8 is a Super Week with teams playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! With the 3 games left per team, anything can happen inMore
July 27, 2021
LoL Esports

Down Under: LCO 2021 Split 2 Update

The second 2021 LCO Split is chugging along nicely. Any top OCE players signining with various academy teams around the world, must be kicking themselves as their home region isMore
July 27, 2021
LoL Esports

LCS Week 9 Preview – Is 100T NA’s best team?

NA LCS is back with the final week of the regular season! In Week 8, we saw 100Thieves falter two out of three games, resulting in a tie with TSMMore
July 26, 2021
Esports News

Unicorns of Love growing complacent with their dominance in the LCL

Unicorns of Love have clearly dominated their domestic competition for over two years. The same cannot be said for their performance on the global stage, as they repeatedly flop againstMore
July 23, 2021
LoL Esports

LCS Week 8 Preview – Who can set up playoffs safety?

The LCS Summer Split continues and it cannot get more exciting! The top teams are facing each other in extremely important head-to-head matches, and the outcomes might completely reshuffle theMore
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