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November 22, 2022

Faker Considering Options from Multiple LCS Teams

It is reported that the best League of Legends player of all time for many authorities, Lee “Faker “Sang-hyeok, has been considering multiple options from LCS teams. Faker is one…
LoL Esports
November 19, 2022

LCK introduces major format changes for 2023 season

As the 2022 circuit ended for League of Legends tournaments, it is now time to get excited about the upcoming season. According to Riot Games, major format changes are coming…
LoL Esports
November 16, 2022

LEC 2023 Roster Moves & Rumors | Discussion w/ Nymaera

In order to help us better understand how LEC teams are shaping up, we sat down with color caster Alex ‘Nymaera’ Hapgood. Nymaera has been casting the NLC as well…
Esports News
November 16, 2022

One For All Game Mode Coming to Wild Rift

Riot Games has announced exciting news for Wild Rift fans, which is technically the mobile version of League of Legends. According to Riot, one of LoL’s most famous game modes,…
LoL Esports
November 15, 2022

Free Agency Breakdown: Roster Transfers ahead of LEC 2023 Season

There has been a lot going on, but we’re here to help you out. Let’s take a look at the biggest names and transfers that have been circulating in the…
LoL Esports
November 11, 2022

Gen.G part ways with legendary bot laner Ruler

After years of experience and success, an era ended for the sides of Gen.G and the legendary bot laner Ruler. The South Korean player has left the organization to pursue…
LoL Esports
November 9, 2022

Riot to Publish LoL and TFT in Southeast Asia, Garena partnership ends in 2023

Riot Games will take responsibility for publishing LoL and TFT in Southeast Asia from 2023, as their partnership with Garena runs out on January 2023. Both parties worked together for…
LoL Esports
November 8, 2022

After Valorant Success, Riot To Create Standalone LoL Women’s League

Riot Games’ women’s league and Game Changers tournaments in Valorant have been a success with fans, and for the players taking part. After seeing the enthusiasm for the same, the…
LoL Esports
November 7, 2022

DRX Reveal their Worlds 2022 Skin Picks

After the end of their fairytale, DRX players are ready to receive the biggest prize of their success, League of Legends skins for their champion choices. DRX players have announced…
LoL Esports
November 4, 2022

MSI And Worlds Will Have New Formats, But No Double-Elimination Brackets

Riot Games has announced that there will be a format change for the major international League of Legends tournaments – the Mid-Seasonal Invitational (MSI) and the World Championship- next season.…
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