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Are Unstable Times Ahead for European League of Legends Teams?

A turbulent state of affairs has been unfolding within the League of Legends community of late, particularly in regards to the EU LCS. At the end of October, Riot GamesMore
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Report: SKT get demolished 0-3 against SSG

With the whole world watching from the Bird’s Nest in China, many assumed that the series would go either way. With both SKT looking slightly shaky and SSG looking onMore
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The Top 10 LoL players in 2017

Are you a League of Legends fan? If you’re an avid player or spectator of this popular esport, you’re not alone – as LoL has a global following of millions.More
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Group draws for League of Legends World Championships

Earlier this week in Tuesday, Riot hosted their annual Worlds Group Draw Show for the biggest League of Legends tournament of the year. The show streams the group draw /More
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H2K threatens to leave the EU LCS

H2K has released a major bombshell to both the community and Riot games this week, insisting that if Riot does not “provide financial stability”, they will be withdrawing from theMore
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Riot Sanjuro reportedly sacked from Riot Games

Riot Sanjuro has reportedly been fired from Riot Games. Riot has yet to give an official response to the incident. They have released a statement to the effect that theyMore
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Weekend predictions: League of Legends – Japan League

As the League of Legends – Japan League (LjL) begins to wrap up, teams are rigorously fighting for spots in the semi-finals. While the two top teams in the LpLMore
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TSM and SKT qualify for League of Legends Worlds

As we see the final games of the Summer season come to a head, teams are currently in the process of being seeded for the season’s biggest League of LegendsMore
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Week 5 NA LCS Summer Split 2017: Top Possible Upset Victories

We all know those scenes. The scenes that end with the winning team jumping out of their seats, and the losing team with their heads hung in shame. These scenesMore
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Tarzaned banned….. yet again

Riot has suspended Tarzaned’s account due to toxicity. Challanger streamer / YouTuber, Tarzaned, is facing another ban due to his extremely toxic behaviour, where he fed publicly on another teammate’sMore
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