It has finally come to that point where gaming has evolved beyond just entertainment, in ways of both playing them and spectating them too. Crypto games are on the rise in popularity, which is perfectly understandable as it is the first time where even a casual player can earn some money from investing their time into the games.

While the games are not even close to the triple-A titles when it comes to the gameplay, graphics, and esports aspects, these games are still quite a lot of fun, and they can be played on various platforms. Some games can be played on mobile devices, some can be played through a browser on any computer, and some actually require you to download and install them.

Crypto Games

What Kinds of Crypto Games are there?

Every day, new crypto games are introduced, and they appeal to a wide range of tastes. Any player may discover a crypto game that suits their interests; from calm farming games to more engaging combat scenes. We’ve put up a list below with all the genres available today:

Best Mobile Crypto Games (Android and iOS)

Mobile games are on the rise, as people prefer to play some games while they are waiting for people to show up to the meeting, while they are The things that qualify these games as some of the best crypto mobile games is the fact that you can play them on your phone whether you are an Android user or an iOS user!

Axie Infinity

In 2016, Pokemon Go was one of the most popular mobile games out there, and while Axie Infinity is not exactly like that at all, it does share a lot of ideas from the original Pokemon games instead. By that, we mean it is a game where you can create a team out of 3 monsters, and then venture into either a PVE adventure or a PVP mode where you can fight other players with your composition.

Getting into the game is really easy. However, before you can play the game, you would have to create a Ronin wallet and deposit some ETH so you can purchase the 3 monsters (Axies) that are required to create a team. Scouting the NFT marketplace for Axies for a few days is recommended as prices oscillate.

axie infinity crypto game

Reward Hunters

One genre that somehow manages to get itself into pretty much any type of gaming platform or trend is the battle royale genre, and Rewards Hunters completely focus on just that. It takes place in the medieval setting, and you can participate in an 8 player mode where the last standing player is the winner. There is also an option to play a 1v1 mode, but it is not as nearly as fun.

In order to participate in this one, as well as the betting events and weekly championships, users are required to have the RHT token. If you do, you will be eligible to earn Binance Coin (BND) as your reward.

reward hunters

Farmers World

Somewhere around 2010, Facebook has been at the peak of its popularity, and there were quite a lot of games that people tended to play on it. You may remember, but Farmville was one of those games, and it was a game where you ran your own farm. Farmers World is pretty much exactly like that, but instead of asking you to swipe your card every time you want to do something, it will be making you money over time instead. People say money does not grow on trees, but in this farming crypto game, it kind of does.

Farmers World Crypto

Best Desktop Games Based on Crypto (Windows and macOS)

While mobile games are quite fun, things are much better when you can play them on your computer. Some of the games mentioned here are actually available for a mobile device too, but playing them on PC just feels so much better.

Thetan Arena

While it is not nearly as complicated as League of Legends or Dota 2, this MOBA game is actually quite fun and challenging. It has a decent competitive scene, and you can even start playing without any investments into NFTs as it is one of the few f2p games. Of course, the downside is that it is a MOBA after all, and if you have not played a game of this genre before, you will not really stand a chance against experienced players.

Thetan Arena Crypto Games


If you are a fan of card games, then this is definitely the card game based on crypto that you are looking for. What makes this game great is that it is one of those crypto games for beginners, while it is also one for those who are experienced card game players. It is very easy to learn, but hard to master. This game also has a very promising future as an esports crypto game, so it is worth looking into it if that sparks your interest.

splinterlands crypto game

The Sandbox

The word “metaverse” is getting tossed around quite a lot when It comes to games that are getting into that “crypto games status”, and The Sandbox is the perfect representative for the genre, especially for the virtual worlds games. Players in this game can build, explore, and become a part of a growing community while earning some crypto. If you are looking for a crypto game that is not that competitive, this one is for you.

What Other Crypto Games Should You Check Out?

Since there are quite a lot play to earn  crypto games, it is very difficult to cover all of them. However, we can list a couple of them that think you should check out. Of course, keep in mind that for most of these games, you will have to create some kind of wallet in order to earn crypto from the game. In most cases, having the MetaMask wallet should keep you covered, but not all games use it as their wallet.

Trading Card Games (TCG)

  • Gods Unchained – Windows, macOS
  • Berserk – Valcanites Unleashed – Browser, Android, iOS
  • Kingdom Karnage – Browser, Android, Steam
  • Dark Country – Windows, Mac
  • Skyweaver – Browser, Android, iOS
  • Cryptic Legends – Android, iOS


  • CryptoWars – Browser
  • Blocklord 2 – Browser
  • War of Ants – Android
  • Ether Kingdoms – Browser

Role-Playing Game

  • My Crypto Heroes – Browser, Android
  • Crypto Dynasty – Android, iOS
  • Heroes & Empires – Android, iOS, Browser
  • Cryptofights – Windows


  • Blockchain Cuties – Browser
  • Alpaca City – Browser
  • Ethermon – Browser
  • CryptoKitties – Browser
  • Alien Worlds – Browser


  • Candy Fiesta – Browser
  • Bitcoin Bounce – Android, iOS
  • CryptoDozer – Browser

Is It Difficult Getting into these Crypto Games?

As we’ve already mentioned for certain games, getting into certain genres is not that easy, especially if the game focuses on PVP. It is more difficult to get into a MOBA or a battle royale game where players are already familiar with the best strategies, or even competitive card games where players have the best decks than getting into casual games where you build your own village and explore the world safely.

However, like with pretty much any game, all of the crypto games are much better when you experience them with friends. In case you do not have any friends who feel like playing crypto games, even if they are free to play, do not worry, there are plenty of Discord communities that you can easily join, as all play to earn crypto games are looking for more players.

Becoming a part of a community, or a crypto gaming guild is going to improve your experience with crypto games quite a lot, as everyone within that community or guild has the same goal, which is to earn as much as possible while playing games and having fun.

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