How much time I spent on League of Legends | The How-to Guide

Have you ever asked yourself the question how much time I spent on League of Legends? Finding out is quick and easy, simply head into Wasted on LoL (, select your region, and enter your summoner name to find out how much time you have spent on League of Legends.

Wasted on LoL is easy to navigate, with minimal links and clutter. It simply allows players to search the time they have spent on League of Legends, and displays the top ranking for each region. Unlike other top rankings, this one is not exactly a prestigious display, considering they measure how much time someone has wasted on the game created by a small indie company, Riot games.

Wasted on LoL is able to cover all accounts in servers directly hosted by Riot games. Unfortunately, this also means accounts from China, whose region is hosted by qq, and a large portion of South East Asia whose region is by Garena is not covered.

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Alternative way to find out how much time you have spent on LoL

That said, for those that are not able to use Wasted on LoL, there is an alternate way to find out the time you’ve spent playing the game. Use sites that gather player statistics & data like the chinese, find your total games and average game time, and simply multiply the two numbers.

Looking for other sites to help you improve, aside from coaching?

Despite the growing competitiveness of the League of Legends esports scene, surprisingly, it is not the pros who top the leaderboards for days played. This without a doubt means simple practise and play does not directly translate to success. After all, we all know of the term hard stuck, where a player fails to gain any progress despite their years of play.

Improving without the use of expensive coaching is both practical and simple with the various sites and programs available. Mobalytics in particular provides frequent updated patch tier lists, and also offers a program to give tailored guided support in game.  The analytics from the Mobalytics will undoubtedly aid in steering you towards victory. The aid from Mobalytics doesn’t stop simply on Summoners Rift, the app / site also covers all things team fight tactics and legends of tune terra.

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LoLKing may be dead, however the use of similar sites like can easily help you improve in game. makes it easy to view item build paths and masteries from any player, including your favourite League of Legends youtubers and streamers. While it is highly unlikely you will gain the same amount of success, following the same build paths and masteries in specific match ups will be sure to provide an advantage. This is especially so for new players who lack the time to spend hours watching pros or streamers to improve.

Average time a person plays League of Legends?

According to statistics released by Riot games, the average League of Legends players plays 832 hours on league. This translates to almost 35 days straight. Given this number takes into account new players as well, it is likely veterans in the game may well exceed this, having played league for hundreds of days.

Don’t be too defeated by your hours

While in hind sight, discovering the amount of time you have spent playing League of Legends may seem high, for most, averaging it out is not too bad. Assuming the average player has only played for two years, that’s only about two games a day.

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