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Stake.com Review

Stake.com esports is a unique addition to online betting. This is a sleek and well-designed bookie that offers deposits in a lot of different currencies, including a lot of cryptocurrencies. So you can bet on esports events, take part in Stake.com bonus and promotions, and use a casino all with cryptocurrency. While some bookies offer deposits in crypto, stake.com is the place to go to use it exclusively. How does it measure up against the competition in its actual function though?

Interface & Design Polished and Functional

The interface and design of Stake.com esports are well-designed and minimalistic. It has a dark color scheme and makes all information easy to find and read. Even the promotion tabs and other areas have fairly simple designs, rather than loud flashy graphics.

The functionality of the interface is made pretty easy to use by its simplicity. Everything is divided into relatively small boxes and tabs, keeping unnecessary detail away until you specifically pull it up. Things like more niche markets for a sport have to be actively found in that game’s listing, with only the basic information showing at first.

This kind of approach makes Stake.com a great site for beginners, so you don’t need a lot of knowledge about betting to get started. The interface has some problems, especially when viewing in certain browsers. For the most part, the website’s navigation and sidebars functioned better on mobile and more polished browsers like Chrome.


Bonus Offers & Free Bets No Wagering Requirments or Complex Conditions

For Esports bookies these days, customers expect a bit more than just odds who wins a match. One of the major factors in deciding which site is for you is the bonuses on offer. The Stake.com bonuses are pretty generous compared to a lot of others on the market right now. This is how their current bonus offer works:

  • Sign up for Stake.com Esports.
  • Deposit 25 euros, or equivalent in Stake.com allowed countries.
  • Place a bet at 1.5 odds or above of 25 on the Esports markets.
  • Receive 5 x 5 Euro bets, one per day for five days
  • These free bets have no wagering requirements or restrictions;

So the current Stake.com welcome offer is bet 25 and get 25 in free bets. This comes without any wagering requirements or further restrictions too, so it is quite a bit easier to use than a lot of alternatives. While this kind of bonus offer isn’t as big of an amount as some others, the lack of restrictions makes it a much better deal than with other esports betting sites.

Stake.com run other promotions too, so you’ll be getting more value out of betting here even after you’ve completed your welcome offer. These depend on what events are running, so keep an eye on the website and emails to make sure you don’t miss any promotions when betting on esports.

Stake.com Bonus
Bet €25 and get €25 in free bets

Payments Lots of Options for Cryptocurrency

Stake.com primarily deals in cryptocurrency payments, taking Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Taking cryptocurrency has certain advantages, and it does allow you to bet with a bit more privacy. A Stake.com review has to mention that as a positive and a negative, you can sign up and deposit with relatively little verification.

Payments in Cryptocurrency do have some issues though. The primary one is deposit and withdrawal limits. Crypto value fluctuates day to day, so keeping track of those limits for processing can be tricky. So Stake bitcoin will likely change in value during your bet. The limits for depositing crypto are unlimited. However, there are minimums and fees for withdrawing.

This isn’t a perfect solution, since you’ll be losing some crypto with each transaction. However, given the changing value of cryptocurrencies, it is probably the best solution available. If you leave the balance there for the next time you’re betting on Dota 2, you can minimize the fees for withdrawing too.


Esports Markets Small Spread but Lots of Markets

When choosing an Esports bookie, the markets available are an important factor to look at. Esports is a big and broad category, they encompass a lot of different games, leagues, and matches. A good esports bookie has to offer esports markets for a variety of games and matches to really fit the needs of a better. You need to be able to bet on StarCraft as easily as football. So how does a Stake.com review measure up their offerings?

Stake.com esports offer DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, StarCraft, and King of Glory betting. These are some of the biggest esports games, so their inclusion should really be expected. The markets for each individual game offered are about as wide as the competition. So you’ll find a lot of different things to bet on for each game, but no more markets than you can expect anywhere else.

The selection of games on offer for markets is a bit smaller than you’re going to find elsewhere. There are esports bookies out there that cover a lot more games and events. However, the focus for Stake.com esports is more on options like crypto and ease of use than having a really broad spread of available games.

Live Streaming Quality Livestreaming Where Available

Most bookies these days try to offer live streaming for events that you bet on. This lets you watch the action to see how your bet goes, without having to navigate the messy world of licensing and finds streams for each individual game. Stake.com does offer some live streaming, and the interface for the stream is a notch above a lot of others. The stream itself functions pretty well, streaming the video quite a bit better than a lot of similar websites.

The main downside for this live streaming is that not everything is covered. This is a necessity of the way the rights for these things are managed. Since Stake.com esports offers a smaller roster of games anyway, they naturally have less streaming. It can also depend on where you are, so Stake.com Canada has different live streaming than elsewhere. However, where the stream is available the quality and function are pretty impressive.

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Odds and Limits Good Odds on What is Offered

Stake.com offers fewer markets, so how do their odds in these markets look in a Stake.com review? Odds are an important factor in choosing an esports bookie since they dictate how much value you’re actually getting out of your bets.

Looking at how the odds compare to other bookies, we’ve taken a random CS GO match and compared the Stake.com odds with the odds for the same match elsewhere. Stake.com is offering 1.41 on the favorite to win the match and 2.75 for the other team. Whereas Midnite offer 1.38 on the favorite and 2.96 on the other. So Stake.com offers better odds on one team and slightly worse on the other. Their odds are massively better than elsewhere, but they’re about averaging out with other providers.

The limits for Stake.com can be set by users to good their gambling at a responsible amount. There are also some max bet limits that are occasionally applied to bets. The limits on offer here aren’t out of the ordinary really.

Customer Service Speedy Live Chat

Customer service is an important aspect to think about, especially when the bookie primarily deals with cryptocurrency. Having quick responses and solutions to any technical problems is really important for having a good experience with Stake.com.

Stake.com offers some great responses. There is a live chat feature that works smoothly within the website, with reply times under 5 minutes in this stake.com review. You can quickly and easily get a response to any problems or questions through this support tab.  You can also reach them through an email address, but the live chat is considerably faster if you have an urgent problem.

Security Good Security for Crypto

Stake.com esports is primarily a cryptocurrency bookie, which means there are some unique concerns. Security and licensing is a tricky situation for anything involving cryptocurrency. If your moving your crypto into a different website, you need the assurance that it is going to be safe. So is stake.com legit with its licensing?

The license for Stake.com is in Curacao, which backs all of their gambling and ensures that the site is acting fair in your bets. If you’re talking security though, there are some extra things to keep in mind. Since Stake.com uses Crypto, there is considerably less verification. You don’t need very much to get registered and starting betting on this website. This raises some questions about their security, but this kind of thing is pretty standard for crypto.

If you’re looking for a bookie that allows you to remain pretty much anonymous, then stake.com definitely fits that bill. Otherwise, you should make sure you’re being careful with crypto deposits to ensure that things are safe in the website.

Persons located in or reside in United States, CW, Syrian Arab Republic, Islamic Republic Of Iran, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Australia, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Serbia and Slovakia.

Conclusion Good Security for Crypto

Stake.com is one of the leading sites for esports cryptocurrency betting. Stake.com offers a decent amount of markets and some good odds there. With the Stake.com casino and other features available, the site can give you access to a lot of different fun services with cryptocurrency. You won’t find any games or markets that aren’t available at other bookies, but if you’re specifically looking to use crypto then Stake.com esports is a great choice of bookie.

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