Call of Duty Betting – The best CoD Betting Sites, Tips & Odds

In an era where most FPS franchises don’t know what new thing to add, CoD keeps showing us a great deal of new content and amazing hours of pure action. So, as the esports scene for this powerful war game, Call of Duty betting also stands as a market leader; but how does CoD work nowadays? Where can you bet? Here we show you all the insights.

What is Call of Duty about?

Call of Duty is a favorite FPS that has almost two decades in the market! The game focuses on fictional scenarios in which you will have the task of defeating a particular enemy by following a line of missions.

The franchise early focused on big wars but this has been evolving within time as Call of Duty came to revolutionize the market by adding different game modes that have been expanded.

First of all, we have the history mode. In the first titles, we could see that Call of Duty was more focused on the first and second world wars, but with the newer titles, we have seen how they deal with futuristic scenarios.

Out of this, we have that Call of Duty is one of the most important games in the FPS genre. The game started to gain a lot of fame in the era of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 and after that, they had an easy way to go even though the critics were not in their favor.

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About CoD playability

Along with the missions and the multiplayer mode we also find different game modes, such as the famous zombie mode that has been seen in several titles. However, Call of Duty goes further:

Variety of positions

Call of Duty has a lot of weapons to prove and players benefit from this by finding the most suitable position for them. Whether you want to play as a sniper or go underground to take out your enemies one by one with a shotgun, Call of Duty will give you the options to do so.

However, the game allows you to choose many more positions; it is also up to the players and how they will feel more comfortable when playing.

Based on the mission, a player in competitive CoD can play as Anchor, Objective, Slayer, or Support. Knowing this will help you a lot when it comes to Call of Duty Betting.

  • Anchor: Defends/controls target areas of the map (Weapon of choice: Assault Rifles/Sub-Machine guns)
  • Objective: This is the one that protects the mission’s objective. The OBJ will usually die a lot, as he is the main target of the opposite team. (Weapon of choice: Any)
  • Slayer: The slayer works killing –As the name implies. This is not random though, his work is to disrupt the enemy’s strategy making it important for the Slayer to focus on designed map areas. (Weapon of choice: Assault Rifle/Sniper)
  • Support: Unlike in MOBA games, the support in CoD needs to be flexible and do anything that needs to be done at a given moment. So, is a bench for Slayer, Anchor, and Slayer positions, aiding the one that needs more support at the moment. (Weapon of choice: Assault Rifles/Sub-Machine guns)

Variety of game modes

When going for Call of Duty betting you will see several game modes which include capture the flag, supremacy, among others. This allows the game to be more varied and therefore gives the players more options to have fun.

Nevertheless, the most popular game modes in the esports scene for CoD are:

  • Search and Destroy
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint

These 3 are the game modes that you will find in most major tournaments for Modern Warfare starting 2020. Nevertheless, you can place some Call of Duty wagers in minor tournaments that play other modes. You may also find the Call of Duty betting sites that offer local tournaments or even match betting with your account.

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Why bet on CoD?

It is an extremely popular game

With each CoD title, we have to stay updated on the different streaming platforms. As if that wasn’t enough, the game also gains fame at tournament level and being an industry classic the public is not something that will lack throughout the titles.

Besides, by 2020 the game has over 23 million active players from around the world and a nice esports scene; making it a great deal for Fantasy Esports.

It is easy to understand

The game is quite simple. Kill or be killed. Although it goes further than that, watching one or two games allows you to understand the game in depth without so much trouble.

It is famous within the world of esports

CoD is a game that has been on the market for several years and stays on the top. Currently, the arrival of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War just ensured that we will have CoD for a couple more years. And as if that weren’t enough, we will surely see some of the best CoD players like Cellium or Shotzzy giving us great matches to place CoD bets in the next seasons.

Differences between CoD and other esports

CoD is a game that is quite different from other esports today. We could say that the most similar is CSGO but the form of the game and the mechanics are enough different, especially to the moment to compare the game modes, where CoD highlights.

On the other hand, if we evaluate and compare the game with Apex Legends we have that there are unique characteristics in each game. In the case of Apex we have a more futuristic game and with many more special elements within a map.

CoD has sought to maintain the standards in the classic FPS gaming despite having titles like Advanced Warfare that sought to knock on the door in little-explored topics. This, allows most old players to feel comfortable coming back or placing Call of Duty wagers.

What to look for in Call of Duty betting sites?

Some of the best sites for CoD wagers are, Luckbox, Cobra Casino, Betway, and Bet365. Nevertheless, finding a good site for betting requires some research, but here is the basic:

  • CoD odds must be balanced to allow nice earnings if you win
  • The best esports bookmakers will be licensed and 100% clear about their conditions
  • There should be plenty of tournaments and betting markets
  • You should be able to get a nice bonus to get started

Besides, while CoD is a favorite for US citizens, esports betting in USA is not legal in all the States. In this case, players can turn to Fantasy Bookmakers; you can check our DraftKings review to learn more about this.

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Best CoD Tournaments

Call of Duty has a series of major tournaments that take place from time to time and keep the game alive within the competitive esports scene. These are the most important ones:

The most important is the Call of Duty: World Championship. It has a prize pool that easily exceeds $20,000 and they change venues every year.

The qualifying tournament is also very important. We are talking about the Call of Duty: League that takes place in every region of the planet and where the best teams qualify.

The last one is the CWL Championship where you can find prizes that easily exceed two million dollars. It has several editions per year because it is a tournament by region.

CoD Betting markets

There are few betting markets unique to CoD, here are the most common ones that you will find when you bet on Call of Duty:

  • Number of headshots in a game.
  • Winner of the tournament.
  • Winner of the game.
  • Player with the highest number of kills.
  • Player with the biggest kill-streak of the game.
  • Player with more points in the team.
  • Weapons that are going to use in the game.

Go on and bet on Call of Duty

CoD is an FPS and cuts off a nice part of what you need to know. So, take this into account before CoD betting :

  • We must know the player we are going to bet on.
  • We have to analyze the teams, players, and CoD odds that are going to play.
  • Evaluate the weapons players will be using in the game.
  • Analyze the streak of each of the players before betting.

By following this advice it is almost sure that we will be able to have a nearly won bet because we will be steps ahead of many other bettors.