For more than a decade, the Call of Duty esports scene has been expanding – and fast. It’s an industry-leading first-person shooter title with a fanbase made up of hundreds of millions of players. As the esports landscape has broadened its horizons, Call of Duty betting has become increasingly popular. Today, we’re helping you get started on your COD betting journey, teaching you everything you need to know about placing some Call of Duty wagers.

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Best Bookmakers for COD Betting

If you’re going to bet on COD, it all begins with accessing the most reliable, reputable betting site. Below, we’ve listed the safest and most popular esports betting sites – check them out and take a look at the best esports betting bonus offers they’re promoting right now:

What is Call of Duty About?

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Before we learn how to bet on Call of Duty, let’s quickly run through the history and nature of the franchise.

For years, Call of Duty has been a household name; an iconic first-person shooter series that stretches back almost two decades. Typically, a new game releases in the franchise every year, and with each passing iteration, it offers up a different story with new characters, a fresh setting, and an all-new engine or brand-new mechanics.

Once upon a time, Call of Duty focused on real-world theatres of combat, and originally, it was locked in on World War II. However, as time went on, Call of Duty diversified, and at one point, it went so far as to take players into space and give them the opportunity to run along walls while wearing powerful exoskeletons.

Traditionally, the most popular aspect of Call of Duty is the multiplayer platform that stands as the foundation for each game. While they might all boast a story of some kind, it’s really the multiplayer portion that shines through. If you’re going to bet on Call of Duty, you’ll rapidly come to learn that, in our modern era, all that matters is competitive, multiplayer gaming.

Ultimately, as Call of Duty became increasingly popular, COD esports also grew at an exponential rate. Today, it’s a franchise that boasts one of the most valuable esports ecosystems in the business, and as such, it’s also a massively popular esports betting title.

How are Call of Duty Esports Played?

When it comes to COD betting, one of the most important things that you can do is understand how the game is played. Admittedly, Call of Duty is one of the least complex esports franchises in the industry, but if you’re totally unfamiliar with it, it’ll understandably cause you some issues. Before you try to bet on COD,  we recommend reading through this guide in full to learn all that you need to know.

Fundamental Features

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter with a heavy focus on tactical combat fuelled by weapons, killstreaks, and objective-based modes. It’s a versatile platform that gives competitors the opportunity to play a fast-paced SMG role, a long-range sniper role, or a mid-range assault rifle role. There’s a great amount of space for the traditional FPS esports roles to step up: Anchor, Objective, Slayer, and Support, which further diversifies the action on the field.

There are lots of rules in Call of Duty esports, and it’s a good idea to try and understand them if you’re going to bet on Call of Duty. There are updates to this ruleset all the time, so staying tuned to the best Call of Duty news sources is a fantastic recommendation.

Esports Game Modes

If you’re getting involved with COD betting sites, then you’re in luck – there are very few game modes to understand. Traditionally, there will be a rotation of three different game modes, all of which are iconic to the Call of Duty franchise and have proven themselves to be fan favourite modes over a series of years. At present, the selected game modes featured in Call of Duty esports are:

  • Search and Destroy
  • Hardpoint
  • Control

Out of those modes, Control is the newest, having debuted in 2020 with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. For a while, fans have called out for the likes of Domination or Capture the Flag to make a reappearance in Call of Duty esports, but it’s a change that’s yet to surface.

If you’re making COD wagers, then these are the game modes that you’ll need to learn about.

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Why Should You Start Betting on Call of Duty?

It is an extremely popular series

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking part in Call of Duty Warzone betting or COD Mobile betting, almost every aspect of the franchise is popular and quite advanced. As it’s popular, it’s quite easy to find COD betting odds online, and almost every esports betting site will offer up Call of Duty markets whenever a key tournament goes live. It’s even popular enough to warrant something of a fantasy esports scene, even if it’s not something as broadly appreciated as traditional betting markets.

It is easy to understand

While you can track down some top-tier Call of Duty betting tips online, it’s not entirely necessary to do so. This is one of the easiest-to-understand esports games in the world, with simple objectives and accessible mechanics that have made the game as popular as it is today. There’s only one seriously major esports tournament, and while there are smaller events dotted throughout the year, only that one enormous tournament is truly worth betting on.

It’s an iconic esports title

Ever since it became a competitive multiplayer title, Call of Duty has been known as one of the best esports titles in the business. As time goes on, Call of Duty esports have been getting increasingly popular, and with each new game released, the ecosystem becomes more diverse. There’s also a fantastic talent pool, with some of the best COD players in the world boasting multi-million-dollar fortunes and unbelievable skills in the game.

How Does COD Differ From Other Esports Games?

Call of Duty is similar to many esports games, but ultimately, it’s a unique offering that manages to stand apart from the competition. For instance, Call of Duty could be compared in many ways to CSGO, VALORANT, and Overwatch.

Call of Duty Warzone, the battle royale platform, is extremely similar to the likes of Apex Legends and Fortnite. If there’s one chief difference, it’s that Call of Duty changes almost every year, while most traditional esports games stay the same. For instance, CSGO, League of Legends, and Dota 2 are all more than a decade old and they’re still breeding grounds for top esports competitors today.

There are many people that will claim there’s less of a skill gap present in Call of Duty. This is a result of the game being so accessible and easy to understand, which ultimately has resulted in millions of top-tier competitors rising up the ladder.

How to Find The Best COD Betting Sites

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Luckbox is a fantastic COD betting site

There are countless sites that’ll offer COD betting markets, but they won’t always be dependable. As esports betting has become increasingly popular, more betting operators have opened up their doors to esports odds, broadening the market but also diluting it somewhat. However, we’ve taken the time to narrow down the best COD betting sites, to help you get started on your journey in as safe a manner as possible.

Here are some of the best sites for those wanting to bet on Call of Duty:

Also, here are some key tips that you can use to identify the best esports bookmakers:

  • Look for a platform with balanced (or positively competitive) COD betting odds.
  • Identify whether a particular platform is licensed and regulated.
  • There should be plenty of tournaments and betting markets on the site.
  • Many of the best betting sites will offer great promotions and bonuses to new customers.

Best COD Tournaments for Betting

At the top of the Call of Duty table sits the Call of Duty League, and it’s the pinnacle of COD esports. It’s a tournament that lasts several months every year, and as a franchised league, only the richest, biggest esports organisations in the world compete in it. It boasts a prize pool that exceeds $5 million and it tours North America every year.

There’s also the CODM World Championship, the World Series of Warzone, Call of Duty Challengers, and a range of ad-hoc, small-tier tournaments.

Final Tips for COD Betting

Before you run off to bet on Call of Duty, consider these final betting tips:

  • Learn about the players, teams, and tournaments that you’re going to bet on.
  • Take the time to understand the odds and markets that you’re playing.
  • If you can, play the game yourself to get the best understanding possible about it.
  • Bet with a strategy in mind, and don’t throw down blind wagers.

If you make good use of this COD betting guide, we feel confident that you’ll be winning your wagers in no time.