Call of Duty boasts one of the most lucrative esports betting scenes in the business. In the last decade, competitive Call of Duty has become truly impressive. The Call of Duty League is at the heart of the scene, a tournament worth tens of millions of dollars. Today, we’re helping you break into a part of that ecosystem, telling you everything you need to know about COD betting odds.

If you’re interested in becoming a Call of Duty bettor, you’ll want to piece together a strategy that can maximise your returns. To that end, we’ve assembled everything we can possibly tell you about COD betting odds. From the best sites to bet on to the very nature of the betting odds and markets themselves, this is a guide you won’t want to sleep on.

Which Site Has The Best COD Betting Odds?

When you’re on the hunt for the best COD betting sites, you’ll notice that there are literally hundreds of them. However, not every esports betting site is ‘worth it’, and some could even go so far as to be labelled malicious or suspicious. At, we’re committed to bringing you the safest, most reliable platforms in our breakdowns, and that’s just what we’ve done here in this guide.

If you look below, you’ll see a catch-all list containing our recommendations for today’s best esports betting sites. If you’re looking for top-tier Call of Duty betting lines handcrafted by the most reputable platforms around, you can’t go wrong with these providers:

Is Betting on Call of Duty Worthwhile?

cod league cod betting odds

The Call of Duty League presents the best COD betting odds. (Image Credit: Call of Duty League)

That’s an interesting question because Call of Duty certainly isn’t the ‘biggest’ esports betting series out there. If you’re going to bet on Call of Duty, you’ll quickly notice that it’s quite a seasonal game. By that, we mean that there are only certain times throughout the year that esports betting sites will typically host COD betting odds. At the top of the esports table where Call of Duty is concerned is the Call of Duty League.

That’s a tournament that only lasts for a few months every year, with a period of downtime between the last season and the next season. Traditionally, there’s almost nothing to be on during the gap between seasons, so if you’re getting involved in Call of Duty betting then, you’ll think there’s no way that it’s worthwhile sticking with it.

With that being said, when the Call of Duty League is live, it’s non-stop action that lasts several months – and that makes it more than worthwhile.

CoD Betting Odds Tracker


How Do I Understand COD Betting Odds?

Fortunately, COD betting odds are the same as the odds found in any betting arena, be it esports, virtual sports, or traditional sports betting markets. Firstly, let’s point out how you can determine probability through COD betting odds.

  • If Atlanta FaZe had odds of 1/4 to win, then there’s an 80% chance that they’ll accomplish that, meaning the return on the stake will be much lower.
  • At the same time, if Atlanta FaZe’s opponent, Seattle Surge, has odds of 9/1 to win, then there’s only a 10% chance it’ll happen, which means that this is the underdog bet, and returns on the initial stake will be higher.

In terms of money, if you took that 1/4 and placed down a $4 bet, you’d win $5, including your initial stake. If you took the 9/1 odds and placed a $1 bet, you’d win $10 including your initial stake.

How To Bet On The Best COD Betting Odds?

So, you understand how it works, and now you want to play on some of the best Call of Duty betting lines you can possibly find. Well, one of the best Call of Duty betting tips we can offer is to (generally) not worry about the odds from platform to platform. More often than not, betting providers use the same betting feed providers, and as a result, they’ll often have the exact same odds. While some of the more specialised platforms offer a competitive betting service, it never usually differs by much.

With that in mind, you can bet on the best COD betting odds by moving from platform to platform, soaking up their bonuses, promotions, and offers as you go. It’s a good idea to play the field, and it means that you can diversify your bets to the point of practising a little spread betting. Ultimately, you should make use of to find the best betting sites and invest your time, effort, and money in them.

They’re second to none when it comes to finding the best COD betting odds.