Call of Duty betting is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, and many more punters are getting on board with it. Once upon a time, the concept of Call of Duty betting was a laughable one, but now the ecosystem boasts an esports foundation worth tens of millions of dollars, and business is booming. Today, we’re helping you take advantage of that value, bringing you a no-holds-barred Call of Duty betting tips guide.

There’s a whole world of wagering out there, and it’s just waiting for you to step up and place a few bets. If you’re a Call of Duty fan, then you may have already started betting on the competitive side of the game, but if you haven’t, we’re here to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you’re after Call of Duty League betting tips or the inside track on the best COD betting sites, we’ve covered it all in this (short) guide.

Let’s do this.

call of duty league betting tips

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How to Bet on Call of Duty

So, first things first, you’ll need to know how to bet on Call of Duty. It’s an easy enough process, and it simply requires you to track down the best COD betting sites, make your accounts, activate any promo codes and bonuses, and place a few bets. There’s more to it than that, of course, but that’s fundamentally what’s required to start betting on Call of Duty.

That’s where one of our first Call of Duty betting tips comes into play. We’d recommend checking out as many top-tier platforms as possible in order to play competitive odds and soak up as many bonuses and promotional offers as possible.

To make that task a little easier, we’re providing you with a one-stop breakdown of the best esports betting sites right now:

Best Call of Duty Tournaments for Betting

Typically, most esports titles will boast an entire end-to-end ecosystem of tournaments. Let’s look at CSGO, for example – arguably the most popular esports platform in existence, and it boasts thousands of tournaments every year. At the highest level, there are dozens of events, and tens of millions of dollars will change hands every year.

For Call of Duty, there’s only one major tournament that’s really ‘worth’ betting on, and that’s the Call of Duty League. If you’re hunting the hottest COD betting odds, you’ll find that, generally, only the Call of Duty League is actually covered by any of the esports betting sites out there. There are other events, of course, but in all honesty, the Call of Duty League is the most important part of that ecosystem.

Every year, the Call of Duty League spans a period lasting several months, and it’s punctuated periodically with major tournaments and even a world championship stage. It’s still a massively valuable and prolific tournament, but it’s really the only event worth looking at when it comes to Call of Duty betting tips.

There’s also the Call of Duty Challengers circuit, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, and the World Series of Warzone, but they’re much ‘lower-tier’ events. Traditionally, you’ll be hard-pressed to find Call of Duty betting markets for these tournaments.

CoD World League Tips

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Now, the Call of Duty Betting Tips

Ultimately, betting on Call of Duty is the exact same process as betting on any esports title. As we’ve already shown you how to bet on Call of Duty, let’s just launch into a breakdown of the best Call of Duty betting tips we can offer.

  • Never count out the underdog. In Call of Duty esports, there’s such a common trend of the underdog team stealing the biggest prizes.
  • Understand everything. From the teams and players to the tournaments and the markets, it’s relatively easy to understand everything – so make sure you do.
  • Play the game. If you’re getting involved in the game, you’ll have first-hand knowledge of what’s unfolding, which is perfect for in-play betting.
  • Have a strategy in mind. Don’t just blindly bet on Call of Duty – approach your wagers with something of a strategy in mind.
  • Start small if you’re new. If you’re an inexperienced punter, start small with outright winner markets and work your way up the ladder.

If you’re watching live, bear in mind that Call of Duty esports events almost always overrun – so make time to cover those matches! In 2023, the Call of Duty League is being broadcasted on Twitch, so that’s where you should aim your attention. Also, try and join subreddits and social media circles to discuss COD betting with like-minded individuals.
That’s about it – in truth, betting on Call of Duty isn’t necessarily difficult, and even the freshest esports bettor should be able to land a successful wager or two.