Best CoD Players 2020 – Who are the top Call of Duty players?

Call Of Duty is recognized for setting up all kinds of wars. Its first release was in 2003, and to date, it has had great releases that have given the title great popularity. In the beginning, the game was only based on campaigns, the online mode was not the strongest in its beginnings. As time went by and with the arrival of new consoles, the online mode started to take more importance for top CoD players. Besides, the CoD titles were among the first ones to give us wider maps and more interaction with the environment; such as taking vehicles or items from the maps as part of our strategy. Over the years, the best CoD Players have developed as the game has progressed. Those same players are the ones who participate in the big teams that face off in the Esports tournaments.

Today, thanks to these players, the game is no longer a pure playing experience. Thanks to the game’s fame, tournaments and leagues have been created, and with it, teams, where the best CoD players are found, have been born. All this has created a new experience for us as fans, players, and of course bettors.

It’s a matter of popularity

These players have made watching Call Of Duty a source of entertainment thanks to their battles. That is why we will be talking about and making the Best CoD Players better known, who will undoubtedly play a leading role during this year 2020 in the different tournaments.

Give it a thought, by May 2020 CoD: Warzone had over 50 million active players. This is twice the population of any small country.

Top Call Of Duty Players

Now the important thing, let’s meet the players who are more likely to make a difference during the next seasons.

1.    Ian “Crimsix” Porter

Ian is one of the best players of the last decade of CoD. He has been involved in Call of Duty games since the legendary Call of Duty 4 and has remained so until more recent games such as Black Ops 4.

Crimsix has proven to be one of the most adaptable players around. So, he has played professionally, from the traditional game to the addition of equipment with propulsion boots, always looking to improve his playing style.

Despite not being OpTic’s captain (The captain is Scump) Crim’s position isn’t any less. He is considered the leader of the team.

Crimsix - Best CoD Players


2.    Damon “Karma” Barlow

Although there is a discussion about who should have the first place between Karma and Crim, at the moment of truth, both are great players. Karma is commonly known as The Goat, so he has earned his place as one of the most influential CoD players.

He has won and is the only one to do so, three Call of Duty world championships in his entire career. And in each of the roles he has played, he has managed to meet the demands.

Although he has been retired from OpTic, he is already expected to have a return to the Call of Duty battlefields.

Karma - Best Call of Duty Players


3.    James “Clayster” Eubanks

Clayster earns his place among the best Call of Duty players after he participated in the final round of the 2015 world championship. He was basically in charge of leading Bracket Play with one of the best killing/death percentages of the last round.

Given all the above, Clayster was named the most valuable player in the competition. Besides, he was one of the first players to win every Call Of Duty tournament.

That is why he is known today as the Grand Slam Champion thanks to his famous performances.

Clayster - Top Players

© Call of Duty League

4.    Seth “Scump” Abner

Scump may not have as many titles as other players. But a good player doesn’t just rely on titles and medals to get. What makes Scump one of the best players in the world is his talent. Scump’s talent is denoted as a diamond in the rough by some people.

Since he started at OpTic when Modern Warfare 3 was in its heyday, Scump has left behind performances worthy of a star player. Although he has had his downturns, like everyone else, Scump has known how to build a good reputation and leave his name high in the face of so much competition.

Scump - Call od Duty

© Call of Duty Youtube

5.    Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan

Jkap is one of the few players who won a world championship twice. And he was able to do so a third time, but during the Ghosts and WWII seasons he was eliminated during on the 6th round of each –Yup, both times.

However, this doesn’t take away from the fact that Jkap is one of the best Call Of Duty players of all time. Not only has he had great performances that have earned him a spot on a list like this. He has also been a key determinant of the teams he has been on.

Jkap Player

© Joe Brady | Gfinity

6.    Matthew “FormaL” Piper

FormaL is one of the players in the entire history of Call of Duty championships that has had a more than exceptional killing/death rate. This led him to win the championship in 2017, and he was also named the most valuable player in the competition.

Even though FormaL’s career is not that long, from the beginning he was seen as one of the best prospects to be seen in the game. And although he has had low points during his career, the truth is that FormaL still has a lot to offer.

FormaL - OpTic Gaming Players

© OpTic Gaming

7.    Patrick “Aches” Prices

Aches is one of the players who has managed to become a world champion twice. After his great performances in the years 2014 and 2018, Aches has managed to be one of the most prominent within the Call of Duty scene.

Although his level has decreased in some competitions, Aches has managed to increase his level to leave behind a more “violent” style of play. Over time Aches has evolved into what can be considered a leader.

Aches players of Call of Duty


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Why is it important to know the best CoD players?

Mostly for betting – Although you can just talk like a real fan. Like in traditional sports, such as football and basketball, before betting you need to analyze which players are in certain professional teams. Or how they can act individually and how that can make a difference when it comes to getting a score. When we do these studies our chances of winning when we bet are increased. Or if we don’t gamble, at least we know who is more likely to win.

Well, the same thing happens when we talk about Call Of Duty. When we know the best CoD Players we are covering our backs against any eventuality that might occur. Although a chance is something that will not always be in our favor, knowing more about it never hurts. That’s why having this information, we know which teams have a better chance of becoming tournament champions. We also know who has the best chance of shining individually.

That’s why by studying and analyzing each of the players, we can get a little ahead of the results and use this to our advantage. Especially in Esports betting, where we can use our knowledge and get more profit.

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Fantasy CoD: The fans game

On the other hand, we have Fantasy Esports becoming a big deal. In this regard, the result of each game will have an impact on this type of gaming.

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To Sum Up

After we see it’s ready, we’ll know who we’ll have to watch for a sure victory. Or at least, you can make sure that we get the odd advantages of these players. However, we must remember that day after day the Call of Duty scene continues to grow. This only means that new players will appear and position themselves as a better bet than the old ones. But this does not mean that players like Scump, Crimsix, or Karma will be displaced quickly. Today they are considered to be great leaders for their teams, and individually they have also managed to revolutionize their style of play. And although they may have some downturns in their careers, they are still the top players in all Call of Duty. So, if you have a bet in mind you can take these players as an example.

Keep in mind that they are still participating in major Call of Duty tournaments. You better be prepared for the events that are coming up this year. We will certainly see some revelations, but the players we already trust may continue to surprise us with their great performances.

So, prepare your analysis. Start studying the players, check their stats, study their playing style, and more. That way, you’ll have everything you need to bet and win.

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