Fantasy Call of Duty  works similarly to traditional sports fantasy. Before a major Call of Duty esports event or the CDL League weekend kicks off, fans draft their prospective team from all of the players in attendance. During the competition, players’ stats are recorded and turned into fantasy points. The goal is to earn as many fantasy points as possible by predicting the most successful players. A budget is usually put in place to prevent everyone from only drafting superstars. Deep knowledge of the Call of Duty esports scene will help you assemble a successful CoD fantasy draft.

It can be difficult to find betting websites that support fantasy Call of Duty. The most popular esports drafting site DraftKings fully supports CoD fantasy, and offers several competitions for every significant Call of Duty esports event, including private sessions for you and your friends. If you’re looking for the best fantasy sports websites, we recommend DraftKings first and foremost.

Fantasy CoD - Call of Duty

Fantasy CoD Draft vs. CoD Match Betting

Odds for CoD matches have been easy to find since the Call of Duty League’s inaugural 2020 season. Certain specialist sites have offered lines since the mid-2010s. Esports fantasy draft is relatively new, and Call of Duty is a perfect fit for fan drafts. The Call of Duty League is backed by Activision-Blizzard and modeled after a traditional sports league. Matches are scheduled well in advance with clear rosters and stats.

Fantasy esports allows players to create their own superteam composed of their favorite players. Drafting a fantasy team ups the ante for the entire event, rather than just one match. It also provides a direct connection between the drafter and their players. They’ll always have someone to watch if their draft picks are spread across multiple teams. Furthermore, Fantasy CoD offers a very different experience from traditional match bets. The stats that those players accrue in professional matches are converted to points, which is compared to other player’s drafts. The player with the highest number of points wins the draft, but the vast majority of esports DFS rewards several top players.

While in esports betting you aim to guess a winner outright or only predict specific match outcomes, in fantasy play your only concern is the performance of a single player, mostly regardless of match outcome. If your drafted roster performs well, your overall performance is better.

Best Website for Call of Duty Fantasy Betting

Draftkings is the best website to find a CoD fantasy league. DraftKings’ esports options for Call of Duty fantasy events are highly expansive and have several appealing features. Its comprehensive stats database provides info for players as you draft, along with their recent performances and victories. It often offers CoD fantasy leagues at multiple price points, including its $8,000 Bravo events. Draftkings’ esports coverage is second-to-none, making it the best website for CoD fantasy betting.

To learn more about DraftKings’ esports fantasy betting, check out our DraftKings esports review.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do Call of Duty fantasy points work?

Players earn fantasy points by getting kills, tagging assists and completing mode-specific objectives. These include plants and defuses in Search & Destroy and captures in Hardpoint and Control. The exact formula for determining fantasy CoD points varies from site to site.

What are the most popular Call of Duty events for fantasy?

The Call of Duty League is the premier level of CoD esports. Its competitive schedule is modeled after a traditional sports league. The biggest yearly event is the Call of Duty Championship, which marks the end of the competitive season.

What’s the best website for fantasy CoD?

Very few sites currently offer Call of Duty fantasy. Luckily, DraftKings offers both traditional CoD fantasy and competitive Call of Duty fantasy leagues as well as private draft lobbies.

How to draft the best team?

Selecting a winning team in CoD Fantasy relies on good understanding of the game and competitive play. Some aspects are down to personal preference, while others can sourced by simply following the experts. We regularly update our Call of Duty Pick’em and match predictions options in our Esports News section.