The Call of Duty League has become a pretty big deal in esports since its recent launch in 2019. Fantasy esports offers an alternative to regular esports betting. Call of Duty betting and fantasy Call of Duty have both become a popular way for fans to get more involved in matches and with the league. They allow you to craft a team of who you think are the best COD players.

Fantasy sports for esports often require quite a bit more strategy. Your Call of Duty fantasy draft determines this, then your winnings will come out depending on how well you picked. You need to be a good judge of player performance and how they look for performing well in the future. This can be tricky. This is how you can navigate the Call of Duty fantasy draft, to ensure you’re picking the best possible roster to set yourself up for success next season.

CoD Fantasy Draft

How Does the Call of Duty Fantasy Draft Work?

The fantasy COD draft works pretty simply in theory. All you really need to do is pick which players are going to perform the best and chose them ahead of time. Simple right? Drafting a team is simple in theory, but in practise it is pretty difficult to actually do that. No one knows exactly which players are going to perform the best in the future, even while looking at their past performance. You also can’t just go for the best players.

There are some extra rules which constrain what you can and can’t do in the Fantasy Draft. So, if you’re wondering how the Fantasy draft works, you need to look at the draft rules for how you select your picks too.

The fantasy Call of Duty draft works by picking the right players, but the rules you have to follow are a pretty big restraint on that. You need to work out your strategy depending on what the criteria for getting points are, and what restrictions there are on picking players.  The rules for the Call of Duty fantasy draft will vary depending on which service you use for your draft. This is roughly how it works in most places like Draftkings Esports though:

Rules of the Call of Duty Fantasy Draft

Players can pick between all of the players that are inside of the player pool. You will also see an assigned salary for the player. This is your budget for building your fantasy team. Each player’s salary is deducted from your overall salary cap. There is a limit to $50,000 for each player. So, you may have to budget when you’re strategizing for this.

You’re looking for the players that are going to net you the most points. However, different things reward different amounts of points. The Call of Duty fantasy draft has to pick players that can pick up points everywhere, not just with kills. This is how it breaks down:

  • Kills – 2 Pts
  • Deaths – -1Pt
  • Capture Time – 0.1Pts per 1 second
  • Match Sweep Bonus – 20 Pts
  • Hard Points Not Played – 20 Pts
  • Search and Destroy Not Played – 5Pts

How to start CoD drafting

That’s how everything shakes up in terms of what you’re looking at the Call of Duty Fantasy draft. So how exactly can you enter into the fantasy Draft? This is all you need to do:

  • Create Your Account – Make sure it’s at a bookmaker that offers esports fantasy betting.
  • Head into the Create Line-up Section
  • Draft Your Line-up – This is just picking out the players that you want.
  • Finalize and Check your Line-up
  • Click Submit
  • Wait and See How Your Picks Worked Out

Call of Duty Fantasy Draft Events

If you’re looking at entering the next Call of duty fantasy Draft, then you’ll need to know how the events for the Call of Duty League are running. There are different fantasy events for different parts of the season. Even if you don’t want to run something for the whole season, there are still some chances for you to get involved with the draft. These are some of the events that you can pick your fantasy draft for:

  • Short Term Contests – you can use daily Call of duty contests to bet on the performance of players in the shorter term.
  • Longer-Term Contests – You can also bet on the wider Cal of Duty League, like Stages and overall seasons while the League is running.

You have a wide choice of how long you want to commit to your Call of Duty fantasy draft here. So if you’re going long term, make sure you do your research on the players that you’re picking and figure out a good strategy!