Fantasy betting is big news now, but not everyone knows how to do it. So we’ve prepared a handy guide that discusses how fantasy sports betting works and which are the best fantasy sports websites to try.

Plus we’ll even take the time to see how fantasy esports betting works and let you know where you can legally enjoy this increasingly popular kind of betting. So keep reading our guide to fantasy sports sites to find out more!

How do fantasy sports websites work?

Fantasy sports are where you get to create your own fantasy team who competes against other players in daily, weekly and even year-long competitions. Some people do it for fun, while other people do it as a form of betting to try and win real money.

The players you pick for your team are all based on players in the real world and you have to create your team while staying under a salary cap. Your team will pick up points depending on how well your chosen players perform in real-world sporting competitions. If your fantasy sports team manages to get more points than anyone else then you might be able to pick up some kind of prize.

Are fantasy sports websites legal?

Fantasy sports websites are legal in many countries, although it is worth noting that certain states in the US may have their own gambling laws that ban people from taking part in fantasy sports contests. Obviously, the law will only come into effect if you are betting on fantasy sports with real money.

Which are the countries that allow daily fantasy sports?

Where is DFS legal? You will probably know that regular sports betting is perfectly legal in some countries, but not others. The good news is that there are much fewer restrictions over how fantasy sports websites are regulated. This means that you should be able to legally bet on fantasy sports in a massive range of countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and so on.

Bear in mind that the US has fairly complicated laws regarding things like fantasy sports. This makes it perfectly legal to bet on daily fantasy sports in some states like New Jersey, but not other states like Utah.

How do check daily fantasy sports sites for security

You’ll need to make sure that you can trust a fantasy sports site if you are betting with real money. We would always recommend that you check that the fantasy betting site is fully licensed and regulated in your country of residence. Plus it is wise to make sure that the fantasy sports site is able to look after your data and personal deposits with SSL-level encryption.

What sports are featured at the best fantasy sports websites?

Fantasy sports have traditionally been focused on major US sports like American football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball. But the phenomenon has grown to be a major success across the whole world with fantasy bets available for football, cricket, tennis, motor racing and even Australian rules football.

Fantasy Sports Websites

Key differences between DFS sites and regular betting sites

At first, fantasy sports sites (or DFS sites) were pretty different from standard online bookmakers. This is because bookmakers featured fixed odds and let you bet with real money. Conversely, a fantasy sports site had nothing in the way of odds and there weren’t any real money bets.

But things have started changing to the point where many fantasy sports websites like DraftKings now let you bet on regular sports betting odds. As such we can expect the line between bookmakers and fantasy sports sites to continue blurring over time.

All about fantasy Esports

More and more fantasy sports sites are now starting to let you try this kind of betting on esports. Fantasy esports betting works in a similar way, but here you’ll get to assemble your teams for the biggest esports like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League and Call of Duty. A great way to add some fun to your streaming entertainment!

Fantasy sports vs fantasy esports

We have prepared a guide to explain the difference between fantasy sports vs esports. But what about Fantasy Esports? So the great news is that fantasy esports betting is just like regular fantasy sports. Just sign up to the fantasy sports site or download its app, and then pick a contest for your favourite esports. Here you just have to build your best line-up from the pool of gamers. Now you just enter your team, rack up points and hopefully come away with a big cash prize.

Do fantasy sports sites offer esports?

Yes they do! Check out our DraftKings review and you’ll see that this fantasy betting site lets you enter a fantasy esports team for everything from battle arena games like LoL to iconic first-person shooters like CS:GO.

How to pick the best fantasy sports websites

There are many things that you should check for before you sign up to any fantasy betting site. Here are the key ingredients of all good fantasy betting sites:

  • Licensing: Never use an unlicensed fantasy betting site.
  • Payment methods: You’ll need reliable ways to fund your fantasy bets.
  • Bonuses: Lots of fantasy betting sites will give new customers a nice bonus to get started with.
  • Free play: It can be good to start by playing some free fantasy contests to begin with.
  • Fantasy options: Make sure that the site has lots of contests for your favourite sport or esport.
  • Prizes: Pick those fantasy betting sites with the most generous prizes.
  • Customer support: Just in case something goes wrong with your fantasy bets.

What can we expect from fantasy sports websites in the future?

The good news is that it looks like the fantasy betting revolution is just getting started. Not only can you enjoy picking and choosing from the best fantasy sports websites, but we’ve started to see growing numbers of these sites now letting you take fantasy bets on esports too. So be sure to keep checking back with us to make sure that you’re always playing at the best fantasy sports websites.