Rainbow 6 betting is especially common among FPS fans, especially when considered an alternative to CSGO. Anyway, keeping in mind that both franchises have been fighting for the FPS market since the early 2000’s it was only logical to see them run at the esports market.

So, Rainbow Six is one of the first FPS, launched in 1998 by Ubisoft with a nice range of gaming modes by the time. The title was quickly accepted by the fans and is today a nice part of the esports market with the “Siege” title.

Moving on, the game is only growing, with over 60 million players by May 2020, and tournament prize pools of around 800.000$ by the same year. Keep reading to know more about Rainbow 6 Betting.

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Why you should start betting on Rainbow 6

Rainbow 6 betting is only growing in popularity, and despite CSGO being the FPS ruling the esports betting market, R6S is quickly taking over the part of the tournament.

Furthermore, some differences, such as the addition of “operators” make R6 bets quite interesting. And, as you may think, over 60.000.000 players registered and 800.000$ in main prize pools have a lot to say about the future of R6 betting.

Rainbow 6 Betting

© Ubisoft

Where can you bet on Rainbow 6?

Think it twice before placing your first R6 bets! You may want to take a look at the best esports betting sites to move with the best odds and some deposit (or no-deposit) bonuses in your favor. So here are our 3 editor recommendations:

GG.BET – The comfy home for esports bettors

This platform is focused on esports and has some of the best market options to place your bets. Besides, in our GG.BET review we found that their promotions and special offers are unmatched by most competitors.

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Rivalry – A fresh look with nice bonuses

This is a fresh bookmaker that has managed to fit pretty well in the esports market. Check out our rivalry review to see their bonuses, they also offer free streaming and esports news which adds value to their site.

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Loot.bet – A wide market to rush in

Esports odds can make a difference and the loot.bet review shows that their game is pretty fair. Besides, the site is great if you want to go R6 betting since it has a great market around the game title.

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R6 Betting tips

Moving on, the R6S game is a bit different from CSGO, and thanks to this R6 betting is massively different (Although a bit simpler).

When you bet on Rainbow Six you have to consider a few extra factors:

  1. The game is played in modes (Bomb, Hostage, and Secure Area) which goals make the game a bit different.
  2. The game outcome is defined by the operator selection (Operator = Character) which gives R6S a nice RPG touch.
    1. There are 6 types of operator, 3 of them specialized in defense and 3 in the offense.
    2. Teams are formed by 5 players, reducing their chances to have all the operator’s counters available.
    3. Each operator has a main weapon/skill of his own and different stats (Ash, for example, is a fully offensive character with a grenade launcher and low defense).

Other than that, you just need to follow the usual advice for any FPS esports to bet on Rainbow Six. For example, it would be ideal for you to be attentive to Rainbow Six news to step ahead of any team changes. On the other hand, we can advise you to always go for live betting.

In FPS games, live betting can give you some interesting information such as the weapons and positions of choice, which can massively affect final results.

Bet on Rainbow Six Siege

© Ubisoft

Best teams to bet on

Knowing the tournaments is one thing, but then again you have to bet on the winning team to get anything. Therefore, consider checking out these teams before Rainbow 6 betting:

  • Spacestation Gaming: The first American team to win a Six Invitational, and also a great team that almost always wins outperforming their opponents. Their synergy is amazing and they play aggressively. These guys are now fan-favorites.
  • G2 Esports: Not much to say, G2 Esports is the 2019 world champions and has over 1.250.000$ earned in tournament prizes. Besides, they are part of one of the best esports organizations available.
  • Team Empire: Russia takes over FPS for some reason, and R6 is no exception. Since 2004 Team Empire has been a menace to consider in most esports tournaments and their R6 team has already reached the 700.000$ cap in prize money.

Best tournaments during the year

There are several leagues and tournaments along the year where you can bet on rainbow six, yet here is a small list with the most important ones for the esports scenario:

  • R6 Pro league: Features 16 teams from all around the glove who won the prior tournaments in their countries and regions. This is the most prestigious R6S tournament today.
  • Six Major: A major European tournament that features great prize pools and takes teams from different regions.
  • Six Invitationals: 16 teams competing for 6 days to get the highest prize pools of the game in their hands. The Six Invitational is one of the most expected tournaments as famous players are usually the first ones to get a pass.
Rainbow Six Invitational - Best tournaments to bet on


Rainbow 6 Betting markets available

Betting markets define the opportunities you have to wager upon a given game match, and before you go for R6 bets you should check out our list of available markets (This may vary depending on your chosen esports betting site)

For tournaments

  • Region Winner: Team who wins a given region.
  • Overall Winner: Team who wins the tournament.
  • Group Winner: Team who wins the division group.
  • Finalists: Teams who enter the finals.

For matches

  • Team/player who gets the first kill
  • Team/player with more headshots
  • Team/Player with most kills
  • Get the score (Some sites allow you to try to guess what the final score will be)
  • Team to win the map (Each round)
  • Team with most maps
  • Round winner
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