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Rainbow Six Siege as an esport was all but dead when a dedicated team of developers managed to breathe some new life into it. They managed to turn the game into a functional esport with an incredibly dedicated fanbase and regular esports tournaments. Even three years after its inception, the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational isMore
KFC is at it again. Ten days after crowning theMore
Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege – a favourite among esports fansMore
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege Masters 2019 announced

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best Cinderella-stories in esports – after a slow start and consequent huge improvement, Rainbow Six amassed a significant following among esports fans andMore
Rainbow Six

Rainbow 6 Siege’s next Tournaments are almost here

Rainbow 6 Siege is a true from-the-ashes story – after nearly failing entirely as an esport, it came back with a vengeance and amassed a surprisingly large following along withMore
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege’s US nationals are kicking off next week!

The second season of the US Nationals in Rainbow Six is back, much anticipated by both fans and players alike. It is set to kick off in just over aMore
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season IX Finals to grace Milan, Italy this year

Ubisoft has finally revealed the event schedule for the ninth season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Pro League. It details every major stop along the way, with the finals taking placeMore
Esports Industry

PayPal teams up with top Rainbow Six tournaments

Paypal is penetrating more and more into the export industry: besides using Paypal for esports betting, this popular online payment provider has partnered up with several esports tournaments for theMore
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege returns from the fold

Rainbow Six Siege had what people might call a ‘troubled launch’. Ubisoft’s star title and tactical shooter was praised by critics but had a few flaws – while they wereMore
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