Rainbow Six News

Rainbow Six Mexico Major 2021 should be on your bucket list for LAN championships to watch next week. Sixteen renowned teams compete for $500,000, but there’s more at stake than just prize money. Teams are eyeing on the Six Invitational (SI) points, which they will need to qualify for the Six Invitational 2022. With soMore
Rainbow Six European League Stage 2 is the next bigMore
Six R6 players deserve special attention at the upcoming SixMore
May 3, 2021
Rainbow Six

NiP and Liquid going for gold as Six Invitational 2021 announces full lineup

It was a bit of an issue when it was announced that the upcoming 2021 R6 Invitational might not feature all of the teams that actually qualified for it. Specifically,More
April 21, 2021
Rainbow Six

NiP off to a blazing start to R6 Copa Elite Six

All good things must come to an end, and so must our favorite R6 tournaments – but, at least, not quite yet. While the first regional divisions and leagues areMore
April 7, 2021
Rainbow Six

DarkZero, Oxygen and Soniqs rolling through R6 NA League Stage 1

The North American R6 League Stage 1 has just launched into its regular-season segment. Until April 22nd, the 9 participating teams will be fighting it out in a single round,More
March 10, 2021
Rainbow Six

Estral Esports match fixing scandal may spread further

Estral Esports and Rainbow Six have become the center of a new match fixing scandal this week. This one that seems to pull in the entirety of an esports organizationMore
March 10, 2021
Rainbow Six

DarkZero x NerdStGamers R6 Tournament is what we needed all along

This weekend NerdStGamers and DarkZero are giving us a special treat. Its a full blown Rainbow Six Siege tournament offering play opportunities for both pros and amateur players. Between MarchMore
January 8, 2021
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege US League unifies and what it means for the region

Up until now, Rainbow Six Siege’s R6 esports scene has been split in two in North America. Both Canada and the US had their own dedicated competitive circuits with aMore
October 28, 2020
Rainbow Six

FACEIT and R6 finally brought the FPL to North America

Rainbow Six Siege has seen one of the most commendable comebacks in esports history. After initially struggling quite a bit as an esport, the continued developer and fan support ledMore
May 6, 2020
Rainbow Six

Rainbow 6 Siege gets a new League – the North American League

Fans of Rainbow Six might not be surprised by what Ubisoft Montreal just released – in a bit of breaking Rainbow Six news, they just killed one of its biggestMore
February 21, 2020
Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege esports is going great: the biggest event just finished

Rainbow Six Siege as an esport was all but dead when a dedicated team of developers managed to breathe some new life into it. They managed to turn the gameMore
September 12, 2019
Rainbow Six

KFC Gaming strikes again in Esports! Rainbow 6 wins the World Cup of Games

KFC is at it again. Ten days after crowning the champion of “World Cup of Games” (Rainbow Six) the KFC Gaming twitter account dropped gold nugget for us two daysMore
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Rainbow 6 News

Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow 6

Rainbow Six esports is one of the biggest games for tournaments and competitive play around. It is a first-person shooter with a dedication to realistic gunplay and tight mechanics. This approach has kept it as one of the top titles for competitive play for 5 years. The latest Rainbow six news can show this off, with new events happening all the time.

Rainbow Six Siege might be five years old, but the scene is in pretty good shape. The latest Rainbow 6 news covers everything you need to know about the development of the metagame and the latest goings-on with teams and players.

We provide great coverage of all of the tournaments and developments in Rainbow Six. With an active community, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything that happens otherwise.

In this section, you can find all of the Rainbow six esports news and the events that will be available for esports betting, along with everything else you’ll need to know.

rainbow six news

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Rainbow Six’s Core Mechanics and Features

Rainbow Six is a game that focuses on high-level play and intricate knowledge of the mechanics. It doesn’t feature wacky weapons or give players special powers. Instead, you have a polished and well-thought-out moveset. The options might be limited in Rainbow Six, but the skill level is sky-high. Players you’ll see available for Rainbow Six betting can do incredible things with this limited moveset and maps.

This kind of tense and well-thought-out gameplay is what you watch Rainbow Six for. The title has some of the most entertaining tournaments around. Each play is deliberate and feels planned and crafted. The latest Rainbow 6 news will help you stay on top of when each of these tournaments is happening.


Rainbow 6’s High Skill Cap

Rainbow Six news covers the latest developments in the game’s competitive scene, but the gameplay itself is still the same as it always was. It features two teams of six players competing over an objective.

The teams are split into terrorists and operators. Which gives them defensive and offensive roles. Teams alternate between these two roles. This means players need to be skilled at both sides of the asymmetrical gameplay.

Players have an objective to take care of which can vary. However, strategically thinking about how to achieve that objective is the same in every game. The teams you’ll see in Rainbow six news are those that have a high skill level and can really do impressive things with this polished title.  The skill cap for Rainbow six Esports is high, even when compared with other esports games.


Rainbow Six Esports’ Game Modes

Rainbow 6 doesn’t have an extensive amount of game modes in competitive play. In the Rainbow 6 news here, you’ll largely see the same core modes being represented. These are the most polished modes for esports and high-level play. These are the modes in Rainbow 6:

  • The Hostage – Defenders try to hold the hostage in an area until time expires or they eliminate the enemy team. Attacks try to kill the enemy team or get the hostage to an extraction point.
  • Secure Area – Attackers find a room with a biohazard container and hold it for 10 seconds. Defenders have to try and prevent the attackers from locking down the biohazard room or eliminate them.
  • Bomb – Attackers attempt to defuse a bomb, while defenders try to prevent them or disable the defuser before it can finish.


The Setting for Rainbow Six Events

Rainbow Six’s maps are well polished and help to make the gameplay even more intense. The current roster is parred down, and these are the ones you’ll see in Rainbow Six news and tournaments. This is the current roster:

  • Bank
  • Barlett U
  • Border
  • Chalet
  • Clubhouse
  • Coastline
  • Consulate
  • Favela
  • Fort Truth
  • Fortress
  • Hereford Base
  • House

  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
  • Kanal
  • Oregon
  • Outback
  • Presidential Plane
  • Skyscraper
  • Stadium
  • Theme Park
  • Tower
  • Villa
  • Yacht

Competitive Scene

Rainbow Six’s Tournaments and Events

The competitive scene of Rainbow Six has grown a lot with Siege. It has always been a popular game for competitive FPS shooter players. It offers a lot of layers for players looking to really break down into the complexities of the game.

The main regular event in Rainbow Six was the Rainbow Six League. This was a regular event with ongoing teams competing every week. Regular tournaments outside of this league are also often held. These tournaments are great one-off events that bring some of the Rainbow Six teams together. The Rainbow Six North American League was maybe the biggest for the league, with a lot of Rainbow Six esports action being orientated around it.

rainbox six siege esports


There is something for everyone in the Rainbow Six competitive scene. Follow the latest Rainbow Six news to keep up to date on all of the new events.

Our Experience

Rainbow Six is a Rich and Layered Competitive Game

Rainbow Six is one of the biggest competitive games out there. The gameplay is deep and can really reward players spending time increasing their skill level and learning the maps inside and out.

Rainbow Six isn’t the right game for everyone. However, if you’re looking for tense and down to earth shooter mechanics, then Rainbow Six is definitely one of the better games for that.

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