Rainbow 6 Siege gets a new League – the North American League

Fans of Rainbow Six might not be surprised by what Ubisoft Montreal just released – in a bit of breaking Rainbow Six news, they just killed one of its biggest leagues – and replaced it with another. What used to be the Rainbow 6 Pro League will now be covered by the Rainbow 6 North American League.

rainbow 6 north american league

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Out with the old, in with the new

Just as the previous Rainbow Six Pro League ends, the new is coming up. This June, the new Rainbow Six North American League will feature two separate regional divisions, one for the US and one for Canada.

Additionally, there will also be a Challenger League – the NA Challenger League is going to pave the way for aspiring talent and futures pros to compete against the best of the best before joining up in the main North American League.

The US division will feature eight pro team organisations and it will be based in Las Vegas.  It’ll be offline based. The Canadian division on the other hand will feature only four teams, competing on the same schedule as the US division. This is the first time in Rainbow Six Siege esports history that Canada is getting its own dedicated league!

A season per year

Each of the new competitive seasons will be running for almost a year – from March until February, with the exception of this first league starting in June. There will be three five-week stages that each culminate in a showdown of their own – featuring the 16 best teams of the world.

This season will be shorter, with only two five-week stages, each of them with their own global event featuring a best-of-tree match setup, giving one team a chance at something else – the que quarterly major that’ll all take place.

If that sounds a little complicated, don’t worry – here’s the Rainbow 6 North American League summed up in a graph.

Rainbow 6 Siege gets a new League – the North American League

© R6

Participating in the events

As with any other major Rainbow Six Siege esports event, you’ll be able to take part in the North American League in a number of ways. The best of the best will get to participate, while others are relegated to watching – or to betting on their favourite esport.

Esports betting in USA begins to be popular, but not yet legal in all states. While in the rest of the world, betting on esports is becoming more and more frequent, as well as Rainbow 6 betting. So, check if your favourite betting provider offers odds on the event or tournament, you’re most interested in. Come June, with the launch of the new league, it won’t be long until most betting providers offer odds on them.

The Teams

So far, what we know about the US Division teams is who they are but not much more – the teams confirmed are Spacestation Gaming, TSM, DarkZero Esports, eUnited, Tempo Storm, Susquehanna Soniqs, Disrupt Gaming and Oxygen esports.

Now some of those names probably look familiar – the reigning world champs Spacestation Gaming, for example. Additionally, fan favourites TSM, Tempo Storm and DarkZero Esports are part of the league too, along with new team Oxygen esports.

In the Canadian section, teams aren’t confirmed yet – there will be a series of qualifier events in order to determine which four teams will be kicking off the first season of the new event! These qualifiers will be running on May 30th and 31st.

Once things get closer to kicking off we will cover all the esports news pertaining to the qualifier event.

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