Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid is one of, if not the most recognised organizations in competitive League of Legends. The org is widely known as ‘TSM’, while primarily centralised in LoL, they have also branched out to various aspects of esports such as: PUBG, Fortnite, Smash Bros, Hearthstone and Overwatch.

When was TSM founded

As one of the oldest / most veteran competitive teams, TSM was founded in the early days of League of Legends in 2011. The organisation was built from the ground up primarily by team owner, Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh, who also played as the team’s mid-laner prior to the arrival of Bjergsen. Originally, the org found its roots through a website Reginald and his brother created, ‘’, one of the more popular League of Legends orientated sites when the game was starting to pick up. With the huge following the website gained through various guides and other news, Team SoloMid as a competitive team immediately became a prominent force.


Team SoloMid in LoL

SoloMid’s competitive success in the LoL scene is no small feat. While they have yet to achieve a win at worlds, their consistent appearance in major international events shows that they are one of the top teams. Prior to the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split, they were able to make the previous five playoffs, not only qualifying, but fighting till the finals matches.

However, it has to be said, while TSM are one of the best in their region, North America as a whole are a step behind other leading teams hailing from other countries, especially in Korea who hold power houses like SKT, KSV and Kingzone.

TSM’s relationship with the League of Legends World Championship series is bitter sweet. Every year Team SoloMid are able to qualify for the Worlds, however, as though they were jinxed, they are never able to make it out alive of the group stage. While the team crumbles under the pressure of the world stage, NA fans continue to hope year after year for TSM to bring some light to the region.

Team SoloMid and Myth

One of their more recent endeavours saw the organisation hop on the booming Fortnite bandwagon signing Youtuber and streamer, Myth. As Fortnite has yet to build a stable / strong competitive scene, SoloMid’s decision to sign Myth was likely for additional exposure out of the LoL scene.

Shortly after signing with Team SoloMid, Myth rapidly blew up on both Youtube and Twitch, bringing many fans mainly from LoL who had an interest in Fortnite. In just two months, Myth became one of the most popular Fortnite figures, gaining over a million subscribers on Youtube alone.


Judging by Myth’s success in content creating, it is unlikely he will move to the competitive scene, instead, staying where he’s at streaming. That said, Myth remains classified as one of the organisation’s competitive players.

Myth is extremely entertaining and energetic, to top it off, he makes ‘plays’ and is an amazing mechanical player over all, it’s no surprise he has millions of followers, supporters and viewers.