Faze Clan Rocket League: Full Profile

Faze Clan is one of the largest organisations founded on May 30th 2010, over 12 years ago. The organisation was founded as a YouTube gaming clan primarily made up of Call of Duty gamers. Faze currently have teams in titles such as; Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, Fortnite, and Rocket League. Faze has competed in 498 tournaments across multiple titles, but we’re focusing on the Face Clan Rocket League lineup here.

Faze Clan Rocket League

Faze first entered in Rocket League on March 19th 2019 where they acquired the North American roster The Peeps, consisting of Gyro, AyyJayy and Allushin with Moopy as their coach.

Faze Logo

From this moment Faze would become one of the top Rocket League teams in the world. For the 1st 6 months this roster would struggle a bit managing only top 6 in North America at best. This led to their first change where they would sign Firstkiller, a young up and coming talent. With this, Gyro was transferred to Rogue. After this change the roster began achieving top 4 performances. On October 17th this roster became the NA Fall regional 1 champions defeating the North American #1, NRG, before falling short in regional 2 placing 9th-11th.

The 3rd and final regional Faze again placed top 4 securing their spot at the Fall Split Major, the first RLCS event with fans in over 2 years. The Fall Major took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Faze started strong making it to top 4 once again but their journey would quickly end there. After this Faze looked to change these top 4 finishes into something better by releasing Allushin and signing a player from their competition Spacestation Gaming. Sypical would be the final piece of the current Faze Rocket League Roster.

Faze Roster

AyyJayy has been with Faze since day 1. Austin “AyyJayy” Aebi started his journey at just 16 signing for FlyQuest and had 3 roster changes before ending up on Faze. AyyJayy is known to be one of the top mechanical players in the world.  Jason “Firstkiller” Corral started competing with Upper 90 esports as an up and coming wonderkid. Being too young to play in RLCS he was competing in all the minor tournaments he could to make a name for himself. As soon as he was old enough to compete in the RLCS, he joined Ghost Gaming for just 9 days until finally signing with Rogue. This would be his home until joining Faze.

Faze Clan Decals

Finally Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin started his professional career at Spacestation Gaming in April 2019 age 16, where he would stay for 3 years before eventually joining Faze in January 2022. Sypical was always seen as a top player who would always make it to the top 4 and was hoping to be what faze missed to push past this mark.

Faze Playstyle

The Faze Rocket League playstyle is one of the most stand out of all. With 2 extremely mechanical players on their roster their playstyle really reflects on this with most goals coming from a bump or demo leaving the goal wide open. Faze are one of the fastest teams in the world. This style of play seems to work very well against teams in the top 5-15 as Faze rarely drop games against these teams, however, when it comes to the top 4 teams this is where Faze struggles. Passing plays seem to be few and far between for this roster, but when they happen, they often find success.

Faze in RLCS 2022

Since the arrival of Sypical, Faze have cemented their place as a top 4 team in North America. Starting with the Winter split, Faze placed top 4 in all 3 regionals securing them a spot on the main stage at the Youtube Theatre in Los Angeles. Here, Faze would again start off being swept 3-0 by fellow Americans Version1 before beating DeToNator 3-1 to round out day 1. Day 2 saw Faze lose again to Team Queso 3-2 putting them in the lower bracket.

In the lower bracket Faze beat Europe’s Endpoint 3-0 before taking down Powerhouse BDS in an astonishing 3-0 sweep. This put Faze into the lower bracket semi-finals against Team Queso, a team they had already fallen to in the group stage. Once again Team Queso came out on top, ending Faze’s Winter Major at 4th place once again.

In regional 1 of the spring split, Faze once again placed 3rd behind Spacestation and G2. So far this is their best performance as regional 2 saw them exit early in 8th place being their lowest finish since the signing of Sypical, leaving them with a big task in the final regional to make it to the major in London this July. Can faze make it past the top 4 and secure their spot in the Copperbox Arena?