NA LCS Power Rankings 2019

With the NA LCS season finally hitting the midway point for North America, our NA LCS Power Rankings 2019 were in dire need of some updating given the turn of results. Since Week One, FlyQuest and Echo Fox have enjoyed a surge of good results that have defied expectations. In contrast, Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves have underwhelmed as of late and the clock is ticking on their playoff aspirations. The following list will rank teams based on their latent team strength as all 10 teams look to make tactical adjustments for victory in the following weeks.

10. Clutch Gaming

Clutch Gaming sits rock bottom on our LCS Power Rankings list based on their many missed opportunities this year. For the first time in his NALCS career, Huni has a losing record as a leader on his team and the supporting cast have been just as lackluster. Damonte is still a work in progress as his champion pool continues to grow, but the Korean contingent for Clutch hasn’t been firing on all cylinders and the proof is in the results.

9. OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming have the same record as CG, but the positive potential of this roster is much more noticeable than their counterpart. Crown hasn’t carried games for his team just yet, but he is still performing admirably in losses. The rumours surrounding issues from this team stem from Meteos and Big not seeing eye to eye from a shot calling perspective. If OpTic can iron out their team issues within the following weeks, there is a chance they can pick up wins but there is no legitimate path to playoffs given their remaining schedule.


© OpTic Gaming

8. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves are an extremely hard team to rank depending on the week. They do a great job of winning against teams they are expected to beat, but they have yet to over perform against any of the top four squads in NALCS. Regardless, their AD carry Bang has continued to perform well in the late game, and he is slowly making a case for himself as the most impactful player on this roster.


© 100 Thieves

Once Ssumday and Huhi start to synergize effectively, there is a chance this team can go far. The trouble is, there is still a handful of teams that are performing consistently better than the Thieves and NadeShot’s hopes and dreams of an MSI appearance will likely not come to fruition. There is still a slight chance they can sneak into sixth place of our NA LCS Power Rankings if one of the playoff teams suffer a slump.

7. Counter Logic Gaming

Even though CLG are top four on the standings, the upside for this roster doesn’t carry the same weight as other teams with the same record. Apart from PowerOfEvil, there hasn’t been to many consistent performances from the rest of CLG to merit their place in the top five. While the over reliance on PoE isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s hard to give this team a leg up on other rosters with multifaceted threats such as TSM, Golden Guardians, and FlyQuest.


© Counter Logic Gaming

At this moment, CLG are in possession of a playoff berth, but there’s little to merit them keeping that placement as the season wears on. The Weldon Green experiment hasn’t been a complete disaster though, and there is a chance they can push themselves past their limits with the right frame of mind going forward.

6. Golden Guardians

Although Golden Guardians are on the outside looking in from playoffs at this moment, their progression from a week to week basis has been interesting to note, and that may very well be the difference maker for this team in the coming weeks. Froggen and Deftly continue to lead this team when it comes to damage output and the unorthodox picks from mid have really put a wrench in the enemy teams plans.


© Golden Guardians

Everyone on Golden Guardians has remained upbeat about their chances even when 0-4 start seemed to dampen the mood. Going forward, Golden Guardians will need to put all their eggs into one carry basket and fall in alignment rather than individually look to make hero plays. Compared to other teams below them in this NA LCS Power Rankings, GG are much closer to finding that identity than the rest, and that’s only a sign of positive things to come.

5. Echo Fox

Echo Fox may very well be the biggest enigma of any team on this list. The regular season has been a mixed bag for this team, as unlikely heroes Fenix and Apollo have risen to prominence as Solo and Rush have underwhelmed compared to their opponents. Even still, the Rush ‘always go 1-1’ rule is firmly in place as Echo Fox seem to never lose their cool on Sunday games.

Luckily for this team, Echo Fox can rely on multiple lanes to secure a win as Fenix is exceeding his function and Apollo and Hakuho continue to prove their potency in the bot lane. If all lanes of Echo Fox can find a way to click with the erratic champion pool of their jungler, they may even climb higher in the rankings, but more remains to be seen from this jumbled up roster of unlikely heroes.

4. Team Solo Mid

Team Solo Mid definitely turned heads as they ‘slayed the dragon’ that is Team Liquid this past week. Even still, there are glaring issues with this team in relation to their stage play and how they carry the game out past fifteen minutes. Bjergsen has noted that their team feels particularly powerful as a unit in scrims, and that once they can solve that disconnect on stage, their true potential can finally be realized.


© Riot Games

Zven and Smoothie have shown their versatility as a veteran bot lane, and Broken Blade has shown flairs of prodigal success with his carry top lane picks. TSM need to rely on these strengths going forward and embrace their team carry potential from multiple roles to truly become a NA LCS Power Rankings’ top three team.

3. FlyQuest

FlyQuest were undoubtedly the biggest movers on our NA LCS Power Rankings after ranking them dead last in the preseason. The criticisms for this roster on paper came from the inexperience between Viper and JayJ, but the rest of FlyQuest has really come into their own as the veteran voices have carried the load.


© Riot Games

Once again, Santorin remains the pulse of this team with his pressure jungle style. Seeing him flourish on carry champions this NA LCS season has been a breath of fresh air, and FlyQuest fans can rejoice in the fact that they have a few impact players to rely on in the coming season. WildTurtle and Pobelter can take this team to the next level, but it’s all depending on how much they can improve as a squad with the rookies they have at disposal.

2. Cloud9

Cloud9 have been a bit more streaky than the first place team in the regular NALCS season, but make no mistake their potential remains sky high, especially in a best of five setting. Sneaky and Zeyzal have been having record years and the team is shifting focus well given their new mid lane acquisition early in the year.


© Riot Games

Licorice is undoubtedly the consensus number one top laner in North America, and it’s only his second year in the league. If Cloud9 put it together under the tutelage of their Head Coach Reapered in the playoffs, there’s a chance they could walk away as the victors of Spring, but they face stiff competition on their way to the top.


1. Team Liquid

Even though they have just one loss on their record, Team Liquid are by no means an untouchable team as they have had a few questionable early games so far this season. It is no surprise that they are at the forefront of our NA LCS Power Rankings 2019. To take this team to the next level, Jensen and Doublelift must be more proactive as a unit as they look to get their team ahead.


© Team Liquid

A crucial draft mistake cost their team the victory against TSM, but Team Liquid will surely bounce back from this loss a better team now that they have some added motivation. Team Liquid possess a true all-LCS first team roster, and the best bot lane in the league. But that doesn’t necessarily exempt them from losing bo1 games every once in a while.