NA LCS Power Rankings | 2020 Edition

The League Championship Series is finally upon us. The 2020 Spring season will see the best esports teams battle for the 15th trophy in the North American series.  Before things get going in the new season it is time to update our LCS Power Ranks for the upcoming season.  We are going to begin by diving deep into each team/roster, and analyze why they are where they are in our rankings. Our listing will aim to rank teams based on players individual strength, past performance and potential skill ceiling. With all that in mind, lets get our list rolling.

10. Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians have not had a good run in the LCS since the franchising system was implemented. Their highlight in the past four splits has been an underwhelming 5th place at the 2019 Spring Split. In the rest of the splits they have been bottom dwellers for the majority of their seasons.

The team was in desperate need for change coming into 2020, as they went on to sign four new players for the upcoming season. The the new roster however, is hardly screaming talent and massive potential. Only Can “Closer” Çelik had a solid season back in the TCL last year while the other four had abysmal splits and underwhelming performances. We have low expectations that much will change for the bottom dwelling Guardians this season.

9. 100Thieves

The last time the Thieves had a good run in the LCS was Spring of 2018 and every split that followed has been a downward spiral. Only Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho remains from the glory days of 100Thieves, as the organization went on to sign four new names for the upcoming season.  As was the case with GGS, most new signings did not have a good time last season either. Maybe a change of environment will bring veterans Meteos and Cody Sun new energy to rock the LCS scene. But we remain on the cautious side as the opponents they are facing have all picked up “better” talent for the upcoming season.

8. Counter Logic Gaming

Having CLG so low on the NA LCS power ranking might come as surprise to many. However, the squad has lost both their midlaner and support in the off-season and the replacements are not as good as the talent some of the competitors picked up. Stixxay still remains the pillar of the squad as the last standing player from the Championship squad from way back in 2016. As he enters his 5th year as part of the CLG roster, it down to him to try and bring CLG back to their glory days.


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Although, the road ahead might prove too hard and challenging. With neither Ruin, Crown or Wiggly having a solid season in 2019, it is a real coin toss to see if any of the three players can perform this upcoming season. Only Smoothie had a season with something to show for last year and with two out of five players being consistent we shouldn’t expect too much from CLG.

7. FlyQuest

FlyQuest comes in 7th on our NA LCS power ranking 2020. The new roster is a definite upgrade over the previous season, but we feel the problems that held them back last year still remain. V1per in the Toplane and WildTurtle in the ADC role are the veterans on the squad, but are also the laners that make or break FlyQuest each split. Unless they both find amazing form in 2020, we might witness another mediocre run from the team that PowerOfEvil and IgNar just wont be able to carry.

We shouldn’t write them off entirely however. The team has an amazing coaching staff behind it and could potentially grow to become formidable as the season evolves.


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6. Immortals

Immortals is back in the LCS in 2020. The Immortals Gaming Club has bought off the spot from OpTic Gaming for the upcoming seasons and built an entirely new roster to represent them in the LCS. During the free agency period the organization has managed to sign one two of the longest standing professional players on the planet in their roster. Paul “sOAZ” Boyer has joined Immortals after a bad stint with Misfits that ended up benching him for large part of 2019. The veteran talent did not stop there as Jake Kevin “Xmithie” Puchero another Season 1 veteran rejoined the Immortals organization to once again defend the team colors. In the botlane former Echo Fox botlane Altec and Hakuho have also found their home with the team after their former organization disbanded. Finally, the team rounded out their roster with French midlaner Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire coming from an insane season back in EU.

The whole Immortals roster oozes with veterancy and game knowledge. Each player on the roster has shown amazing skill and prowess ingame and if they are all at their best Immortals can easily be the LCS Champions. However, we have to acknowledge that each of these players are potentially past their prime and while they might synergize well they might also be extremely outscaled by the up and coming talent. Only time will tell.

5. Dignitas

Dignitas is also back on the LCS scene as the rebranding process from Clutch Gaming is finally complete. The Dignitas organization bought off the controlling share of Clutch back in April 2019, but held off on rebranding the team until this year. To celebrate their triumphant return to the LCS they have created a roster packed with talent and potential. Three of the five players on the new roster have been to Worlds and held an LCS trophy. The other two have had years of competitive experience in the Academy scene.

Veterans Huni, Froggen and Aphromoo have all signed up for the Dignitas black and yellow for the 2020 season. They are also the three lane pillars of the new roster that is set to conquer the LCS this season. Two TSM Academy talents Grig and Johnsun will get a chance to play with the three champions this spring. The DIG roster looks amazing on paper and should contest a high spot this season. The only problem for the squad is the meta which might shift to picks some of these veterans are not used to controlling.


© Dignitas

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4. Cloud9

Cloud9 finally had a winning off-season.  After trading off Svenskeren to EG, the squad decided to bench Sneaky and spend some money on new talent for their botlane. Lucky for them, Zven found himself being a free agent and was quickly signed. Vulcan found himself a free agent as well with Dignitas taking over Clutch, and so the new C9 bot lane was born.

The rest of the roster remains the same with Blaber now being the starting Jungler. The old trio gave c9 a shot at Worlds last year and with the new reinforcements they seek to do so again in 2020. The new roster is a trade up from previous seasons and we have no doubt Cloud9 will mange to get to Worlds 2020 yet again.

3. Team Solo Mid

It seems TSM will always be in the Top3 of our NA LCS Power Rankings. Coming into the 2020 Spring Split they reformed the squad with some old and some new names to the organization. The offseason saw the organization replace one Danish ADC with another as they sent Zven packing and picked up Kobbe from Splyce. He will be matched with returning supporter Biofrost in the botlane.

Bjergsen remains the pillar for TSM in the midlane as he enters his 7th year with the organization. Broken Blade in the Top Lane is the only remaining player from last years TSM which narrowly missed Worlds for the first time in years. The new roster however looks like a winner and a definite contender for the throne.

2. Evil Geniuses

A name straight from the olden days is back in the LCS and they mean business. EG has claimed the vacant spot Echo Fox left and built a formidable roster for the new season. Their roster is solid that we rate them at 2nd place from the get go in our NA LCS power ranking 2020. In what was the most notable trade of the free agency period, EG picked up Svenskeren, Kumo and Zeyzal from the C9 organization. They found their ADC in former SKT prodigy Bae “Bang” Jun-sik and were only left with an open midlaner slot. They finally found their laner back in December in the Italian stallion Jiizuke.


© Evil Geniuses

The EG roster is close to perfect for a team that started the free agency with zero players. Every player except Kumo has been to the World Championship at one time or another. They have all played high pressure games and are no strangers to shifting metas. On paper EG is one of the teams with the highest chances on contesting Liquid for the crown.

1. Team Liquid

It comes as no surprise that Team Liquid is once again at the forefront of our NA LCS Power Rankings 2020. The four time consecutive champions are serious about continuing their legacy in 2020 and are confident with what they have on their roster card. TL did not change much in the free agency period. They only felt a refreshment is needed in the Jungle as they brought in Broxah from Fnatic. The rest of the roster remains the same as it was in 2019.


© LoL Esports

Not much needs to be said about the dominance of Team Liquid in the LCS. Jensen, Doublelift and Impact showed that they can hold steady in their roles for the past four splits. The newest addition in Broxah would only increase TL’s capacity to stomp games and claim objectives especially in the new Dragons meta.

TL still remains the undisputed champions of the LCS rankings 2020.