Moist Esports Rocket League Team Profile

Moist Esports is a relatively new and fresh esports organization founded in 2021 by popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Cr1TiKaL. Due to his popularity Moist are one of the fastest growing brands around, and have teams/players in Smash and Brawlhalla in addition to their new expansion into Rocket League.

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Moist Esports in Rocket League

Despite being based out of Tampa, United States on May 5th 2022, Moist Esports announced the acquisition of the European Rocket League team of Joyo, Vatira and Rise from Team Queso. With the team being the runners-up and the strongest performing European team at the Winter Major in Los Angeles this was a huge step for Moist Esports to take, and their excitement and passion for the project is clear, with Cr1TiKaL saying in a later video, “I am giddy with excitement, I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve who just wandered downstairs and caught Santa Claus leaving Robux under the tree, I feel like I’m eight years old again and I just watched Spider-Man for the first time.”

Moist Esports Roster

With no player changes so far in their history and likely none on the horizon, the young trio that makes up the Moist Esports roster came together in July 2021 following the conclusion of RLCSX, and have hit it off ever since. Joe “Joyo” Young had recently impressed in the Spring as a rookie on Team Howard, putting up fantastic mechanical performances and showing sparks that really put him on the radar as a threat for the first time. But speaking of mechanics, Axel “Vatira” Touret is far from a slouch in that department either. The Frenchman is some further months younger than Joyo even, and had been bouncing from one bubble team from another, his raw talent yet to really be polished or fit in perfectly anywhere just yet. Somehow probably the biggest name of them at the time, Finlay “Rise” Ferguson had had a breakout performance with Barrage Esports earlier in the season, but since had achieved limited comparable success for the remaining spring split.

Moist RL Roster

The team initially came under the name of “Magnolia” with Nicholas “Nick” Marrone acting as coach/manager at the time, and after a fantastic couple months ahead of the new season, winning tournaments like EURAT and Alienware, they were picked up by Team Queso in September 2021.


There is significant hype and interest in and around the way Moist Esports take to the field in Rocket League. With the oldest player on the roster, Rise, being just 17 years of age and the team having such a rapid rise to the top of the scene, their fast mechanical play seems to be upping the ante for all their competition and ushering in a new playstyle to be forced on all opponents.

With the speed and fluidity in which they move around the pitch being so extreme, together they can form what feels like a hurricane of challenges to play against, with the opponents rarely getting time to set up their own plays or impose their own playstyle. And the statistics show it too, with both Rise and Vatira being in the Top 10 for average movement speed of all players at the Winter Major – the only other team with two players at the top were the winners of the event, G2 Esports.

Moist Esports in RLCS 2021-22

Much of Moist Esports’ history and performances as a team understandably fall in their time under the Team Queso banner. Being a fresh-faced and newly formed team, they had to participate in qualifiers for the Fall Split regional events. Many teams would have, and still do, struggle with this task especially given the depth of talent in the European region, but Team Queso blitzed the competition time and time again, comfortably making all 3 events where they would learn much as a team and grow from the experience. Despite that, they finished the split tied for 9th on points, and with only the Top 5 making it, they would not attend the Stockholm Fall Major.

Then came Winter, and if making playoffs in the final Fall Regional was a sign, then there was plenty more to come. The team topped their group in the first Winter Regional with the new format, before going completely undefeated, winning the event including a statement 4-0 sweep over Team BDS and a Grand Finals victory over Team Dignitas, the team they had twice lost on Champions Field to in the Fall Split.

Team Queso (now Moist Esports) came into the Los Angeles Winter Major as Europe’s #1 seed, but they would lose out to NA’s Version1 and thus the upper bracket out of groups. What followed was a historic 6 series run through the full Lower Bracket, all the way to the Grand Finals where they defeated the home favourite G2 Esports to reset the bracket, but ultimately had to settle for silver with the North Americans taking the final series 4-2. But the potential was more than shown on the world stage, and rightly so Moist Esports made the move. In the first regional of the Spring split, Moist took home 2nd only to the new and improved Team BDS, a result that very much keeps them on course for having a superb 2022 season.