Moist Esports Enters Rocket League with Ex-Team Queso Roster

For a few days, fans have been pondering over an imminent announcement from within Moist Esports. It has now been revealed by the self-proclaimed ‘wettest org in the world’ that Moist Esports will break into the Rocket League scene, having signed Team Queso’s old roster. This move pushes Moist Esports into a whole new market, and it enters the Rocket League esports scene with a fantastic, highly skilled, and already popular roster.

It’s a ready-made entry into the Rocket League Championship Series for Moist Esports.

The Wettest Org in the World

Moist Esports is a relatively young organisation that has acquired a remarkable following in a short period of time. Founded by popular content creator and streamer, Cr1TiKaL, also known as penguinz0, Moist Esports has gone from strength to strength. What started out as something of a social experiment has now stepped up into the space and acquired some of the best Rocket League players in the world.

Since it was first opened for business, Moist Esports has focused its attention on Smash Bros esports. However, in an 8-minute video posted on penguinz0’s channel on the 5th of May, the bold venture into Rocket League was revealed and explained:

It was mere days ago that we reported on Team Queso’s performance in the Rocket League Championship Series. For the last few months, the Team Queso roster has been dominating the competition, picking up some high profile victories. That was a short while ago and moving into the next event, the RLCS Dacia Spring Cup, there was no confirmation as to where the ex-Team Queso squad would be homed.

Picking up the Pieces

In this swift and decisive move, Moist Esports has officially signed the talents of:

  • Joe ‘Joyo’ Young (UK)
  • Axel ‘Vatira’ Touret (FR)
  • Finlay ‘rise.’ Ferguson (UK)
  • Noah ‘noah’ Hinder (UK)

Since the start of 2022, the trio of Joyo, Vatira, and rise. have all worked hard to pick up some big wins. In January, the team snatched the first-place prize at the Apollo Open, netting a $30,000 pot. Then, in February, at the Premier Cup, the squad finished in second place, before jumping up again at the end of the month to secure a huge $30,000 win at the Copa de Rocket League.

On the 27th of April, the Team Queso squad was suddenly released, after almost defeating G2 Esports at the Winter Split Major. It was a huge shocker for fans connected to Team Queso, and it’s thanks to Moist Esports that the young team will remain as firm competitors in the Rocket League Championship Series.

It was back at the tail end of 2021 that Moist Esports first expressed interest in acquiring a Rocket League squad. It has taken a while, but the organisation is finally invested in the RLCS. If you’re interested in Rocket League betting, will you be backing Moist Esports at the Dacia Spring Cup?