RLCS Dacia Spring Cup offers some spicy matches this weekend

Winter ends and Spring comes quickly. That’s right, if you missed the Winter Split Major, the RLCS (2021-22) Spring season is already the talk of the town among Rocket League fans.

Team Queso followed close in 2nd at the Major, which was the English team’s best accomplishment thus far. Still they disbanded only days before the Spring Season commenced. It’s no wonder teams are aching to kickstart the RLCS Spring Regionals and earn their firsts.

C9 Queso Rocket League

RLCS 2021-22 Spring Regional Event 1 Format and Teams

It’s the third iteration of the RLCS season, so expect similar formats across the board. Specifically, we have double-elimination bracket between sixteen teams per region. Semifinals and Finals are best-of-seven while the rest are best-of-five. Prize pool and RLCS Circuit Ranking Points distribution are also standard. However, this is the last iteration before the much-anticipated World Championship, so the stakes are seemingly higher for teams.

Speaking of teams, there are familiar faces, notably the top eight teams on the RLCS Regional Point Ranking. The remaining slots are reserved for closed qualifier winners, which make up the sixteen participants in every regional event. While the top-eight from Point Rankings will likely be favorites, don’t let that discourage the possibility of underdogs emerging from closed qualifiers.

For instance, the first runner-up in Winter Split Major, Team Queso was the closed qualifier winner in the previous EU regional event. Interestingly, they released their roster only 10 days before competition kicked off.

RLCS EU Spring 2022 Event 1

RLCS 2021-22 Spring Qualifiers

Now that we piqued your interest in closed qualifiers’ potential, let’s take a look at who made it into the big leagues.

Hence, the two powerhouse regions exclusively had their own regional circuits valuing up to approximately $413,000 each. Furthermore, Psyonix also provided collegiate Rocket League support in the form of collegiate tournaments between universities and scholarships. All of which can be accountable for building EU and NA as pillars in Rocket League Esports.

The European qualifiers ended up with mostly the usual suspects making an entrance: Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming, WYLDE, suhhh, Wolves Esports, Misfits Gaming, Team Liquid, BS+COMPETITION all qualified.

As a reminder, over in NA, Charlotte Phoenix, Ghost Gaming, Friends, Sonbiqs, Akrew, AXLE-R8, AllMid and Rogue were the late entrants via qualifier. The NA Regional Event 1 already concluded on May 1st, with G2 Esports, Spacestation Gaming and FaZe Clan taking the top 3 spots. Out of the qualifier lot, Ghost Gaming earned a formidable 4th.

We await the conclusion of the EU regional this weekend. As with every official RLCS event, the Rocket League Twitch channel is your go-to viewing experience to catch the ongoing matches. Certain teams, notably the powerhouses also do team broadcasts on their own Twitch channels if that’s your cup of tea.

For match outcomes and regional event final scorings, be sure to follow the Rocket League Esports on Twitter, stay tuned.