RLCS Regional Rankings heading into RE3 and the Winter Major 2022

The Rocket League Championship Series 2021-22 Winter event is fast approaching with the third and last regional event. With two events concluded, we have ourselves an impressive selection of candidates that might qualify for the RLCS Winter Major.

From the European side, the confirmed teams include Team Queso and Team BDS as the current top two. However, what’s even more exhilarating is the unexpected new candidates plausibly qualifying for the Winter Major.

RLCS2021-22 Europe Winter Ranking

Team Queso, Team BDS and Dignitas

Both are grand finalists in the EU Winter Regional Event 2, and arguably the strongest Rocket League teams in RLCS. On the RLCS Europe Winter Rankings, Team Queso leads the scoreboard at 651 points, followed closely by Team BDS at 611 points.

Despite Queso’s significant scores, BDS still stands out as the stronger team after defeating Queso with the flashiest Rocket League goals in the grand finals. In fact, BDS toppled Queso in the upper bracket, only to halt Queso’s lower bracket run in the finals. Nevertheless, it’s not over for the two rivals to have yet another bout in the Winter Regional Event 3 to settle their scores.

With two major slots occupied, the rest of the league only has three remaining slots up for grabs. Dignitas, with 490 points, is next in line to secure their major slot. Team Dignitas is, of course, no stranger in the EU RLCS scene, and secured second place in the regional event 1. However, they fumbled in the second one, only to be brushed off by Team Queso.

Surely, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence that Dignitas faced Queso in the lower bracket so early on, but they likely will secure a slot at the Winter Major.

Evil Geniuses, Endpoint CeX and Misfits Gaming

Now, Evil Geniuses is an interesting candidate in the Winter Regional Events. EG wasn’t a relevant team before the RLCS2021-22 and continued their poor performance throughout the Winter Regional Event 1.

Yet, EG recuperated from their sloppy runs, claiming a top-three finish after defeating Misfits Gaming in the upper bracket semi-finals. Although EG had a decent run in the last regional, they are at an uncomfortable 370 points on RLCS Europe Winter Rankings.

Other major hopefuls, such as Endpoint CeX and Misfits at 330 points are following closely behind. This means if EG doesn’t perform in the upcoming event, they could lose their leverage on top-five rankings.

RLCS2021-22 North America Winter Ranking

The General NRG

Over at NA Regional Events, The General NRG is considered the top dog around, on par with Europe’s finest teams. With a whopping 651 points in their bag, NRG already secured their entry into the Winter Major.

G2 Esports, FaZe Clan and Spacestation Gaming

Unlike the EU, the competition in NA is much more even among the powerhouses. G2 Esports, which has done well to secure 541 points, is followed closely behind by two opponents at 520 points. This comes as no surprise since FaZe Clan and Spacestation Gaming are not your average Rocket League teams. Specifically, SSG won several majors earning their reputation as a formidable power-forward, while FaZe Clan is a rising star.

Other Winter Regional Events

While we have confirmed teams from EU and NA at the Winter Major, the situation in other regions remains uncertain. Nevertheless, several of these high achievers are no strangers in the last Fall Major, so their chances are relatively high to play in the major.

For instance, Renegades and Forkidden are Oceania’s hopefuls to secure only two major slots. Meanwhile, South America has Erased as their top candidate, while eRa Eternity and FURIA Esports are on par at second place.

Not to exclude Middle East and North Africa scene, there’s Sandrock Gaming at an unstoppable 702 points after winning both regional events. SCYTES is also comfortably at second place after securing second twice. Then, the Sub-Saharan Africa has Orlando Pirates Exdee and Bravado Gaming at a close clutch for the top two spots.

The Asia-Pacific North has Tokyo Verdy Esports and Nimmt55 as their hopefuls, while the APAC South has 3RATS and UHUH.

In hindsight, the Winter Major welcomes many familiar faces back, which is great news for loyal fans, not so much for those aching to see an upset. However, at least over at the EU/NA, we are already seeing a trend of notable titans falling off, such as Team Vitality and Envy.

Perhaps, these are substantial precedents for more in-depth Rocket League betting to predict upsets.