RLCS Winter Split Major Playoffs Match Analysis and Predictions

The RLCS Winter Split Major has been one surprise after the other as we see many notable favorites eliminated on Day 1 of the Playoffs. For instance, the Fall Major runner-up, The General NRG was eliminated by Team Queso, following their sloppy group stage beforehand.

As such, there are several new candidates worthy of a nail-biting rivalry at the Winter Split Major.

Team Queso vs Evil Geniuses

Queso and EG made a massive statement in the lower bracket round 1 earlier after sending The General NRG and Dignitas home. From a bird’s view, it’s evident that the matches were hard-fought since both series lasted a complete best-of-five. Particularly, Queso had three overtimes throughout this series, before there were any conclusions.

Anyways, the upcoming match between the two rivals will surely be exciting. For one, EG’s proficiency in DFH Stadium and Utopia Coliseum must come in handy during this series. While Queso isn’t the most versatile in mentioned maps, they make up for their larger map pool instead.

Hence, EG’s win condition will be to secure several early wins on their best maps, but be wary of Queso. Queso is infamously known for forcing clutch overtime rounds that could wear down EG’s fast-paced goal shots.

As such, the odds are in favor of Queso at x1.32 returns versus EG at x3.13 because Queso placed much higher in the EU Winter Rankings leaderboard. Furthermore, their impeccable defense to force out overtimes is truly a threat for younger teams, hoping to showcase their swift gameplay.

FaZe Clan vs Team BDS

A good indicator that the Winter Split Major has fearsome participants is when the Fall Split Major champions themselves, BDS, are playing the lower bracket.

BDS played in the same group as G2 Esports and EG, where the rounds were very close. Sure, they won against EG and barely lost to G2, whereby the last round had 4-minute overtime. However, coming from a major champion, it’s certainly nothing to brag about.

On the other side, FaZe has been consistent with their performance, whereby they are merely good enough to proceed into playoffs. FaZe has had quite the occasions playing against BDS in past events, where the latter was often successful.

Hence, despite the harsh comments on BDS, they are still a formidable team in the RLCS Winter Split Major. Odds-wise, expect BDS to have x1.64 against FaZe at x2.13 odds.

G2 Esports vs FURIA Esports

Over at the upper bracket, FURIA is currently in the spotlight for its phenomenal results. It’s been ages since we last saw FURIA in such a relevant form, making it ever so nostalgic for FURIA’s loyal fans.

While FURIA has defeated several high-profile teams in the groups, G2 is yet another ludicrous opponent to deal with. For the record, G2’s latest list of defeated teams includes the likes of BDS, Queso, and FaZe. With that in mind, G2 has the experience advantage coming into the RLCS Winter Split Major.

That said, we aren’t counting FURIA out of this match just yet since these folks shocked the opponents in the group. Thus, FURIA could potentially give G2 a run for their money. Regardless, the odds will favor G2 at x1.41 versus FURIA at x2.70 returns.

Version1 vs Spacestation Gaming

Version1 has had quite the glow-up from placing fifth in NA Winter Rankings to overwhelming its supposedly stronger regional rivals. With zero losses in their book, Version1 is looking to maintain that winning spree against SSG.

SSG, on the other hand, had an easy run in their group, where they faced Dignitas and Pioneers only. Considering this is SSG’s return to the Majors after failing to do so in Fall Major, SSG should have been a negligible team to root for.

Yet, the odds are still well in favor of SSG, for whatever reason it may be. But if we had to reason, it’s plausibly due to SSG’s long list of achievements in the NA scene, and the American golden kid, Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr.

Arsenal has been contributing to SSG’s glory days since 2019, and has arguably the best Rocket League Camera Settings to follow. Hence, consider SSG an old-school classic going up against Version1 later today. As mentioned, the odds are in favor of SSG to win at x1.64 versus Version1 at x2.13 odds.

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