Best Rocket League Camera Settings – Pro Camera Settings for Rocket League

The Rocket League franchise has become a mainstay in many PC since its free-to-play release. Nevertheless, there’s more to Rocket League than just a game involving shooting goals with a bulky vehicle.

It’s a game that revolves around gaming skills, game mechanics, spatial awareness and camera settings. While the first three are difficult to master for the casual Rocket League player, getting the best Rocket League camera settings for yourself will certainly polish your experience.

RL Camera Settings

What are the best RL Camera Settings for you?

Best Camera Setting for Rocket League players

For starters, the customization in camera setting Rocket League offers for its players is the personification of an all-you-can-eat buffet. You are free to adjust the Camera Shake, Camera Stiffness, Field of View, Distance, Swivel Speed, etc.

Each of this settings will impact how your driving flows and feels. In order not to shock your system, try adjusting one setting at a time to get used to the minor adjustments you make. As all settings are based on personal preference, it might take awhile to figure out what is best for you. Do remember, there is a baseline almost agreed upon settings that most pro players use, as you will read below. Before all that, lets go over each setting and see what they do.

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Camera Shake

Great for giving you the immersive experience of performing summersaults with your vehicle. However, frankly having camera shake enabled just gets in the way and plausibly gives you nausea over extended periods. Most best camera setting for Rocket League pros had it disabled for good reasons, and you should too.

Alternatively, if you still want that extra spark of excitement in your game, especially when scoring a goal. Consider using Rocket League goal explosions as a flashy alternative to narrate your victory.

Camera Stiffness

In layman’s terms, it’s how sensitive you want your camera to move when maneuvering your vehicle. Contrary to popular belief, camera stiffness doesn’t affect your reaction time, nor does it escalates your speed.

Nevertheless, a reliable method to determine the right stiffness would be to adjust it according to your mouse sensitivity.

Field of View (FOV)

Customizing your FOV is relatively straightforward, whereby you want to have a wide enough view of the arena. We highly recommend maxing it out just to fully utilize that screen real estate. Sure, the wider FOV may put a strain on your eyes, so it’s best to fix your FOV before starting your journey to become one of the best Rocket League players.

Speaking of the devil, most pro Rocket League players have their FOV set to 110, or at least 108.

Distance (from your vehicle)

The Distance option located at the Camera setting Rocket League menu works cohesively with FOV. It is the distance between your screen and the vehicle.

Hence, unlike FOV which is relatively neutral, an uncalibrated Distance can affect your gameplay drastically. For instance, you may miscalculate the ball distance or even the arena blueprint, causing you to miss the best goals in Rocket League.

Distance is one of the few camera setting Rocket League uses, that has an optimal amount of 270 or 280. All the pros have this setting, with the oddball being, Jack “FlamE” Pearton, with a lower 230 distance.

Nevertheless, the ideal Distance puts your vehicle at an estimated distance of one meter, making it feel much more realistic. There’s also the least-spoken Camera Height settings, which you can maintain as default or higher. It’s the height between your screen and vehicle, so logically, you do not want to have this too short to the point where your vehicle is hindering your POV.

Swivel Speed

On the other hand, Swivel Speed is all about preferences. Where the higher your Swivel Speed, the more angle your vehicle rotates when it spins. Again, if you aren’t comfortable with having your controls swivel excessively, you would benefit more from less Swivel Speed.

Now, don’t get us wrong, having lower Swivel Speed doesn’t make you an amateur Rocket League player. The Swivel Speed option in the camera setting Rocket League pro players use, ranges from 1.80 to 10.0 ms.

Rocket League Pro Player Camera Settings

Rocket League included camera settings preset, which offers a variety of pro player camera settings. While this may sound too good to be true, it’s not advisable to just slap on your favorite pro player’s Rocket League camera setting and expect it to work like a charm.

That said, this is still a great feature for players who are searching for their ideal Rocket League camera setting. Where else to begin, but with our curated selection of camera setting Rocket League pro players use to become the best Rocket League players around the block.

These are established pro players and their camera setting Rocket League:

PlayerFOVHeightDistanceStiffnessSwivel SpeedCamera Shake
Fairy Peak!110902600.54.7No
M0nkey M00n1081102600.654No
Scrub Killa1091002700.47No

Perhaps we should also clarify that pro players also have their unique playstyles, so you can always watch their official games. Moreover, some cheap thrills of Rocket League betting can inspire you to play like your favorite pro players too.

Given the overwhelming popularity Rocket League has gained, we couldn’t recommend enough to watch the pro games.

Best Freestyle Camera Settings Rocket League Challenge

Freestyle camera settings have been a hot trend among young guns, given their level of difficulty. Rumors have it that playing with freestyle camera settings trains the player to become real-world aviation experts. While we will let you debunk that myth yourself, we can however introduce the best freestyle camera settings Rocket League players use.

Here’s an interesting challenge; set your Rocket League camera setting as shown below, and record yourself playing a ranked match under the #freestylerocketleague tag.

Player Camera shake FOV Height Distance Stiffness Swivel speed
You Yes 90 50 200 0.2 10

Friendly disclaimer: we are not responsible for your drop in Rocket League performance, nor is this the best camera setting for Rocket League newbies.

In hindsight, the best camera setting Rocket League offers may vary depending on one’s preference. However, it’s crucial to have the best camera setting for Rocket League games immediately, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your improvement. Then, perhaps you can look into how to get better at Rocket League for real and how ranks work in Rocket League.