SSG Rocket League: Full Profile

Spacestation Gaming (SSG) is an Esports organisation founded in 2017. SSG began with the sponsorship of a Smite Pro League team in 2017 before quickly taking on professional PUBG and Brawlhalla teams later that year. As of now SSG have teams in multiple titles such as; Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Smash Bros Ultimate, World of Warcraft, and many more. Spacestation Gaming have competed in 296 tournaments in the 5 years since they started, but we’re most interested in the SSG Rocket League roster.

SSG Rocket League

SSG first entered Rocket League on February 14th, 2018 picking up 0verZer0, Espeon and Lemonpuppy. This roster would begin by competing in the RLRS Season 5 play-in, Rocket League’s 2nd league/division. After just 1 short run in the RLRS play-ins finishing 7th-8th place, SSG quickly let this roster go. On March 13th 2018 SSG acquired the Radiance Roster. Vince, Memory, Halcyon, and Wildscion with coach Loomin. This roster started out by competing in the RLRS Season 5 placing 3rd. Memory then left to join Ghost Gaming on July 28th, leading to Vince and Halcyon leaving SSG shortly after.

SSG Logo

SSG Rocket League was put on hold until April 4th 2019 when Spacestation Gaming acquired Bread, consisting of Satthew, AxB and Sypical. The first tournament this group would attend was DeamHack Dallas 2019 qualifier, where they would achieve a 2nd place finish. After this they competed in the RLCS Season 7 where they placed 5th. They would then have another qualifier for the Valencia 2019 DreamHack LAN placing 5-6th Finally on June 2nd they would attend the Dallas DreamHack LAN falling extremely early to method placing 17-24th. This wasn’t good enough for SSG. On June 5th Satthew was released, making space for the first part of the current SSG roster, Arsenal, who joined on June 28th.

After Satthew

After Arsenal joined, The first tournament was another Dreamhack qualifier where they placed 3rd . The LAN at Montreal did not go so well as they place 13-16th. Chrome then joined SSG as coach in october. RLCS Season 8 was a huge success where SSG placed 3rd, qualifying for the world championship. This was also a great performance placing top 4. At RLCS Season 9 SSG placed 2nd behind G2. Sadly there was no international LAN for this due to the pandemic. July 23rd saw AxB replaced by Retals, The 2nd part of the current roster. RLCS Season X had many qualifying tournaments where SSG would take 11 1st place finishes and many top 4 placements too.

The 2021-22 RLCS season didn’t start well for SSG, as they 3-4th in the 1st regional, 5-8th in the 2nd and 3rd. This meant they needed to play a tiebreaker game losing 4-3 to Complexity. This meant they failed to reach the first Major of the season leading to Sypical leaving. This opened up space for rising star Daniel to join SSG.

SSG Rocket League Roster

SSG Decals

Slater “Retals” Thomas started his Rocket League career in February 2019 at just 16 years old, playing for The Peeps. After 8 months there he was picked up by the Pittsburgh Knights. He finally joined SSG in July 2020.

Tshaka “Arsenal” Taylor also started his Rocket League journey at The Peeps, He joined them at 16 years old in July 2018. After 11 months he joined SSG in June 2019.

Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski Joined SSG to start his Rocket League career. Being just 15 years old, Daniel is one of the most promising up and coming talents in the game.

SSG in RLCS 2022

Since the arrival of Daniel SSG has only been on the rise.  With a 2nd place finish in Regional 1 of the Winter split and a 4th place in Regional 2 SSG had nearly cemented their place at the Winter Major already. A disappointing regional 3 saw SSG place 9-12 falling to Oxygen Esports didn’t matter too much as it was enough so see them through to the Major at the YouTube Theatre in LA. To start, SSG managed a reverse sweep on EU powerhouse Dignitas before beating KC Pioneers 3-1. With SSG topping their group it put them through to the upper bracket Semi-Finals, where they beat fellow Americans, Version 1. Now being in the upper bracket Finals SSG just had to beat NA #1 G2 to secure a top 2 finish, but they couldn’t quite make it happen. G2 beat SSG 4-1 putting them in the lower bracket Finals where they would eventually lose 4-3 to Team Queso. A 3rd place finish at the Major to start 2022 off well.

So far in the Spring split, SSG made 2nd place, falling to G2 once again in regional 1 but fell short in regional 2 managing only a 9-12th. Will SSG pull it back and finish strong to make it to the London Major?