Dignitas Rocket League Profile

Dignitas have considerable history across a number of Esport titles, with current teams in titles such as League of Legends, Rocket League, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant. As an organisation they were founded back in 2003 and over that time they have impressively won 18 world championships and competed in 35 different titles.

Dignitas In Rocket League

Dignitas’ first venture into Rocket League was actually with a North American roster, for a few months in early 2018 before picking up the Season 4 World Championships at the time in May from Gale Force Esports.

From that point onwards Dignitas would be one of the most successful and prolific organizations Rocket League has seen, with the original roster of Kaydop, Turbopolsa and ViolentPanda going on to win their second World Championship in a row. Though there would be steady change over time, with first the Season 6 World Championship Grand Final loss to Cloud9 prompting Kaydop to leave for Renault Vitality, breaking the dynasty.

Dignitas Logo

The Austrian Yukeo would come in his place but the team would not qualify for the Season 7 World Championship, prompting Turbopolsa to leave across the Atlantic to NRG Esports. AztraL would join as well as coach Virge, and the team would place Top 4 at the Season 8 World Championship, losing out to Kaydop’s Team Vitality in an entertaining seven game series. Season 9 would see Dignitas win in Europe, but no World Championship to compete at due to the pandemic. Before RLCSX AztraL would depart, and dutch prodigy Joreuz would be snapped up, the first piece of the current roster, and then following the Fall Split Yukeo was replaced by ApparentlyJack. Despite some highs, overall Dignitas would place 8th and outside the RLCSX Championships spots. In the break before the current season, ViolentPanda and coach Virge would depart, making way for the joining of Scrub Killa.

Dignitas Roster

The longest standing member of Dignitas’ current Rocket League roster is Joris “Joreuz” Robben. At the age of 17 he has spent almost his entire professional career at Dignitas so far, and is frequently in the conversation as being one of the best players in the world. Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton is a similar case at 18 years of age, he showed up on the map with the Stormtroopers/RixGG roster, and since joining Dignitas has grown as a player and content creator. The move that surprised some at the time was the Scottish Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson, World Champion in Season 7 with Vitality and once rated one of the top Rocket League players in the world. The original young rookie is actually the eldest of the roster at 19 and joined following a disappointing RLCSX on Guild and Team Singularity looking for redemption.

Dignitas Playstyle

With all three players having significant history and ability in 1v1 many have expected the team’s play on the field to reflect that. At times, you can see it in the three players having played quite individually on the field. They have also shown their awareness and flexibility with a plethora of fantastic passing plays. Following a number of painful Game 5 and 7 losses on Champions Field there has frequently been calls for the team to have a coach, and recently in May 2022, Dignitas announced the joining of former Team Queso coach/manager Nicholas “Nick” Marrone. The second regional of the spring split will be his first outing since joining the roster, and a crucial one too with the team vying and expecting to qualify for the Spring Major in London.

Dignitas In RLCS 2021-22

The RLCS 2021-22 season beginning last fall importantly marked the long awaited plans to return to international and LAN competition following the pandemic. With a top 4 finish in all three regionals including a win in the second, Dignitas would attend the Major in Stockholm as Europe’s second seed, immediately answering any questions about the Scrub Killa roster change. They would open flawlessly there, with 3 sweeps including over fellow Europeans SMPR Esports, meaning they topped the Swiss for the top seed of the Playoff bracket. Their first game would once again be against SMPR, yet this time they would lose crucially in Game 7, leaving a sour taste with the Top 8 finish.

Dignitas Decals

The Winter Split would be similarly strong, with Dignitas winning a regional and once again being EU’s #2 seed for the Winter Major in Los Angeles. This however would meet an even more tragic ending, with Dignitas failing to top their group due to being reverse swept by North America’s Spacestation Gaming. This meant they started the playoffs in the lower bracket where they were once again eliminated immediately by the lowest EU seed, this time Evil Geniuses, and once again in reverse sweep fashion. The team rightly has a large fanbase but this event caused am equally large outcry, and with an underwhelming start to the Spring split in the first regional, the pressure is on for Dignitas.