eUnited Gaming LogoThere are many esports teams that master one particular area within the community, but few professional squads have the scope of eUnited. This band of gamers play in all the major gaming events, covering Call of Duty, League of Legends, Overwatch, and CS:GO. Due to their coverage of these games, they have specific teams for each title, ensuring that their broad knowledge expands its reach as far as possible. Having amassed earnings over $45,000, they’re a team in the middle leagues. Our job here today, is to celebrate the career of this esports organisation and its multiple teams. To do this, we’re going to look at the teams in reference to the games, highlighting their most renowned players and impressive wins. In doing so, we’ll be able to give you the bigger picture of what makes eUnited tick.

Starting Out

Typically with competitive teams, they tend to have a long history stretching back to when esports really started gaining popularity, where they had to struggle through before becoming household names. However, with eUnited things are different. This group of multi-gaming players didn’t come together and form a brand until 2016. In spite of this inexperience, when compared with others, each one of the 20 gamers that make up the teams, all bring something to the table. If they continue to gather momentum and move forwards, it would seem they’ll soon be raising up through the ranks.

eUnited League of Legends esports team

League of Legends Team

Having been given a spot that should have belonged to Team Liquid Academy, eUnited entered into the NA Challenger Series in 2016, which granted them entry into the circuit. At the time, the team was made up of Licorice, Fox, and Deftly, to name but a few, with Hermit acting as the head coach. Since then, changes have been made, but the spirit of this LoL team hasn’t, with them having gained some considerable successes. The one that most fans will remember is their very first win, which happened at the 2017 NACS Spring Split.

Overwatch Team

Eunited’s Overwatch team sadly disbanded in 2017. A somewhat successful outfit, they sent waves throughout the Overwatch scene by coming first in the Overwatch Contenders Season Zero: Europe 2017. Just as with their LoL counterparts, changes to the roster were experienced over the last two years, with some players having come from REUNITED. As many of you will know, that team was formed by Fnatic, meaning that many talented gamers were released back into the community, with eUnited having signed up some of them at the start of 2017.

CS:GO Team

Arguably, this is the team that many fans will have heard of, as they have the most number of events/games to their name. However, we wouldn’t say they’re the most successful part of the eUnited brand, as you’ll be able to see for yourselves. Not that this has always been the case, with the roster back in early 2017 having won the Fragadelphia 10. There’s been other such triumphs since then, but this is the one that we feel highlights their focus and drive. In regards to players, members such as jcrueL have been part of the scene, an American gamer with a considerable history within the CS:GO community.

eUnited championship call of duty

Call of Duty Team

Given that CoD is one of the most popular MMO games to be released in the last several years, it’s no wonder that eUnited has a roster to partake in its international events. They’ve not been as prominent in their wins as other eUnited groups have, but this unit has still managed to come second in the 2017 CWL Dallas Open, and third in the 2017 CWL Global Pro League Stage 2. As for players, numerous individuals have added their name to eUnited history, such as Gunless, a Canadian player who has since moved on to the likes of FaZe. Although gone from this brand, the legacy he leaves is one that shapes the squad moving forward.