Best R6 Players at Six Invitational 2021 – Six R6 Players to Watch

Six R6 players deserve special attention at the upcoming Six Invitational event. With the event kicking off soon, lets review the best R6 players to watch for the duration of the tournament.

The R6 Six Invitational is an annual tournament, acting as the World Cup for the game. This event brings the biggest teams into one place to compete for one of the biggest prize pools in Rainbow Six. As far as tournaments go, this is one of the biggest for this game. If you’re looking at Rainbow Six betting, this is one of the biggest events to watch.

Canadian Spacestation Gaming

Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski

Rainbow Six – Six Invitational Players to Watch

There are going to be loads of great teams competing at the Six Invitational. However, among these teams are some that really stand out, and some players that are sure to make an impression. Given that this event is the best of the best facing off against each other, most involved are coming in with a great track record. If you’re looking for individual players, these are the top six Six Invitational players to watch:

1. Canadian – Spacestation Gaming

Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski come back to the game only months after announcing his retirement from the title. Due to teammate Luke “Luke” Slota having passport issues ahead of the SI 2021 event, Canadian had to un-retire and lend his expertise to his former roster. In doing so, he became one of the most anticipated players at the Six Invitational, but mainly for the story that is coming with him.

He is a player who retired from Rainbow Six after claiming he “no longer has the same passion and motivation for the game”. Being two-time world champion comes with a certain expectation  as he returns to take another crack at the event he missed. Will this be a great return for the player or should he have stayed in retirement?

Either way, he’s definitely a player to watch at this event.

2. Shaiiko – BDS Esport

While we’re looking at returning Six Invitational players, Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu has one of the most interesting redemption stories in competitive Rainbow Six. He was banned from the competitive circuit for the game for two years between 2017 and 2019 for using macros.

Despite the “cheating”, he was easily one of the best up and comers the game has seen and after he’s return to the scene with BDS esports, Shaiiko has helped BDS stay on top of the world in competitive R6 for the past two seasons running. With BDS considered the main favorites, and the event taking place on home territory for Shaiiko, he’s easily one of the six Six Invitational players to watch.

Team BDS Shaiiko

Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu

3. Njr – DarkZero Esports

Njr is one of the younger player coming up in Rainbow Six. He has shown himself to be a mechanically skilled player, and his raw mechanics and skill within the game are clear. Whether this will translate to victory at the Six Invitational depends on his team, but he’s definitely a contender for one of the best players.

Only having joined DarkZero in February 2021, this will be his first Six Invitational as he represents a new generation of players coming into the scene with plenty to prove.

4. HysteRiX – Giants Gaming

Jeremy “HysteRiX” Mao Xuan Tan is an easy player to call out if you’re looking for individuals that are going to pop at the tournament. The Singaporean prodigy is one of the more impressive players out there, with a great kill average at recent tournaments, in terms of statistics. If his team can supply a similar contribution, he’ll be one of the top six invitational players.

Giants Gaming has struggled this year thus far, and SI 2021 is the best moment for a redemption arc for both HysteRiX and his crew.

5. JRDN – Giants Gaming

JRDN is a type of player who always entertains in esports. He’s young, he’s a bit of a prodigy and only just being old enough to take part in these events. Despite having less experience, he’s easily one of the most technically gifted players out there. As part of Giants Gaming, he’s clearly going to be one of the Six Invitational players to watch.

Together with HysterRiX they feed off each others energies to make both former Aerowolf and now Giants perform.

JRDN Aerowolf

Jordan “Jrdn” Cheng Jia Heng

 6. Muzi – Ninjas in Pyjamas

Muzi is a particularly talented player but he is from a region that typically doesn’t pull in the most attention. This might make him a bit of a dark horse at this event. He has been part of a great team, and really raised the standard for performance. This entire team is one to watch, but Muzi is definitely a stand-out player.

With NiP topping their group recently at Copa Elite Six, we saw plenty of what Muzi and the entire roster are able to do. If they can match their energy at Six Invitational it will be a true sight to behold.

These players are all standouts for the Six Invitational. While the format of the event is looking a bit different this year, it’ll be great to return to offline Rainbow Six. These are the players to watch if you’re looking at betting on Rainbow Six, but make sure you’re getting best odds for esports to make the most out of them.