R6 Ranks | Rainbow Six Siege Rank System Explained

In 2022, as part of Operation Solar Raid, an all-new R6 ranking system was introduced. This was simply titled ‘Ranked 2.0’, and it brought with it a fresh, reimagined model for evaluating players and their individual performances in-game. At its core, Rainbow Six siege is one of the most competitive titles out there today, boasting a vibrant esports scene and a popular multiplayer platform. Today, we’re here to shed a little light on the R6 ranks structure and let you know how best to climb that ladder.

Now, seven years after launch, Rainbow Six Siege is a much more complex beast than it was on day one. There are 64 operators to choose from, many maps to learn, and more in-game mechanics than you can count. If you can understand the structure and format of the R6 ranks ahead of actually playing the game, you’ll have an edge over your opponents. Once you’ve read this short guide, it’ll be up to you to find an operator that best suits your style of play, and then, get stuck in and hopefully start winning big.

R6 Ranks

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If you’re totally new to Rainbow Six Siege, you can always play the casual, regular game modes. However, if you’re interested in something a little more intense, then the competitive ranked mode is exactly what you’re looking for. In the ranked modes, which follow the Ranked 2.0 structure, you’ll climb up the ladder as your skills improve. As you get higher and land on a more prestigious R6 rank, you’ll be rewarded for your progress.

At the bottom of the Rainbow Six Siege rank system is the Copper group of levels. Then, at the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the Champions group, which is made up of the best Rainbow Six Siege players in the world.

Let’s break into this all-important guide and learn about the R6 ranks.

What Are Rainbow Six Ranks?

It’s a simple concept – ranks are used to define a player’s skill level, which comes from their ‘Skill’, which used to be known as ‘MMR’. In Rainbow Six, the ranks are separated and defined across seven ranking tiers, which run from Copper to Champions. Ultimately, there are thirty-five ranks to climb through, with each level attained awarding the player with in-game Alpha Packs, charms, backgrounds, and other assorted items.

Here are the ranks from top to bottom:

  • Copper V, IV, III, II, I
  • Bronze V, IV, III, II, I
  • Silver V, IV, III, II, I
  • Gold V, IV, III, II, I
  • Platinum V, IV, III, II, I
  • Emerald V, IV, III, II, I
  • Diamond V, IV, III, II, I
  • Champions

Almost every competitive game out there has its own evaluation system. For instance, Call of Duty boasts an advanced ‘SBMM’ mechanic – Skill-Based Matchmaking. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but these systems are designed to provide as balanced an experience as possible. In this game, the R6 ranked system is determined by your Skill, which will change based on your performance in each individual game.

At the lowest point, your Skill will be valued at around 1,100, which grants you entry to the Copper ranks. At the highest end of the spectrum, you’ll be sitting at a  Skill of around 5000, which defines you as one of the Champions of the R6 ranked scene. When the season ends, you’ll also pick up charms that indicate how highly you ranked in that season.

This is a system designed to ensure players are more focused on gaming as a team rather than as individuals. If you’re working together, you’ll amass Skill faster and, as a result, you’ll climb the R6 ranks with more efficiency.

R6 Ranks MMR

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What is Skill in Rainbow Six?

Currently, there are two types of Skill in Rainbow Six Siege. Firstly, there’s the ‘Quick and Unranked’ variant, which is used to determine your position in the unranked game modes and isn’t connected to the Ranked 2.0 system. This is not visible at any point and works in the background to determine your opponents in the more casual modes.

If you’re playing more competitively, then the Ranked Skill is what you’ll need to pay attention to. This is completely visible and can be seen in your user profile. It’s an automatically assigned score that determines where you’ll sit in the R6 ranks. It assists the multiplayer platform in finding you more balanced matches based on your skill as an individual and a team player. It’s a dynamic, ever-changing figure that is impacted by several key indicators:

  • Inactivity time during a match
  • Skill difference between teams during a match
  • Exiting ranked matches early
  • Win or loss record

At the start of every season, there’s a soft reset, with all players being pushed back down to Copper. They’ll need to climb back up through the ranks every season. This is designed to discourage any monopolisation of the game, and the Skill system itself is inherently positioned to avoid toxicity, cheating, and poor sportsmanship.

It’s also a great tool for Rainbow Six betting. It’ll enable you to see how balanced the teams are at the biggest esports tournaments, giving you an edge on your wagers.

How to Get Ranked in Rainbow Six

It couldn’t be easier to ‘get ranked’ in Rainbow Six Siege. It all begins with the completion of ten placement matches. These will ensure you’re assigned an accurate ranking as early as possible. This is where you can get a jump on other players – if you play exceptionally well in your earliest matches, you can fly up the ranks and get an instant, high placement. If you’re not playing to a high enough standard in these placement matches, you’ll end up starting your grind at the very lowest Copper ranks.

However, every Rainbow Six Siege season comes with a soft rank reset. This helps players who had a lousy season or are just returning to the game.

How to Rank Up in Rainbow Six

For a team-oriented game like R6, players need to know the right decisions to make. Here are a few tips to help you beat the R6 ranked system.

#1 – Communicate! Help your team with Cams and callouts

Communication is vital if you want to climb up the R6 ranks. You cannot single-handedly win a game against a team that is well composed. This means you want to provide information to your team in any way you can. Make use of cameras to find players and the location of the objective. Feel free to call out enemy positions even when you are the first to die.

#2 – Be creative when defending

Most players believe the only way to defend is by barricading all the entrances to the room with the objective. This may put your team at a disadvantage by limiting your options. When defending, be creative when choosing where to take a stance. You can set traps and deceive your opponents by barricading the wrong walls to help ambush them.

#3 – Learn the map layouts

Map Knowledge can give a huge advantage to teams. The game has a limited amount of maps, and frequently playing can help you get used to them. This allows you to know the perfect vantage points, entry points and the weakest locations when defending.

#4 – Make use of Drones and other special equipment

Equipment and drones are not there for decoration. R6 is not a game you can win with only skilful gunplay. The use of drones and the equipment of operators can give your team that extra push they need.

#5 – Don’t get discouraged by bad games

We all have bad days and bad games. Do not allow this to get to you, as it can reduce your performance in-game. If you are on a losing streak, take a break and come back refreshed. Do not force games or play when you feel down from having a bad game.

R6 Ranks FAQ

What are ranks in Rainbow 6?

Just like in any competitive game, Rainbow 6 Siege players can gauge how well they’re doing at the game by checking out their rank. Ranks range from Copper to Champions and are determined by the amount of impact individuals have on the game.

How can I play ranked games in R6?

Unlike a lot of games, it’s pretty easy to start playing ranked on Rainbow 6. All you need to do is play the 10 placement games that will determine your starting rank. From there, the more you play, the more experience you can earn and the higher you can climb.

What’s the fastest way to level up your rank on R6?

There’s no real exchange for experience when it comes to Rainbow 6 ranks. There’s no real cheat or fast way to level up. You’ll need to put in the hours, learn all 64 operators and make as much impact in every game as you can.