R6 Ranks | Rainbow Six Siege Rank System Explained

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most tactical First Person Shooters available. The game features players competing in multiple modes, including rescuing a hostage, defusing a bomb or securing a designated area. A team of five gets a chance to attack and defend, and the team with the most round wins comes out victorious. With the choice of over 50 different operators, you are sure to find one that suits your style and achieve R6 ranks.

R6 Ranks

image credit: Steam

Players have the option to play casually in normal game modes or dive into the competitive ranked modes. Players who consistently play ranked games get the opportunity to advance through the R6 ranks by proving their skill level. The Rainbow Six Siege rank system begin at copper and end at Champion with various divisions between ranks.

The game also has an active esports scene where the best R6 players compete for various rewards and prizes. These competitions include the North American League, Oceanic esports, and the Rainbow Six Collegiate Championship, among many others. Players in different regions get the chance to grab titles and rewards by being the best Seige team.

What Are Rainbow Six Ranks?

Ranks prove a player’s skill level through their MMR. The R6 ranks are split across seven ranking tiers from copper to Champion, containing 23 ranks. These ranks from bottom to top are:

  • Copper V, IV, III, II, I
  • Bronze V, IV, III, II, I
  • Silver V, IV, III, II, I
  • Gold III, II, I
  • Platinum III, II, I
  • Diamond
  • Champions

Like other online competitive games,  the R6 ranked system is determined by your MMR, which changes after every game. This ranges from 1,100 at the entry-level to over 5000 at the champion level, as seen in the image above. R6 ranked charms are awarded to players based on the highest rank they achieved that season. For example, if you reached a Diamond rank but finished the season in Platinum, you will receive a Diamond charm. This shows how well a player performed in the previous season.

The Rainbow Six Siege rank system is designed to ensure players are more team-oriented to win games. Players who want to advance through the R6 ranks can consistently win by working with teammates.

R6 Ranks MMR

image credit: Ubisoft

What is MMR in Rainbow Six?

MMR stands for Match Making Rating. This is a score that determines your placement in the Rainbow 6 Siege ranks. It also helps the matchmaking system place you in games with similarly skilled players to ensure fair games. Your MMR is calculated when the game uses data to compile your wins and losses. This data is used to create a number that changes each time you play. That number is then used to assign you to a rank, which becomes a visual representation of your MMR.

The variation in your MMR is also based on the skill level of your opponents. You are guaranteed to gain more if you win a game against higher-skilled players. The decrease is also less when you lose against higher-skilled players and vice versa. Having a cheater in your game, getting kicked and deserting games also affect the change in your MMR. This is done to counter the increase in hacking, boosting and other in-game exploits.

A player’s MMR is the best visual representation of their skill. This helps when judging players in competitive matches. People can see how balanced the teams are in esports tournaments. It also helps to know the teams to rely on when watching streams and on sites with Rainbow Six betting.

How to Get Ranked in Rainbow Six

To earn a rank, players must participate in ten placement matches. A rank is assigned based on how well you perform during these matches. Winning most of your placement matches will land you a high spot in the Rainbow Six Siege ranks. Performing poorly will have you starting your climb from a lower rank.

However, every Rainbow Six Siege season comes with a hard rank reset. This helps players who had a lousy season or are just returning to the game.

How to Rank Up in Rainbow Six

For a team-oriented game like R6, players need to know the right decisions to make. Here are a few tips to help you beat the R6 ranked system.

#1 – Communicate! Help your team with Cams and callouts

Communication is vital if you want to climb up the R6 ranks. You cannot single handedly win a game against a team that is well composed. This means you want to provide information to your team in any way you can. Make use of cameras to find players and the location of the objective. Feel free to call out enemy positions even when you are the first to die.

#2 – Be creative when defending

Most players believe the only way to defend is by barricading all the entrances to the room with the objective. This may put your team at a disadvantage by limiting your options. When defending, be creative when choosing where to take a stance. You can set traps and deceive your opponents by barricading the wrong walls to help ambush them.

#3 – Learn the map layouts

Map Knowledge can give a huge advantage to teams. The game has a limited amount of maps, and frequently playing can help you get used to them. This allows you to know the perfect vantage points, entry points and the weakest locations when defending.

#4 – Make use of Drones and other special equipment

Equipment and drones are not there for decoration. R6 is not a game you can win with only skillful gunplay. The use of drones and the equipment of operators can give your team that extra push they need.

#5 – Don’t get discouraged by bad games

We all have bad days and bad games. Do not allow this to get to you, as it can reduce your performance in-game. If you are on a losing streak, take a break and come back refreshed. Do not force games or play when you feel down from having a bad game.