Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay and Cross-Platform?

Rainbow Six Siege, which was first released in 2015, has become a modern powerhouse of the gaming industry. By 2022, the game had entered its seventh ‘season’ of development, with Ubisoft, the franchise’s creator, constantly pumping the game full of content. It’s one of the most popular tactical multiplayer shooters around, boasting a valuable and diverse esports ecosystem. Today, we’re taking a close look at that multiplayer platform, answering once and for all, is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

As a live service game, Rainbow Six Siege has a roadmap that will see fresh content being delivered for years to come. Throughout the last six seasons (the seventh began in 2022), Ubisoft has poured new operators, maps, modes, and content into the Six Siege ecosystem. It’s a massively popular multi-platform game, but is Rainbow Six Siege cross-platform? That’s the all-important question, and as we break down the multiplayer platform in its entirety, we’ll find the answer to it.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Still Popular?

is rainbow six siege cross platform

Image Credit: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is a remarkably popular game, and it has been since it was first released way back in 2015. As a multiplayer-only game, Rainbow Six Siege attracts thousands upon thousands of players, all determined to become the next best operator in the game. It’s an advanced game, and the R6 ranking system is one of the best in modern gaming. There’s a professional path that the best of the best follow, working their way up into the beating heart of the R6S esports ecosystem.

The game reportedly attracted more than 70 million players by December 2020. Then, a short while later, in January 2022, a spin-off title was created, named Rainbow Six Extraction. This was an entirely different premise, boasting a wave-defence mode that saw players fight off hordes of alien-like creatures.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction crossplay? That’s a good question – and yes, it is. As it boasts seamless crossplay mechanics and cross-progression features, Rainbow Six Extraction immediately became one of the best crossplay games when it launched in 2022.

And what is crossplay? It’s a networking mechanic integrated into many modern multiplayer games that allows players to connect with other games on different platforms. For instance, it allows an Xbox player to connect with a PlayStation gamer.

Today, there’s no doubt that Rainbow Six Siege is still popular. It’s capable of entertaining thousands of players and hundreds of thousands of viewers, especially when a massive esports tournament kicks off.

But, driving back to our original question, is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

Is Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform?

is rainbow six siege crossplay

It has been confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege cross-progression, crossplay, and cross-platform features will be introduced in late 2022. It’ll come as the final deliverable on the ‘season seven’ roadmap, which includes new operators, maps, modes, and events, among other things. This will enable players on all formats to connect with… Well, players on all formats! It’s a long-awaited addition to the game that has already been praised by some players, but of course, not everyone is happy about the news.

When will Rainbow Six Siege be cross-platform? There’s no exact date, but it’s expected to arrive in an update towards the end of the year. And don’t worry, for those that are afraid of ‘cheating PC players’, it’s also expected that players will be able to turn off the crossplay mechanics if they so desire.

There aren’t many Ubisoft cross-progression games, but as of 2022, Rainbow Six Siege will be one of them. At the moment, Rainbow Six Extraction is already fully crossplay, but Six Siege will join the cross-platform family later in the year. This means that the platform will likely see an influx of new players, even if many of them are simply ‘sampling’ the new features. It’ll mean the most cracked players will once again be poring out the best R6 pro settings, eagerly attempting to dominate the community.

How To Play Cross-Platform Rainbow Six Siege?

Connecting with players on other platforms will be remarkably easy when it drops. For example, in Call of Duty: Warzone, which is one of the best crossplay games out there, it’s as simple as adding someone’s ‘centralised account’, and then pinging them an invite.

That’s ultimately it – there’s nothing more to worry about, and both players will enjoy their game just the same as if they stayed exclusive to their own platform. Furthermore, Rainbow Six Siege cross-progression features will boost things further for multi-platform players. When these features drop, they’ll enable the player to port their progress from platform to platform. So, if you were an Xbox player and you moved to PlayStation, you could pull your progress across.

For the last few years, Rainbow Six Siege crossplay features have been restricted to ‘family only’ mechanics, locking out other platforms. It’s great to see the changes that are taking place.

So, is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

It will be very soon.

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