R6 Pro Settings: Which Settings Do Rainbow Six Siege Pro Players Use?

Ready to get to know the R6 pro settings you need to start copying to get ahead of the game?  Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most competitive titles out there today, boasting a vibrant esports scene and a popular multiplayer platform. For many, it may be hard to get into it and figure out what the best settings are to get started and climb up the R6 ranks, all the way up to Diamond or Champion.  To help you reach that goal, we’re taking a look at Beaulo’s pro settings so you can learn from one of the best.

r6 pro settings

Beaulo’s Rainbow Six Siege Pro Settings

Jason “Beaulo” Doty has been part of the TSM Rainbow 6 roster since 2019 and has made a name for himself in the esports scene. Named 7th best player of year 4 and 5th best of year 5 by SiegeGG, Beaulo has had a successful journey towards becoming one of the best R6 players out there. Just in February of 2022, TSM won the Six Invitational 2022 with a prize pool of $1,000,000 against Team Empire, proving that Beaulo’s talent continues to come to fruition to this day.

R6 pro player Beaulo shows us every configuration that helps him reach number 1 in the competitive scene.

Interface Preferences

  • Show Scoring: Off
    Beaulo tends to keep this setting off in ranked games, so he doesn’t get to see the points, keeping it consistent throughout the games, scrims, and pro league.
  • Show Teammate Names: Off
    Sometimes, players’ names can get quite long, becoming distracting and a nuisance during games. Beaulo keeps this setting off but keeps the teammate icons and outlines on to keep its focus on what matters.

General Settings

  • Drone After Prep: Manual
    if it’s automatic when the prep phase ends, you’re going to be off your cam. Semi-automatic exits the operation unless you were controlling your own drone. Beaulo keeps it at Manual so he has to manually exit by pressing a key, making it easier to control every action in-game.

r6 pro player settings

Audio Settings

  • Dynamic Range: Night Mode
    Although Beaulo acknowledges this particular value has been buggy in the past, he chooses to set it to Night Mode due to how consistent and balanced the sounds get, causing quieter sounds to be louder for better perception of his surroundings.

Display Settings

  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh Rate: 240hz
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Although there have been known bugs with this setting, it’s still one that is preferred by most R6 players, such as Beaulo.
  • FOV: 83
    The default Field of View (FoV) setting of Siege is 60, but Ubisoft allows players to push the settings up to 90. Beaulo keeps it at 83, near the max limit, rendering more frames but getting a taller and wider view that makes it more efficient in competitive games.
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Graphics Settings

  • Texture Quality: Medium
    Although if you put it at a higher value, it may not be that strenuous on your PC or console, every FPS counts when it comes to competitive R6, or any other game of the same genre. When it comes to graphic settings, these matter a lot when getting the best experience to move up the ranks.
  • Texture Filtering: Linear
    Although Beaulo keeps his texture filtering at Linear, if you have a lower-performance PC, keep it at Anisotropic 4x, with this setting having the lowest impact on the overall game performance.
  • LOD Quality: Ultra
    LOD quality adjusts the distance that lower levels of details start rendering. Operators’ heads are one of these details and keeping this setting at Low can cause them to be rendered in a triangular shape that can make aiming even harder. Beaulo keeps this at Ultra for a better competitive advantage.
  • Shadow Quality: High
    Whether you’re tweaking R6 pro settings on PS4 or PC, it’s smart to move the Shadow Quality to High due to how much this comes into play during the game. Even in regular matches, with this setting, you might actually be able to spot a shadow before someone attacks.
  • Reflection Quality: Low
  • VFX Quality: Low
    Keeping this at any value other than Low might strain your PC or console, especially due to particles and other elements that could hinder your FPS.
  • Lens Effect: Off
    Lens effects help Siege simulate real-world optical lenses by adding effects like blooming into the game. It drains a lot of resources and it’s really not worth it turning it on.
  • Zoom-In Depth of Field: Off
    This setting blurs the edges of your scope when you aim down sight. It makes Rainbow Six Siege look more realistic, but you should keep it off for performance’s sake.

rainbow six siege pro settings

Sensitivity Settings

If you’re tweaking your mouse sensitivity when working on your R6 pro settings on PC, take in consideration just how these pro players are used to fast reaction times and high sensitivities to make better and more effective plays. However, to some players who are just getting started, these R6 pro player settings may not work as well, you may need some time to adjust to it.

Beaulo’s sensitivity settings are as follows:

  • DPI: 400 Multiplier – 0.002
  • V: 90 H: 90
  • 0x: 58
  • 5x: 89
  • 0x: 111
  • 5x: 117
  • 0x: 118
  • 0x: 119
  • 0x: 120
  • 0x: 162

Other Settings You Should Tweak

Besides the Rainbow Six Siege pro settings we mentioned in this guide, there are others you should tweak to improve your experience and skills to make headlines in R6 esports news once you go pro.

  • Ping: On
    While trying to climb the ranks by yourself, you may find yourself struggling to communicate with your squad members that don’t have a microphone. Ping indications are the best way to do so, even if they may end up becoming annoying if someone starts abusing the feature. You can always turn it off if it gets too much.
  • Display Game Info: On
    If the information box doesn’t bother you, keeping this setting will allow you to keep track of your network ping and frame rates during a game. This will help you pinpoint all issues affecting your game’s performance.

R6 Pro Setting FAQ

Should I use default settings on Rainbow 6?

Using the default settings in any competitive game is a dangerous step to take. With Rainbow 6, there’s quite a lot of skill involved so you can certainly make things a bit easier for yourself by changing the settings to suit your playstyle and set up.

Why do R6 pros use different settings?

Different pro players fulfill different roles in the game. That means that they need to alter the settings to suit themselves. Whether its audio settings, display setting or even gameplay settings, customizing it can give each player an edge.

What are the best R6 settings?

There’s no single set of settings that will guarantee you a win. That’s why every player uses a different set up! You’ll need to spend some time in the game figuring out which settings work best for you individually.


Now that you’ve learned from one of the best Rainbow Six Siege pro players, it’s time to get out there and start your journey up to Champion and going pro in the esports scene. Some changes will help you achieve higher frame rates, and others will optimize how you play the game. You’ll get a smoother gaming experience and take full advantage of your gear to be able to thrive in the Rainbow Six Siege lobbies.