Valorant has been on a path of aggressive expansion since it launched in 2020. Today, it’s one of the most popular esports games in the business, boasting millions of players, fans, and a dense concentration of talented competitors. There’s a fantastic circle of tournaments in the Valorant space, and where there are tournaments, there are opportunities for some esports wagering. In this guide, we’re taking a close look at the Valorant betting odds that are available online.

When it comes to esports betting odds, it’s important to understand they’re both dynamic and ever-developing. If you’re getting involved with Valorant betting now, it’ll likely be a different scene entirely in the space of a year. There’s plenty to learn, but we’ve broken down everything you need to know about Valorant betting odds in one handy guide.

Before we jump into the guide, check out our breakdown of some of the best Valorant betting sites in the industry today:


Why is it Important to Have The Best Valorant Betting Odds?

In betting, odds are everything – they make up the very foundation of your wagers, determining your potential return as a bettor. Before you’re locking in your very first Valorant bets, you’ll need to make sure you’re double-checking that you have the best odds possible. This is a rule of thumb across all areas of esports betting and not just Valorant betting. It’s essential to play the field and scope out alternative platforms, in case the odds are competitive somewhere else.

If you’re allowing yourself to play with the worst odds online, you’re scamming yourself out of money, provided you win your wager. That’s why the best Valorant betting odds are so important – they simply pay out at a greater rate, should you be successful.

Valorant Odds

Understanding Valorant Odds | How to Calculate Your Winnings?

Odds are basically the chances of an outcome happening, or in other words, odds are an expected probability. In order to calculate your possible winnings, the formula is really simple. We will use decimal odds to showcase this.

The only thing you need to do to figure out your winnings is to multiply your bet amount by the odds you found for yourself at an esports bookmaker. For instance, the odds of Sentinels to win the Valorant Champions Tour are 4.5. If you want to stake $100 on this outcome, the math will pan out as follows:

$100 x 4.50  = $450

If you deduct the $100 you initially staked, this means that if Sentinels win the Valorant Champions Tour Finals, you will earn yourself $350.

Different ways to calculate Odds: Decimal, American and Fractional

Different ways to represent the odds will not change how much you can potentially win. While essentially the same thing, the only difference is how they are presented.

Fractional odds are most commonly used in Britain, while Decimal odds are used in mainland Europe. American odds as the name implies are mostly used in USA and Canada. Depending on where you come from, you might be used to a specific type of odds representation and the others might seem strange to you. Most sites will give you the option to change how the odds a represented. However, if your preferred provider doesn’t have this option, let’s break down how the same odds are presented in different ways:

Let’s use the previous example of Sentinels winning the VCT Finals:

  • American +350
  • Fractional 7/2
  • Decimal 4.5

As previously stated, the decimal value gives you a number you can multiply by your bet stake to get your final payout. The American representation tells you exactly what you will win for a 100$ wager. Finally, the fractional system tells you that you win 7$ for every 2$ invested. All three bets will still give you the same payout entirely, it is just represented in a different way.

Where to Find the Best Valorant Odds?

valorant champions tour betting guide

The Valorant Champions Tour boasts some of the best Valorant odds around.

It’s important to use a safe, reputable, and reliable platform in your search for the best Valorant odds. Not only do these platforms typically offer a much more enjoyable betting experience, but they’re also more secure by default. There are some grey areas in the world of esports betting, and you can avoid stepping into them by betting exclusively with licensed, dependable, and trusted platforms.

Here’s a breakdown featuring a list of platforms that will certainly help you place more than a few Valorant bets.


Bet365 Esportsbet365 esports logo is a fantastic hybrid betting site and one of the best esports bookmakers globally. It’s a popular, well-known site that has been trading for almost two decades, and as a Valorant odds provider, it delivers a competitive function that is trusted by thousands of customers.

It’s a relatively simple offering, but the Valorant betting odds found on Bet365 will be very welcoming to a total newcomer. There’s very little to learn and the platform itself is very basis, making it much more accessible to perhaps a more inexperienced user group.


betway esports logoThere are few betting operators more deserving of a spot on the list than Betway Esports, It’s one of the most popular bookmakers in the United Kingdom and it has been trading for a very long period of time. There’s a wide range of markets backed up by top Valorant odds, and with a decent array of special promotions, Betway Esports stops at nothing to please its customers.

If any of the best Valorant tournaments are live when you navigate to Betway Esports, take advantage of them as quickly as you possibly can.


pinnacle esports logoPinnacle esports betting is jam-packed with markets and features, as well as a strong selection of Valorant betting odds. You will find all upcoming matches way ahead of time, and odds competitive with most competitors even weeks ahead of the event. The key selling point is a welcome offer that is absolutely insane, and there are mystery jackpot options that will make you deposit in a heartbeat. esports logo is almost synonymous with esports betting – it’s one of the best platforms online, without a doubt. It has been operating since 2016, and in that time, it has partnered with some of the world’s biggest esports tournaments and organisations. It’s almost unmatched in the sheer amount of tournaments, leagues, and matches that it covers, and its Valorant betting odds are equal parts competitive and readily available.

It’s densely packed with advanced features, various bonuses and promotions, and high-value campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on CSGO, League of Legends, or Dota 2, you’ll find markets for everything on GG.BET.

Loot.BET esports logoLoot.BET is a promising esports betting site, and it’s one of the newest platforms on this list. Fortunately, LOOT.BET has already recognised the value of the best Valorant betting markets, and it’s one of the featured games on the site. It’s a very competitive platform that is trying hard to get ahead, and Valorant is just one branch of a very extensive offering. It’s an attractive platform that is equally welcome to both newcomers and veteran punters, so don’t hesitate to at least take a look at it.

Betting Markets Where Valorant Odds Are Important

Typically, Valorant betting markets won’t be too diverse, and they’ll be quite similar from platform to platform. Traditionally, esports betting markets are easy to understand – they’re not overly complex, and even the newest punter can make sense of them. If you’re just getting started, it’s a good idea to scope in on the simplest markets, picking easy odds that have a much better chance of winning, and working your way up from there.

These are the three most common Valorant betting markets that you’ll find online today:

  • Total Rounds
  • Match Winner
  • Correct Map Score

If you’re going for the Total Rounds wager, consider aiming for more than twenty rounds in total. If there’s a heavy favourite, as indicated by the Valorant odds, then try placing a high rounds handicap on them as well. It’s an extra layer to your wager that’ll boost your odds.

If you need to learn more about the concept of wagering on esports, you can read our guide for a full rundown of esports betting markets.