Esports is a pretty wide term that can cover a lot of different genres and a lot of different games. This is also true for esports betting, which can now account for the majority of titles available in esports. If you’re interested in esports betting, then there’s a lot of choices available to you. It goes much further beyond just CSGO and Dota 2. If you’re looking into esports betting, then these are the biggest esports betting markets available:

Esports Betting Markets

Top esports betting guides for MOBA titles:

These are some of the top MOBA titles currently on the market. Given the popularity of this genre, they’re also some of the most popular betting markets for esports overall. However, a lot of sites go beyond just these. You can also find betting on games like Wild Rift and Arena of Valor, depending on which bookmaker you use.

Our Betting Guides for FPS Titles:

First-person shooters are some of the most popular games esports betting markets esports offering team-based gameplay and tense action. The array of shooters is pretty expansive at most betting sites. You can find plenty of third-person shooters and more niche FPS at some sites too.

Sport Simulators betting guides:

Sports simulators are about the closest esports get to normal sports. These are games that closely mimic real-life sports, some of the pro teams are even run by regular sport equivalents. Sports esports have a base of fans that goes beyond those that follow the actual sport though. You’ll find faster action with the same feel as in regular sports.

Our betting guides for various titles:

There are some esports games that don’t quite fall into a big category, like Battle Royales. These games still offer great markets and esports betting. Just about any other games you can think of what is probably put in these categories.

esports betting markets

The Top Esports Betting Markets – What Can You Bet on?

Those are some of the top esports betting markets and games that are on offer. However, for each individual game, you’ve got a lot of things you can bet on too. The specific markets and metrics you can bet on vary from title to title. These are some of the main esports betting market options that you need to know about:

  • Match Winner – This is probably the most basic bet, who wins a specific game.
  • Round/Map Winner – Depending on your game, you might be able to bet on the winner of a specific round or map.
  • Correct Points/Score – Picking the correct score goes further than getting the winner, but if you’re really convinced you know what’s going to happen then you can use this market.
  • Over/Under – If you don’t know the exact score, you can also bet on the score being over or under a certain amount.
  • Time – If a game is restricted by time, like Overwatch, you can bet on it going to overtime or not.
  • Group/Event Winner – This is a winner of an individual group or a stage of a tournament.
  • Handicap Bet – This is a weighted bet that puts additional constraints on teams with an advantage to make it more of a level bet. A team will have to beat the handicap to still win this bet.
  • First Blood – This is a pretty common betting market in a few different shooters like CS GO, it is which player will get the first kill.

There are loads more markets available on each of the specific esports games. They tend to be tailored to events within that gameplay. However, these esports betting markets are available on most different games out there.

Best Betting Markets for Beginners

If you’re a relative beginner to esports betting then all of the markets available could be a bit confusing. There are loads of games and even the top esports bookmakers rarely fully explain what each bet means. To keep the site clean and easy to navigate, things can be confusing to newcomers. So, what esports betting markets can beginners look towards?

If you’re thinking of which games you can play, then there isn’t a single game that every beginner should pick. Instead, you should look at which esports game you watch the most or play the most. Your background knowledge is going to make it much easier to successfully bet on this one of the esports betting markets.

Outside of that, the bigger esports games are easier for beginners to bet on. The esports odds tend to be less varied for these games since they have a much bigger following. Any of the titles covered in our guides above can work well. Betting on the simpler markets for these games like match or tournament winners will also be easier for newcomers to esports betting.

If you’re a beginner looking at esports betting markets, make sure you’re following the latest esports news for each game.