Hearthstone is a game that brings the traditional World of Warcraft lore to a completely different form, the form of a TCG. And so, Hearthstone betting has been wildly taken as the game turned out to be an amazing esports opportunity.

Top 5 Bookmakers for your Hearthstone bets

Betting markets

Like most esports, Hearthstone betting implies some preparation. Knowing the game in-depth, strategies and players is one step ahead of the final result.

Furthermore, when you bet on hearthstone you can find the following markets:

  • First to run out of health
  • First to run out of cards
  • Total number of matches to be won
  • Winner of the round
  • Total round advantage
  • The loser of the round

On the other hand, as the game keeps updating with new events, game modes, and options, some sites catch up, to offer new betting markets.

Bet on hearthstone esports tips

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Hearthstone Betting Tips

It is no mystery to anyone that the world of gambling is a place where chance rules all possibilities. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t prepare ourselves better to face the challenges that can be presented to us at the moment of making a bet.

Since hearthstone itself is based on luck, you may decide to bet on a player with a good streak, but that doesn’t mean that his opponent won’t come along. Analyze which one had a better performance in the game and then you can place a safe bet.

1. Study the cards

Seeing the decks they will use in the game is a step forward in betting. You can see if they are counteracting weaknesses and strengths, or if they are just playing for who will die first in the game.

If you see that there are clear differences, you’ll know what to do. Betting on the one with the best face and the best structure in their deck will give you an almost certain win.

Understand the deck’s time

The best Hearthstone decks are usually balanced. If you know the deck’s times you will determine better if it will make a win or not against the other.

For example, when the Demon Hunter character entered the game in 2020, most formulas around him were quick and deadly, with great winning rates. But if any deck managed to take them off the 6th turn, it lacked the strength to hit compared to most ongoing strategies.

Thus, Storm Shaman, Dragon Priest, and Galakrond’s Rogue decks became super popular to deal with all those demon hunters out there during those first few months.

2. Analyze the teams and players

The best esports bookmakers will offer you clear Hearthstone odds of what will happen before placing your bet. But players and cards are unpredictable. That’s why it’s better to study each player and team before betting openly.

Try analyzing their style of play, types of decks they use, and how they usually perform within the game. Furthermore, just like in Poker, Hearthstone players depend on 2 main factors.

  1. How lucky they are to get the cards they need.
  2. How aggressive they are when they get useful cards.

And, just like in poker, if a player goes all-in from the beginning there is a huge chance he will run out of ammo for the late game.

3. Keep up with the game

Hearthstone updates monthly and these updates usually come with 3 major changes: New cards, Upgraded cards, and nerfed cards.

Knowing what is happening with the game is an excellent idea to know which cards are stronger, which deck is giving results, among other things. So keep an eye out for updates and always know what significant changes will appear in the game.

To stay updated with both the players’ performance and the game’s changes, you can just look up to hearthstone news.

4. Find a good hearthstone betting site

Finding a site for esports betting is just as important as choosing a player. Hearthstone odds are not easy to handle and you need to look for a hearthstone betting site that knows its numbers. On the other hand, looking for bonuses and small events is a great idea if you want to look for easy bets, as major players will participate and commonly shatter those.

Most important tournaments

Hearthstone betting has established throughout tournaments and this is when most sites will give you a chance to bet. Hearthstone’s premier tournament is the Hearthstone Championship Tour, which travels the world looking for the best players and teams to make an epic breakthrough.

Before this, we can also find the Grandmasters Tour and the Master Qualifiers.

On the other hand, regions usually have smaller tournaments in different seasons of the year. An example of this is the Americas Winter Tournament, which has its respective version in the other regions.

Tournament prizes can easily exceed one million dollars, especially in official tournaments such as the Master Tour or the Grandmasters. On the other hand, Hearthstone takes part in other tournaments such as Ultimate Gamer, and of course, the Blizzcon.

Hearthstone Betting

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Most important players and teams

When we talked about hearthstone betting tips, we told you about the players. Now, the best players are at the top of the hearthstone ranking system, and you will also see their names in the biggest tournaments:

  • Hunterace
  • Seiko
  • Phenomenon
  • Jarla
  • Felkeine

On the other hand, we have that the most prominent teams at Hearthstone, which currently are:

  • ESC Phantom
  • ESC Nightmare
  • Heavenly Wolves Blue
  • Team Liquid
  • Black Claw

If you have these players and teams on our radar when you bet on Hearthstone, you can take some advantage of any esports bonus.