Best Hearthstone Decks Coming Into 2022 to improve your Winning Ratio

If you want to improve your results when playing, then using the best Hearthstone decks in 2021 can go a long way. Hearthstone is an excellent choice for recreational players who only have limited time to enjoy a cool video game on mobile devices. For casual players, the trial and error process can actually be fun, but those who take the game seriously, hope to find the best Hearthstone decks.

When playing in Ranked mode, it is important to know which card combinations will deliver the best results, to improve your winning ratio. With each patch and update, the balance of power shifts, with some decks gaining strength, while others fall behind. This is a fluid process, but the search for the Hearthstone best deck 2022 is never ending and we can help make an informed decision. At its highest level, Blizzard’s videogame is highly competitive and every decision matters. Choosing the right deck and making the best card substitution options can give players an edge over their peers and mitigate the role played by luck.

Best Hearthstone Decks

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Best Hearthstone Decks coming into 2022

It has been quite an incredible time for Hearthstone recently. Not only that there is a brand new expansion, but also because of the Hearthstone World Championship 2021. Naturally, with the WC, a lot of players are using decks from the professional players, and while they are all generally good when it comes to climbing the ladder, some are far better than others.

In 2022, Blizzard announced that they are going to spice up the competitive format a bit by offering players more slots to qualify for Master Tours through the ladder, and third-party websites as well.With that in mind, if you are looking for a way to try yourself and get into the top 50 in your region, or if you simply want to get legend rewards for the first time, you can try out these decks. The best Hearthstone decks we are going to list are not necessarily from strongest to weakest, as all of them have counters, but the ones mentioned first are more ladder-climbing friendly.

Yuno’s Face Hunter

Every hearthstone player knows that if you want to climb the ladder from lower ranks to legend effectively, you have to play a deck that is both strong, and even more importantly, fast. There have been quite a lot of variations of the face hunter out there, but after a lot of testing on the ladder, this version seems to be working the best and offers a lot of interesting tools.

Unlike most of the lists, you will find online, this hunter deck cuts out Wolpertinger, Warsong Wrangler, Trampling Rhino, and a couple of other popular cards. Instead, the list uses Arcane Anomaly, Bloodmage Thalnos, Wandmaker, and the Bloodseeker.

The deck is all about controlling the board with value trades through cheaply buffed units and getting Honorable Kills with the Bloodseeker. Since it uses Bloodmage Thalnos and Wandmaker, it gives it that extra juice the deck might need before Barak Kodobane can be played. Of course, this deck does struggle a bit with decks that can easily clear the board and keep their health pool up.

Deck Code: AAECAR8G3r4D4c4D/tED5e8D9o8El6AEDNzMA4LQA7nSA4vVA9zqA9vtA/f4A8X7A8OABLugBNqgBOGkBAA=

Garrote Rogue

With the introduction of Garrote into the game, Rogue has been finally having that flavor of Miracle Rogue from 2014. While this deck was incredibly strong in the previous expansion as well, with the addition of the hero card Shadowcrafter Scabbs, this deck is borderline-broken. On HSWC2021, out of 8 players, a variation of this deck was brought by 7 players.

The goal of this deck is to get a huge hand, and then discount it with Efficient Octo-Bot. When you combine the discarded cards with the Field Contact, you can easily draw a huge number of cards. Once your deck is almost gone, simply play Ethereal Augmerchant on some of your minions, and then follow it with Garrote.

It might sound like it is rather difficult to get to that point of the game, but there are just so many tools that this deck can cheat out mana, draw cards, and keep itself alive with effective trades. While this is probably the strongest deck in the game right now which might get nerfed in near future, it is rather difficult to pilot, so you will need more than just a few games to understand it.

Deck Code: AAECAaIHBJ/NA8X5A/uKBPefBA3evgPgvgOqywPHzgOL1QPn3QPz3QOo6wOr6wP+7gOO9AO9gAT2nwQA
Best Hearthstone Decks 2022

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OTK Demon Hunter

If you played hearthstone during 2021, you are probably very familiar with this deck, and you might be tired of it. But, it is still one of the best ones out there, and even after multiple nerfs throughout the year, it does not seem like it is going anywhere.

The whole idea of this deck is to simply draw cards, draw more cards, draw even more cards (because of the quest, get it?), and then play the combo and demolish your opponent in a single turn. In order to get to the point where you can do that, there are all kinds of tools the deck offers to keep you alive, and sometimes you can even use the combo pieces to do so.

Ideally, you want to play Il’Gynoth with Mo’arg Artificer and Talented Arcanist and then cast Felscream Blast so it hits three targets, and unless you are playing against a very armored up Warrior or Druid, you will one-shot your opponent.

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwTQ3QP39gOL9wPQ+QMN6b4D1tED3dMD+dUDx90D2d4D8+MDlegD/e0DivcDxfkDtKAE7KAEAA==

Owl-TK Warlock

While Demon Hunter might have the most annoying deck throughout the year, the one class that has constantly had its list updated with even more shenanigans is the Warlock. With the newest expansion, the Quest Warlock where you win with fatigue is still around, the Hand Warlock where you win with huge minion swings through the Battlemaster is also still around.

But, with the addition of Dreadlich Tamsin, Tamsin’s Phylactery, and the Humongous Owl, the new variation where you win the game in a similar fashion to the OTK Demon Hunter, is certainly the most consistent and satisfying deck to pilot.

The goal of the deck? Survive until you have a dead Humongous Owl in the pool for Tamsin’s Phylactery; Mo’arg Artificer to clear the board with School Spirits; Wicked Shipment with enough imps to kill your opponent when they die from School Spirits and deal 8 damage to the enemy face. Very simple, and very satisfying.


Libram Paladin

Last but not least, the hand-buffing Paladin monster. With the release of the Irondeep Trogg, Paladin has an option to swarm the board with huge minions that are not only extremely hard to remove for most classes, but they also clone themselves if not killed successfully with a single spell.

There is not much to say about strategy when it comes to this deck, as all you have to do is mulligan the early drops, buff the Irondeep Trogg in your hand, or on board if possible in the same turn, and just overwhelm your opponent.


Using one of these decks is certainly going to make the game fun and efficient while climbing the ladder, and you will reach those high-legend ranks in no time…just try to avoid heavy combo decks on a mobile device as you will rope-out quite often!

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Best Hearthstone Decks 2021

Hearthstone is a dynamic card-based game that is constantly evolving and Blizzard strive to keep it as competitive as possible. To achieve that, developers make often changes to the cards to stimulate creativity and provide players with the impetus to adjust their strategies. Over the year, there will be many combinations of cards competing for the title of best Hearthstone decks 2021. While this will change with each patch and update, it is safe to group them into 5 main tiers, based on their relative strength.

Keep in mind, any of this sets and tiers can take you up to Legend status given you are matched against favorable opponents and your mulligan isn’t terrible. We are talking only about nuances when we select the best hearthstone decks right now.

Tier S – Secret Paladin, Face Hunter

Commonly referred to as the God Tier, it stays true to its name and includes decks with the highest winning rate currently in the game. When searching for the Hearthstone best deck, these ones will always pop-up as they are widely regarded as overpowered. Imbalanced by nature, these are the ones that Blizzard strive to address as soon as possible, but give players an edge for a limited period of time.

Best Hearthstone Decks

Tier A – Token Druid, Rush Warrior

These are the second best Hearthstone decks, well optimized and capable of delivering crushing blows. Players who get their hands on these decks can produce mighty combinations and the synergy between the cards is exceptional. Used intelligently, by skilled players, they can even take on the mighty Tier S cards, while absolutely crushing lower categories.

best hearthstone decks

Tier B – Menagerie Priest, Miracle Rogue

Anyone can prevail with Tier S decks, but true art is defeating opponents with competitive, yet not overpowered decks. This is where Tier B comes into play, with balanced cards that have only slight weaknesses and reward intelligent tech switches. They acknowledge skill and experience and winning with these decks feels much more rewarding.

Tier C & Tier D – No Minion Mage, Control Warlock

Sometimes you need to extract the most from a weaker hand and this is the case with Tier C and D decks. These are “mediocre” ones at best and include decks that have fallen from grace either cause of nerfs or cause of their slow tempo. Winning with these cards requires exceptional skill and a good mulligan. Understanding of each and every card and how to play your hand layout is important. These are nowhere near the best Hearthstone decks 2021 currently, in fact they sit at the opposite end of the spectrum and should only be used for fun right now, especially if you aim to fight for Legend.

best hs decks

New Hearthstone Decks and Expansions

The next expansion mini-expansion in Forged in the Barrens will be called Wailing Caverns and coming June 3rd, 2021. Lists of the best Hearthstone decks will obviously need to be rebalanced after the release and decks will need to be tweaked alittle. Your decks may need appraisal before that time too. New expansions and mini-expansion card packs shake things up immensely. A lot of the strategies employed are going to be looked at again. If you’re looking into Hearthstone betting, then make sure you’re accounting for the new cards and expansions coming soon.

Finding the best Hearthstone decks 2021 is the goal of both casual and savvy punters and the aforesaid tiers can help one achieve this goal. These categories are populated with different decks throughout the year, based on the recent updates, so constant research is needed.

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