Best Hearthstone Decks for 2020 that will improve your winning ratio

Hearthstone is an excellent choice for recreational players who only have limited time to enjoy a cool video game on mobile devices. For casual players, the trial and error process can actually be fun, but those who take the game seriously, hope to find the best Hearthstone decks. When playing in Ranked mode, it is important to know which card combinations will deliver the best results, to improve your winning ratio.

With each patch and update, the balance of power shifts, with some decks gaining strength, while others fall behind. This is a fluid process, but the search for the Hearthstone best deck 2020 is never ending and we can help make an informed decision. At its highest level, Blizzard’s videogame is highly competitive and every decision matters. Choosing the right deck and making the best card substitution options can give players an edge over their peers and mitigate the role played by luck.

Best Hearthstone Decks

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Best Hearthstone Decks 2020 Tiers

Hearthstone is a dynamic card-based game that is constantly evolving and Blizzard strive to keep it as competitive as possible. To achieve that, developers make often changes to the cards to stimulate creativity and provide players with the impetus to adjust their strategies. Over the year, there will be many combinations of cards competing for the title of best Hearthstone decks 2020. While this will change with each patch and update, it is safe to group them into 5 main tiers, based on their relative strength.

Tier S – commonly referred to as the God Tier, it stays true to its name and includes the very best cards available in game. When searching for the Hearthstone best deck, these ones will always pop-up as they are widely regarded as overpowered. Imbalanced by nature, these are the ones that Blizzard strive to address as soon as possible, but give players an edge for a limited period of time.

Tier A – These are the second best Hearthstone decks 2020, well optimized and capable of delivering crushing blows. Players who get their hands on these decks can produce mighty combinations and the synergy between the cards is exceptional. Used intelligently, by skilled players, they can even take on the mighty Tier S cards, while absolutely crushing lower categories.

Tier B – Anyone can prevail with Tier S cards, but true art is defeating opponents with competitive, yet not overpowered decks. This is where Tier B comes into play, with balanced cards that have only slight weaknesses and reward intelligent tech switches. They acknowledge skill and experience and winning with these decks feels much more rewarding.

Tier C – Sometimes you need to extract the most from a weaker hand and this is the case with Tier C decks. These are mediocre ones at best and include retired decks or those that have fallen from grace and are no longer used by professionals. Winning with these cards requires exceptional skill and thorough understanding of each and every card, so victory is hard to secure.

Tier D – If you’re not afraid of challenges and don’t mind clawing your way to the top, Tier D cards are the way to go. These are nowhere near the best Hearthstone decks 2020, in fact they sit at the opposite end of the spectrum and should only be used for fun. It is virtually impossible to defeat opponents with stronger decks, so they are better suited to casual punters who are not concerned about securing victory.

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Featured, Tournament and Community Decks

Finding the best Hearthstone decks 2020 is the goal of both casual and savvy punters and the aforesaid tiers can help one achieve this goal. These categories are populated with different decks throughout the year, based on the recent updates, so constant research is needed. There are other ways to classify them and you can find the current Hearthstone best deck in any of these four categories.

Featured Decks – include the latest trending Hearthstone decks, based on the current update. With each new adventure added and each new expansion, more collectible cards are being introduced. The best Hearthstone decks 2020 started with the Galakrond’s Awakening adventure in January and February.

Tournament Decks – Hearthstone tournaments are competitive by nature and the decks used by those who participate are usually the best. The recently added decks frequently pop-up in these tournaments and provide regular players with cues. Updated deck guides help casual players get a better understanding of the cards and how to use them competitively.

Community Decks – The odds of finding the best Hearthstone best deck in this category are remote. These are the decks submitted by the players and they range from fun combinations to thought through decks with real value. There’s no better place to look for hidden gems and one can narrow down the search by focusing on the top community decks analyzed by experts.

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