Best Hearthstone Players – Our Top 10 picks to watch in 2022!

With 2021 behind us, everyone is already looking forward to the fantastic competitive Hearthstone season that 2022 will bring. While the competitive format did change, it does not affect any competitive players that are already a part of the scene. Still, instead, it opens up options for new players to join the Master’s tournaments, followed by Grandmaster and then the Hearthstone 2022 World Championship.

If you have been wondering which top Hearthstone players you should keep your eyes on, whether to spectate some fantastic games while they are playing in future tournaments or try out some of the decks they are using to climb the ladder yourself, we got you covered.

best HS players

1. posesi – Wataru Ishibashi

Of course, we have to start the list with the man, the myth, the legend, and the winner of the Hearthstone World Championship 2021, posesi. This man has been one of the most consistent and best Hearthstone players in 2021 and the top earner, as he managed to snatch himself $214,250 from tournament winnings alone.

Besides winning the HSWC2021, posesi also displayed a lot of skill during the Grandmaster 2021 Season 1 and Grandmaster Season 2 in the Asia-Pacific region. He is known to be one of the best Hearthstone players out there, and we cannot wait to see how he performs in 2022.

2. glory – Sato Kenta

It is a coincidence that our Hearthstone World Championship 2021 runner-up is the person we are ranking as our second place, but there is more to it, as Glory is the winner of the Hearthstone World Championship 2020!

It is known that posesi and Glory are actually good friends in real life, and they also practice together, which makes us wonder, what is their secret? Regardless, thanks to both of them, Japan is now seen as one of the most vital regions in Hearthstone, which was not the case before they showed up on the scene.

Glory had quite a nice run last year, as he made $117,000 from tournament winnings. Besides getting 2nd place on HSWC 2021, he got 1st and 2nd place two times during the Grandmaster Season 1 and 2 Asia-Pacific circuit.

best hearthstone players

Glory & Posesi

3. Gaby – Gabriel Jeanne

While he was around since late 2020, Gaby popped off on the competitive Hearthstone scene by getting recognition as one of the best players in the middle of 2021 as he won the Master Tour 2021 Orgrimmar. Later throughout the year, he would place 3rd -4th on the Hearthstone World Championship 2021.

Before the HSWC2021, Gabby proved he has what it takes to compete in the biggest tournament by getting 1st place in the last three weeks of Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Europe. Over 2021, Gaby won $81,000 in prize winnings.

4. McBanterFace – Kyle Spigelman

If one looked at the yearly run of this US player, they would not be that impressed until they would check out his last two tournaments. From constantly placing 9th – 12th place almost every week of Grandmasters 2021 Season 2 Americas, something clicked for McBanterFace. He ended up getting 1st place in the last week of the circuit, which was enough to qualify him for Hearthstone World Championship 2021.

While everyone expected him to speedrun 8th place in the tournament, he managed to get 3rd – 4th place by going 2:3 against posesi. It takes a lot of skill to win games against a World Champion, which is enough to put him in 4th place on our list. He was also the 4th player by earnings in tournament money in 2021, making himself $58,250.

5. Xiaobai – Huang Dehui

We are continuing the tradition of ranking the top Hearthstone players by their status of World Championship achievements. After all, getting qualified to that tournament alone makes players the best in the world, and Xiaobai is no exception.

While he qualified for the event at the start of the year by winning the Master Tour 2021 Ironforge, he still managed to get 5th – 6th by going 2:3 against McBanterFace (someone who managed to go 2:3 against a World Champion in the next round).  When it comes to Xiaobai’s winnings in 2021, he made himself $58,750 from tournaments.

6. Nalguidan – Facundo Pruzzo

If you noticed that the pattern on our list is broken, that is correct; we skipped Zhu “Tianming” Xinyu, as he sort of went 0:3 on the Hearthstone World Championship 2021 and did not perform that well across the year. However, one man who did was Nalguidan, who placed 5th – 6th at the event and had success around the year through Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 Americas. From yearly winnings, Nalguidan banked  $40,250.

Best Hearthstone Player Americas

IG: nalguidan

7. Furyhunter – Frederik Møller

Here we have our first player that did not qualify for Hearthstone World Championship 2021. Still, due to his success starting later in the year by Winning the MAX LAN #3 AND Master Tour 2021 Stormwind, Furyhunter shows excellent potential as a player who could be causing trouble for the other best Hearthstone players in 2022. When it comes to his earnings in 2021, he made $31,942.

8. Thijs Molendijk

While not too successful in the 2021 competitive scene, this man from the Netherlands made more money with Hearthstone during his career than any previous player. He earned himself only $12,000 in 2021, but $507,418,66 overall, which is the most from all top Hearthstone players when it comes to competitive winnings.

Thijs is a fantastic guy. You can see him streaming quite often on Twitch. While he does spend a lot of time trying out meme decks, do not let that fool you, as he is constantly in the high legend ranks, and in 2022, we believe he will soar high in the competitive Hearthstone scene once again.

One of the best ever!

9. Rdu – Radu Dima

If you are a fan of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, you have probably noticed this Romanian player becoming one of the best Hearthstone players in the mode. However, Battlegrounds are not the only mode this man is good at, as he displayed a lot of skill during the Grandmasters 2021 Season 1 Europe.

Sadly, not enough to get him to the Hearthstone World Championship 2021, but seeing he is already qualified for the 1st Master Tour 2022, keeping an eye on Rdu is something all everyone should do. Like Thijs, you can often see Rdu streaming on Twitch, where he plays both Standard and Battlegrounds quite a lot. When it comes to Rdu’s earnings from tournament prizes overall, he made $12,000 in 2021 and $213,549,56 overall.

10. Alutemu – Yashina Nozomi

While the demon hunter class that made Alutemu extremely popular as a meme due to his consistent Glide plays in 2021, we believe that he will…glide…to high ranks in 2022. This guy is an incredibly skilled player from Japan (which, like we said, proved itself to be a powerful region). You will be able to see him play on the 1st Master 2022 tour like most top Hearthstone players from our list. In 2021, Alutemu made $17,000, and while that is all he made from prize money, he certainly made more by being every Demon Hunter’s favorite meme player.

The upcoming season will be highly competitive, especially after Blizzard announced they will be expanding HS Esports as a whole. Keep track of these players and how they utilize the best Hearthstone decks to clean matches with ease. We will update this list as the season 2022 Hearthstone season evolves.