Three Decks To Push Legend In Hearthstone Before Monthly Reset

With the release of the new mini-set and some nerfs to overpowered cards, there have been quite a lot of decks that have risen in popularity. While there are a lot of options that can get you to legend if you are incredibly good at piloting them, we are going to share three decks that can help you reach Legend Hearthstone rank with ease. You might even do it while completing daily quests only if you are not too far from Legend.

Evolve Shaman

By far, one of the best Hearthstone decks in the game at the moment is Evolve Shaman, and while it might get nerfed soon unless Blizzard waits for certain cards to leave the rotation, it is the deck to play right now. The deck focuses on generating a big hand through Schooling and Prescience so you can cheat out your Goldshire Gnoll, make a trade, and then evolve it with Muck Pools or Blazing Transmutation in the early turns so you can cheat out a big 10 mana minion.

The other star of the deck is Shadow Hunter Vol’Jin, which allows you to cheat Neptulon the Tidehunter, Thaddius, Monstrosity, and Glugg the Gulper from your hand by rotating a totem or a Piranha Swarmer from the board with them. To finish off games with this deck, simply outvalue your opponent with big drops.

Deck Code: AAECAdOLBQjg5QPDkQTptgS/zgSv2QS22QToowXCpQUL4/YDxvkD3JIE25QE4LUExs4EhdQEqtkEtdkE8t0EhqEFAA==

Unholy Death Knight

There are a lot of Death Knight decks that focus on carefully thinking out your turns. However, when it comes to the Unholy Death Knight, the premise is very simple: flood your board with minions and go face. There are so many ways that you can summon a bunch of minions and keep them on the board, thanks to cards like Vrykul Necrolite and the star of the deck, Hawkstrider Rancher. If the game somehow manages to drag on, all you have to do is slam down Lord Marrowgar when you have a bunch of corpses available so that your board floods with many big minions that have rushed.


Arcane Mage

It has been quite a while since Mage decks used a lot of small spells to burn down the opponent. However, thanks to Arcane Wyrm, Arcsplitter, and Commander Sivara, there are so many ways to generate a bunch of Arcane Bolts that can do tons of damage if you have Aegwynn the Guardian or a minion buffed by her Deathrattle for that extra +2 spell damage.

There are numerous ways to survive the early game with sticky minions and freezing effects, along with the surprising Prismatic Elemental, which can really swing some games. Once you reach 8 Mana with spell damage on board, infused Frozen Touches, and a few Arcane Bolts, you can easily do over 20 damage without a lot of brainstorming with the enemy hero.

Deck Code: AAECAcu+BQSL5wOXoASp3gTipAUN1OoD0uwDn5IEoZIE4aQE2tAE294E+uwEgpMFhJMFxZMFqpgFq5gFAA==