Clash Royale Decks 2022 – Best Royale decks for the season

Do you want to know the best Clash Royale decks? Decks are an important part of your performance in the game. There is undoubtable skill involved, but going into things with everything optimized is a big part of that. You could be winning or losing before you even start if you’re not using the best decks. If you’re wondering what is the best deck for Clash Royale? Then this is what you need to look at. While there isn’t a single objective best deck, there are loads that stand out from the crowd for different types of players.

Learn about the best decks and cards you can use to be a champion in one of the best mobile esports games. That’s along with the best Clash Royale deck for beginners, and some of the top decks used by the best professional Clash Royale decks. The Clash Royale best deck 2021 will depend on what type of deck you want to run though.

These selections of Clash Royale decks cover a lot of different niches, with one to suit any type of player.

Clash Royale Decks


How do Clash Royale decks work?

Each Clash Royale deck works differently. A lot of this comes down to play style, each of them works for a different unique player. You can’t just copy the top deck an expect it to work the same for you. However, if you’re willing to adapt then using the best Clash Royale decks in the meta in 2021 can make a big difference.

However, while different they all work the same way in some aspects. A deck consists of a formation of 8 cards among which you must balance the use of:

  • Troops: These are essentially units that are going to attack your opponent and his troops.
  • Spells: They take effect immediately by damaging (or throwing things, like a barrel of goblins) in an area.

What makes a Clash Royale deck good?

Clash Royale decks tend to be categorized regarding their trophies. But when we think about what is the best deck for Clash Royale, we must analyze several points that affect the way we build our deck. Generally, an efficient deck has the following features:

1. Offensive/defensive balance.

In Clash Royale all troops have an offensive function, however, units like the “Barbarian Girl“, the “Baby Dragon” or the “Hunter” can be considered defensive because of their ability to reduce the number of enemy waves (they have AoE attacks).

On the other hand, structure cards like the “Crossbow” or “Cannon” function only as defensive tools as they damage incoming enemies and also distract them from attacking your princess and king towers.

2. Units attack that cover structures, land, and air.

An important feature of Clash Royale is that most troops that only attack ground units, or that have very little life, have an incredible attack. However, having troops that prevent a skeleton dragon from passing over your wave is essential.

3. Short waiting times.

This is linked to the next point. In a game there tend to be deadlocks or waiting points that stem from a lack of elixirs to continue using cards. There are two reasons for this:

  • Your cards are too expensive
  • You used too many spells

In any case, if both players/teams enter a timeout, everything is fine. But if the opponent has enough elixir to send you a Hog Rider you will lose any advantage you had (if you had any). The Clash Royale best deck in 2021 will balance these concerns.

4. An average elixir cost of 4 or less.

As a general rule, an average elixir cost of more than 4 means a lot of downtimes. So if you see a player with a 4.5 cost deck going against a more balanced one when Clash Royale betting, you can consider it an almost safe bet.

It’s mostly about keeping the balance. A deck based on the Giant & Witch combo can be a bit heavy, just throwing those two troops together costs 10 elixirs.

Clash Royale Decks

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Types of Clash Royale Decks

The best Clash Royale decks in 2021 aren’t reinventing the wheel in terms of their type of decks. While the metagame for the title has changed since release, the types of Clash Royale decks that players choose between are quite similar. The same archetypes of decks are common across the whole of Clash Royale. If you’re looking for the best Clash Royale decks then you’ll need to figure out which archetype is right for you first. This is what’s available:

  • Control – This type of deck is set up to counter opponents while controlling elixir. This can help you get an overall elixir and troop advantage.
  • Beatdown – This is a deck type that utilizes a heavy tank and support units. You try to get access to a tower early and grow your power.
  • Bait – A bait deck is one that tries to get opponents to play according to your strategy, by baiting them into certain moves.
  • Siege – A siege deck goes for win conditions that involve buildings. You’re often going to be focused on getting a tower advantage over your opponents.
  • Cycle – Cycle is a type of deck that has a low average elixir cost and only one win condition. This is a repetitive deck, but it can be one that works well.

These are the main types of deck for Clash Royale. However, there is some flexibility. You’re hoping to find decks that sit somewhere between these archetypes in each of the best Clash Royale decks.

Best Clash Royale Decks 2022

Decks that worked in 2021 are certainly not the best Clash Royale Decks in 2022. Here’s the best Clash Royale Decks in 2022 and some formidable decks to take into consideration. Keep in mind, there is decks out there that find more success, but we are selecting ones that can easily be used by most players.

Note: All these formations are possible from sand 7 or higher.

Mother Witch – MK SimCity Cart FM

This Mother Witch Cannons deck works well for getting structures onto the field in decent time. If you can master the timing in when to use each element, this one of the best Clash Royale decks in 2022 can have a real punch.

  • Cards: Barbarian Barrel, Cannon Cart, Fireball, Flying Machine, Furnace, Goblin Hut, Mega Knight, Mother Witch

Best Clash Royale Decks 2022

Archer Queen Mega Knight

This is a Clash deck which is put together around a few cards with great damage. The rest of the deck should support these cornerstones, helping to flesh out your overall play style. This is what you can use for this one:

  • Cards: Archer Queen, Bandit, Dark Prince, Electro Spirit, Lightning, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, The Log

Archer Queen 4,1

LavaLoon Deck

This is a deck based around the Lava Hound, but this time with a better played out supporting deck. If you can get the right timing for cards around the Lava Hound, you can get a lot down with this deck.

  • Cards: Balloon, Fireball, Guards, Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Skeleton Dragons, Tombstone, Zap

LavaLoon 3,9

AQ Royal Hogs 2.9 Cycle

This is a pretty common deck right now but one that plays well with the current build. The deck is for cycling through the cards to try and bring a double- hog combo on the board at once. These are the cards it uses:

  • Cards: Archer Queen, Cannon, Earthquake, Fire Spirit, Royal Delivery, Royal Hogs, Skeletons, The Log

Best Clash Royale Rhog

AQ Ram Rider

This one of the best Clash Royale decks contained the archer queen. While that card had a recent nerf, with these choices of support it can still work really well.

  • Cards: Archer Queen, Bandit, Electro Spirit, Giant Snowball, Lightning, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, Royal Ghost

AQ RamRider 4

Best Clash Royale Decks 2021

Best Clash Royale Decks 2021

Mobile gaming implies constant evolution. Things change around a lot, with some decks coming in and out of the metagame in Clash Royale. Decks that worked the best in 2020 aren’t going to be the best Clash Royale Decks in 2021. While things change around quite a bit, if you’re wondering what is the best deck for Clash Royale then these are some good picks:

Note: All these formations are possible from sand 7 or higher.

RG Mother Witch Fisherman

This deck is built mainly around balance with a slight leaning towards defence. This is one of the best Clash Royale deck which has a decent focus on attack and synergy, but with a stronger defence score. The versatility here is therefore strong.

RG Mother Witch Fisherman

  • Cost of elixir: 3.8
  • Cards: Royal Giant, Dark Prince, Megaminon, Fisherman, Mother Witch, Electro Spirit, Lightning, The Log.

Wall Breakers Goblin Drill

Wall Breakers Goblin Drill is built around a fantastic versatility, along with a strong defence. This deck is usable up against a lot of different combinations, it is easily one of the best Clash Royale Decks in 2021.

Goblin Drill Wall Breakers

  • Cost of Elixer: 2.8
  • Cards: Skeleton, Valkyrie, Bomber, Fire Spirit, Wall Breakers, Tesla, Goblin Drill, Fireball

Mother Witch Fireball Bait

This is a bait deck which has a bit of a stronger focus than some of the others here. You’re just about maxed out on defence here, and you have a decent attack. This does mean a drop to versatility; however a skilled player can still make the most of this.

Mother Witch Fireball Bait

  • Cost of Elixer: 4.6
  • Cards: Royal Recruit, Zapies, Flying MACHINES, Royal Hogs, Mother Witch, Barbarian Hut, Fireball, Barbarian Barrel

Mega Knight Graveyard

This card set for Clash Royale is geared a bit differently. If you’re wondering what is the best deck for Clash Royale, they’re often a little strange in their builds. You’ve got about the best general balance and versatility you can find, but with a slightly weaker attacks. These types of decks are definitely in the meta right now.

Mega Knight Graveyard Clash

  • Cost of Elixer: 4.1
  • Cards: Electro Wizard, Hunter, Mega Knight Fisherman, Goblin Cage, Posion, Graveyard, Barbarian Barrel

RH MA Zappies

This is another one of the best Clash Royale Champion decks that is a bit more weighted to one end than another. This deck has great defence and attack, but it is a little lacking in Synergy. This is what it’s made up from:

RH MA Zappies

  • Cost of Elixer: 3.3
  • Cards: Mini P.E.K.K.A, Ice Golem, Zappies, Royal Hogs, Magic Archer, Fireball, The Log, Heal Spirit

Clash Royale Champion Decks

When you’re looking for the best Clash Royale decks in 2021 a good place to start can be in previous winning decks. The decks used by the winners of the World Champion has a lot going for them. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t depend on both you and the current meta of the game.

Best Clash Royale Decks 2020 (for season 12)

Mobile gaming implies constant evolution, and so the 12th season of Clash Royale has involved some changes, so Prince’s Dreams makes formations like the following recommended:

Note: All these formations are possible from sand 7 or higher.

Royal Hogs, Royal Delivery:

This is a deck with high defensive and offensive potential, but low synergy.

  • Cost of elixir: 3.1
  • Cards: Earthquake, Hunter, Ice Spirit, Mini-Pekka, Magic Archer, Royal Delivery, Royal Pigs and Skeletons
Royal Hogs, Royal Delivery - Best Clash Royale Decks

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Ram Rider:

It’s a deck that has extremely high defensive and offensive levels, as well as good levels of synergy and versatility.

  • Cost of elixir: 4.0
  • Cards: Bandit, Barbarian Barrel, Dark Prince, Earthquake, Magic Archer, Pekka, Ram Riders, and Electro Wizard.
RamRider - Clash Royale Deck

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Skeleton Dragons:

It’s a mainly defensive deck, its offensive and synergy levels are lower.

  • Cost of elixir: 4.0
  • Cards: Cannon Chariot, Clone, Giant Skeleton, Goblin Cell, Night Witch, Skeleton Dragons, Skeleton Barrel, and Tornado.
Skeleton Dragons Deck Clash Royale

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Golem Skeletons, Dragons Pump:

It’s a defensive character deck. Its synergy is medium and its offense is good.

  • Cost of elixir: 4.5 (Above recommended)
  • Cards: Barbarian Barrel, Dark Prince, Golem, Woodsman, Elixir Collector, Skeleton Dragons, Tornado, and Electronic Dragon.
Golem Skeletons, Dragons Pump Deck

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Graveyard RR Tesla:

It’s a pretty versatile deck with a good level of synergy. It can be used both defensively and offensively.

  • Cost of the elixir: 4.0
  • Cards: Flying Machine, Graveyard, Ice Golem, Poison, Royal Recruits, Tesla, Zap, Zapping.
Graveyard RR Tesla, Clash Royale Deck

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2019 Clash Royale Champion Deck

When looking for good Clash Royale Decks 2020 you may want to see what the world’s champion used last year, right? The deck used by the 2019 Clash Royale champion was the following:

  • Cost of Elixir: 4.1
  • Cards: Baby Dragon, Bandit, Giant Snowball, Goblin Cage, Mega Knight, Knight Witch, Poison, Ram Rider.
2019 Clash Royale Champion Deck

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This was the deck used by Team Liquid to win the Clash Royale World Cup 2019. It is a mainly offensive deck with a good level of synergy. During the match, the strategy was making use of the snowball/poison combo for 6-elixir crowd control, while the offense is led by Ram-rider and Mega Knight for more DPS and Night Witch for Crowd Spawning (You know, the bats).

Clash Royale Decks Builder: Should I pay for it?

Just as it happens when you look for the best Hearthstone decks for 2020, paid Clash Royale Decks Builders tend to appear in your feed. These builders allow you to create highly competitive and worthwhile decks. What the deck builder will do is create a deck with all the cards we have in the best possible way. Therefore, if we want to pay for having one of the best decks in Clash Royale we could say that it is worth it.

On the other hand, there is a fairly acceptable amount of free builders which take as their base the best performers in the Ladder. So, paying for a Deck Builder is not really the smartest choice. These tools can be great for helping work with what you already have. However, there doesn’t seem to be a significant difference in performance between free and paid deck builds. Paying for one won’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best Clash Royale decks in 2021.

To Sum Up

A good deck is a mainstay for all players. Even if we don’t play, we can get to know the decks used for mobile betting. That way we can know what kind of deck they will be using, and what are the probabilities of winning in a mobile esport bet.

And if we are looking to create one of the best Clash Royale Decks of 2022, we can take the advice on how to build a deck and the structure it should have. It’s a way to guarantee success and thus, victories.