Clash Royal Ranks Guide

One of the most popular games at this current moment is Clash Royale. Released in March 2016 by Supercell, the game has steadily built one of the largest active communities for a mobile and PC title. With a player base of over 100 million, this game has plenty of content for everyone to enjoy. With many adventures, PvP battles, and customisation available, the games success is no surprise.

Aside from achieving one of the most successful mobile game launches in history, it’s player base are passionate about competition. With a well-rounded ranking system in place, we have detailed all information available for it. From information on current ranks, how to rank up, rank distribution, to what the Clash esports scene looks like, we have you covered.

What is Clash Royale

It is a free-to-play real-time strategy video game that also offers players purchasable content. It had reached $1 billion in revenue in the first calendar year on the market. Within three years of release, Clash Royale made $2.5 billion in revenue according to Sensor Tower. Upon its release, Clash Royale became the most downloaded and top-grossing app on the U.S. iOS App Store. It contains collectible cards, tower defence, and a multiplayer online battle arena.

When combined with a fun-pop spin, and mixed with real time strategy mechanics, it had led to the game becoming a world-wide success. With a good balance between progression and rewards, players will experience little game-fatigue. Additionally, when a player spends more time in-game, they can level up cards. This only further emboldens a player to carry on putting more hours into the game.

Ranks in Clash Royale

The game itself has a level based system in which the highest rank is 14. Players can level up by gaining experience points. Gaining XP can be achieved after donating cards to clan mates and winning. Donation rewards for this season are listed below.

  • Common card donation rewards 1xp, 1 star point, 5 gold
  • Rare card donation rewards 10xp, 10 star points, 50 gold
  • Epic card donation rewards 10xp, 10 star points, 500 gold

Remember there is a limit to how much a player can donate. Moving forward, players can also earn a “currency” referred to as trophies through winning. When a player reaches 5000 trophies, leagues are then divided into subdivisions. In past seasons, players had only required 4000 trophies, but Supercell decided to change the format to increase the level of competition.

Players who have less than 500 trophies will not be considered a league participant, but they can participate in the Arena. In total, there are 10 leagues for players to place in. These leagues are listed below. Unlike other games, Clash Royale ranks are a little different in terms of climbing the ladder. In order to reach higher ranks, you need to beat your opponents and also develop your cards. Receiving cards is also allowed to negate some of the grind. 

Maxing those cards will eventually get you to the highest level in the game. The game features more than 100 cards and 4 champions for players to choose from. Supercell consistently reworks and balances different cards to create a different meta. This allows to keep the game fresh with every update. You can find the best deck for the current meta on the internet including tier to tier comparison.


League Trophies
Challenger I 5000
Challenger II 5300
Challenger III 5600
Master 1 6000
Master II 6300
Master III 6600
Champion 7000
Grand Champion 7300
Royal Champion 7600
Ultimate Champion 8000

Player Rank Distribution

Clash Royale rank distribution is very similar to other competitive games. According to Royale API, the trophy range from 5300 to 6000 has the highest density of players. Challenger III rank specifically has the most players. The majority of players are either semi-casual or enjoy playing with friends. Currently, there are only five players who have climbed into Ultimate Champion rank. For those looking for a top level challenge, players will not have the reach the absolute top of the ranking system. Esports competitors can be found from Master III to Ultimate Champion. 

This allows players who grind less a way to face elite competition more often. This will only heighten general player knowledge and will increase the overall community’s skill level.

Clash Royale Esports

With Clash Royale being an online experience, it had formed a large competitive scene quickly. This led to the inception of the Clash Royale League or CRL for short. One of the first tournaments that had been held was in Japan, December 1st, 2018. The collective prize pool for this had reached a staggering $1,000,000. Chinese side, Nova Esports had won the event and took away a satisfying prize. Furthermore, NA had held a tournament in Los Angeles one year later, which itself had a $400,000 prize pool. Team Liquid had been the squad to win out that event.

With tournaments held across the world, it is clear that the games’ vast popularity is undeniable.  The competitive scene is upheld by the community and Supercell. The developers emphasise the importance of growing all participation, so community support is paramount. CRL is still the main competition for elite-level players. The ultimate goal in 2022, is for players to reach the Championship finals later in the year. There are two ways to achieve qualification for this seasons finale. Players can either win at one of the Golden Ticket tournaments being held, or win out in a 6 week CRL event in August.

Remember, if you are a player looking to tackle the best competition, work on Clash Royal decks first. This will enable you to climb up the ranking system and face other competitors who are chasing ultimate success.