Today, we will talk about Clash Royale betting, Clash Royale odds, and the excitement behind it.

Most famous esports has been around for a while. Nevertheless, all that gaming equipment is no longer as necessary while mobile games gained prominence in the esports betting world in recent years.

Games such as Legends Mobile, Summoners Wars, and Pokemon GO have been shinning. Yet one of the SuperCell games has not been left behind. Today, Clash Royale appears in some esports betting sites, and even better, amazing professional esports teams franchises (such as Team Liquid) are fighting through the game’s tournaments.

Clash Royale Betting

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What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a video game based on a similar game: Clash of Clans. Inside Clash Royale we can get the characters that are part of the Clash of Clans world.

Currently, Clash Royale has 98 cards with which players can build their deck and start competing against other players. These cards have a specific division since they have different categories, as they are:

  • Common Cards
  • Special letters
  • Epic charts
  • Special letters

The game was originally intended to be a 1v1 game but over time Clash Royale took on the task of expanding horizons. New game modes were delivered to players so they could enjoy the game experience to the fullest.

In 2017 a 2v2 mode was added which allowed new players to become interested in the game. And in 2019 SuperCell decided to add a party mode, in which more players could participate in the same game.

Currently, the game has a fairly strict division. Within the game, we can find 13 battle arenas and also 10 leagues in which we can participate.

The only requirement to participate in these leagues is that we must reach a total of 4000 trophies before we can start our journey. Besides, every time a player manages to move up in the arenas, he can get new cards to add to the game deck. This measure completely excludes the leagues.

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How do I play Clash Royale?

The first thing we have to do to play Clash Royale is to create a deck. After we have our deck ready, it is all a matter of starting to play to get better cards to keep moving up.

Every time you win, you can receive a chest, in this chest, you will also receive new cards. Besides, you will also get coins to level up our cards, something similar to what was done in Clash of Clans.

To win a game of Clash Royale, you must destroy the enemy’s towers. These towers are divided into two:

  • King’s Rook: This is the central tower; if it’s destroyed the game is over.
  • Crowns tower (x2): These are the lateral towers; they allow the players to win more crowns.

Every time you knock down one of the side towers, you get a crown, and even if you destroy the middle one before the others, you get to win the match.

Players can reach a period of sudden death. This means that during the standard time there was a draw, so they will have an extension of time. In this game mode the first player to knock down a rook wins.

If the players finished the sudden death period tied, the player who has done the most damage to the towers during all the rounds wins. And once the game is over, the player will receive the corresponding rewards.

Getting good at this may take time, remember that getting the best Clash Royale decks implies having the cards and strategies to do so. With a nice strategy, you can get Clash Royale odds to favor you.

Clash Royale gambling: Is it worth it?

With over 1,400,000,000 valid players and prize pools of over 1,000,000$ in their professional tournaments, Clash Royale is currently one of the best mobile games for gambling. Since its launch, Clash Royale has outperformed other games developed by SuperCell, such as Clash of Clans.

The audience was attracted by the type of game that Clash Royale offers, and that is how over the years it has gained greater positioning within esports, especially in the mobile games section.

Which bookmaker to choose?

If you are looking for a site to place your bet, check out for the best esports odds at the bet365 esports section. Besides, the Betway esports catalog is also great and you should visit our Unikrn review as well to check their Clash Royale odds.

These 3 sites are your best options to place a bet in most esports titles. Check them out.

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Top 5 Clash Royale Tournaments

Currently, the biggest Clash Royale Betting tournament is the CRL. This is the official league (Something like FIFA for football) and is divided by territory.

We have the Eastern Division which is made up of Europe, North America, and Latin America. In this territory, we have the main Clash Royale teams.

On the other hand, we have the Asian Division. This territory includes Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. It is one of the territories with the highest competitiveness and constant improvement.

Finally, we have the China Division, formed entirely by Chinese territory. It has only one region because its players are even more dangerous than those from other regions, is among the best positioned among all the game.

Besides, we have the Clash Royale World Tournament, which is the ultimate competition of this game, where only the best teams from each region participate. Note this is the best tournament for Clash Royale Betting.

Another outstanding championship is the Superliga Orange, where the level of the players is shown. All these tournaments can be found in most Clash Royale betting sites.

Bet on Clash Royale Gambling

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Top 5 Clash Royale players

As in other mobile esports games, we will always find outstanding players. Clash Royale is no exception. Some of the best players in this game are:

  • Kanarioo: Asus Rog Army
  • Surgical Goblin: Team Liquid
  • Soking: Team Cheese
  • Azilys: Team Liquid
  • Beniju: Team Cheese

So, if you’re thinking about Clash Royale gambling, keep these names in mind, they may be your best bet.

Our Betting Tips

When looking to bet on clash royale, we recommend that you analyze each player and place your bets at a site with nice Clash Royale odds. That way you will be able to know the style of the game each one of them has, as well as what kind of Deck they use.

This will help you to make predictions. They may not be the most accurate, but they will help you stay one step ahead when betting. You can also visualize the winning streak the players have had by seeing which one might be on fire.

So if you’re a gambling man, and you want to broaden your horizons, Clash Royale Gambling is a great idea to get you started. Keep in mind the recommendations we gave you and the names that stand out for you to start your bets.