Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros might seem an unlikely candidate to be one of the more popular games with esports betting fans, but it occupies a popular niche on the esports scene. Super Smash Bros betting is very popular amongst a dedicated hardcore of bettors, so we decided to take a closer look at it here. Read on to discover more!

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How to Find The Best Super Smash Bros Betting Sites

Finding a good bookie for some Super Smash Bros betting is pretty simple.  There are a number of features of good esports betting sites, and you can read about them below. If an operator has these features, then you can expect it to be good.

  • A wide selection of Super Smash Bros markets with plenty of events covered.
  • A varied and extensive choice of other esports games, in case you fancy some variety.
  • A tempting welcome bonus specifically tailored to esports bettors.
  • A good choice of secure payment methods, including e-wallets such as PayPal and crypto options.
  • A VIP/Loyalty scheme that provides tempting rewards to committed customers.
  • Live streams of as many top esports events as possible.

Top 3 Betting Sites for Super Smash Bros Betting

Understanding Super Smash betting odds

Anyone who has enjoyed some sports betting before will understand the Super Smash betting odds that you will see on offer at bookmakers. In esports betting, odds are usually presented in a decimal format, though players in the UK and some other countries may also use fractional odds. Decimal odds are very easy to understand.

Betting odds give a simple indication of how likely an event is to occur, and what your winnings will be should you successfully predict that that event will occur. For decimal odds, you multiply your stake by the number given in the odds. So, for example, if you back Team Liquid to beat Cloud9 at odds of 5.00 with a $10 stake, you will win $40 and get your stake back, meaning you will receive $50 in total.

Fractional odds work in a similar way. If you back Team Liquid at odds of 4/1 (equivalent to decimal odds of 5.00) and wager $10, you will receive total winnings of $50, which is your prize of $40 plus your stake of $10. You will soon get used to how odds work if you bet on esports a few times.

super smash bros betting tips

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How to Build a Super Smash Betting Strategy

1. Keep up to date with the latest Smash Bros news

You need to follow all the latest news relating to Super Smash Bros, and can help with this. We have a page dedicated to all the latest Smash Bros esports news. Knowledge is power when it comes to betting, and any nuggets of knowledge that you pick up may give you the edge you need when it comes to placing winning bets. It’s important to keep an eye open for the next big esports tournaments in the Smash space, as they’re your opportunities to make money.

2. Follow the form closely

The most important thing for a bettor on any sport to do is to follow the form of the teams. Past performance, especially recent past performance, is a key indicator of how a team or player is likely to perform. It is also a good idea to check how players and teams have performed against specific opponents in the past.

3. Keep a close eye on your bankroll and keep emotion out of it

Betting within set cash limits and staying calm are key skills for any bettor to have. Wagering more than you afford will trap you in a cycle of chasing losses and lead to bad decisions. Betting while angry or stressed is a surefire way to end up making bad decisions that lead to unsuccessful wagers.

Super Smash Bros Bet Types

Super Smash Bros betting is still in its relative infancy, so the range of bet types is usually limited to choosing a match winner or betting on overall tournament winners. Hopefully, given the game’s growing popularity among esports bettors, the range of markets will increase in the months and years ahead.

Where to Find Super Smash Betting Tips

There are a number of ways that you can pick up Super Smash betting tips as you look to put together your betting strategy. Here are some things you can do to ensure you are getting hold of the best tips.

A good source of betting tips is the pages of esports news websites like this one. The more you keep up with new Smash Bros happenings, the more likely you are to understand what’s happening in the industry, and as such, you’ll have a better chance of landing accurate bets.

Five of The Best Super Smash Bros players

If you’re new to Super Smash Bros betting, you might not yet know who the best Smash players are. Spotting the best players on the betting markets is an important part of placing successful wagers, so here are five of the best talents currently out there.

  • Sparg0: Sparg0 broke big on the Super Smash scene in the wake of the pandemic and has become one of the world’s top players during 2021 and 2022.
  • MKLeo: MKLeo is probably the world’s best Ultimate player, as things stand. He continues to finish highly in a host of premier events.
  • Light: A habitual first and second-placed finisher at tournaments throughout 2022, Light is a Fox main who performs consistently well in doubles matches in Ultimate.
  • Glutonny: This player has emerged as one of the world’s best Ultimate players in 2022, coming second at Genesis 8 and fourth at Super Smash Con 2022. He won at Pound 2022, even managing to beat MKLeo in the process.
  • Zain: Zain claimed the top spot as the world’s best melee player in 2022. He now tops multiple ranking systems for the best Smash Bros players.

Final remarks

Betting on Super Smash Bros looks set to become increasingly popular in the years to come, as this esports game throws up more classic matches and star players. As with any kind of sports betting, success depends on wide and deep knowledge of the game itself, as well as the players and teams who compete in the various events. If you’ve not tried betting on this entertaining game yet, perhaps it’s time to take a new look.