PUBG Betting 2021 » How to bet on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The Battle Royale genre is still surprising us and PUBG betting has turned into one of the most popular options. With peaks of half million active players and over 13.000.000$ in prize pool money (accumulative) during 2019, this title has a lot to offer, so today we will tell you how to go on PUBG Gambling.

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What is PUBG?

PUBG is a Battle Royale style game that has a system of seasons and prizes for players. The game system is quite similar to other BR games, 100 players walking around the map and killing each other with the usual “Last Man Standing” match.

Nevertheless, PUBG is one of the references for this game genre. Today it is still a talking point and despite the competition, its importance seems somehow intact in the big picture –Or at least in the esports part.

Where to bet on PUBG?

Esports betting sites grow in number every year. Yet there is a lot that you need to consider if you want to get the best odds and betting markets for a specific game title. In this case, some of the main PUBG betting sites are:

Our review shows the potential of the site. Despite its lack of gambling fun, it is one of the best bookmakers if you want to go for PUBG bets.

As for the betting part, counts with a nice number of markets and overall great odds. Besides, the Battle Royale genre goes in hand with live-betting, which is one of the nice points of this bookmaker.

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Unikrn steps one level up. On the one hand, this site allows you to bet in Cryptocurrency which makes transactions easier, on the other, the betting markets are wider and you will be able to enjoy a nice and juicy bonus to get started.

In the end, esports betting at Unikrn is one of the best options available, and their PUBG betting section is simply amazing. Check out our Unikrn review for their PUBG mobile betting.

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While the PUBG bets area of this site is quite new it does not fall too far from the other two. Besides, Pinnacle is known for having amazing betting pools and offering additional prizes (Like headsets, mousepads, and fan-merchandise) when big tournaments knock at the door.

On the downside, Pinnacle esports live betting options for PUBG are not as great. But strong PUBG betting odds make the platform worth the time.

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Why is PUBG online betting a good idea?

While the game itself is not on its best days, PUBG gambling has become something to look forward to within the esports community. Keep in mind that people have been attracted to the gameplay of PUBG, and although there are other similar games, PUBG is still an esports favorite falling only behind Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Besides, the game does offer a nice variety of betting markets, especially for live betting, which includes bets on looting possibilities. Although, you will need to run your bets in the best PUBG betting sites.

PUBG Betting

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Tips for betting on PUBG

PUBG is a First Person Shooter at its best. This is the first thing to take into account if you are entering the PUBG betting market, besides the fact that players don’t come back to life after they die.

If you are going to bet in PUBG we leave you some recommendations so you don’t lose your money:

Do your homework

One of the first ways to lose money is to bet based on characters instead of players. Besides, more than once a rising star has taken over the map and won a match against the champions.

So, make sure that you follow the PUBG news and have all the information about the active players on the PUBG rank system before the match you will bet on. Keep in mind that there are 100 players when the game starts, so it would be nice to narrow your odds as much as possible.

Keep your bets simple

The betting markets for PUBG are wide! But this doesn’t mean that you have to go for everything that can be bet on. For example, when loot drops you can bet on who will take it (this, only works within live betting platforms) But then again, this is a widely risky bet.

On the other hand, betting on the first kill is a hard thing to do. There are 100 players and they all have a similar chance to kill. When it comes down to what to bet on these are nice options to get started:

  • Try to bet on who will win the match
  • Most kills are also a nice bet.
  • You can bet on who will receive less damage, but you must analyze the players.

Real-time betting is safer

Esports odds are not everything.  When it comes to Battle Royale in general we can advise you to go for Live Betting instead of waiting for the match to end. Remember the example above? Well, when the loot drops are easier to bet for who will take it if you know where the players are at the exact moment.

In the same way, betting on the player with most kills or the match winner will get easier as the game advances. Choosing PUBG betting sites would be a smart move.

Note: In the end, the big betting pools will go down to who wins the match, so you can just go for that one and enjoy the game.

Best PUBG tournaments

Some of the most important PUBG tournaments for esports betting through the year are:

  • PUBG Mobile Club Open
  • PUBG Mobile World League
  • PUBG Mobile World Championship
  • PUBG Campus Championship
  • PUBG Pro League
PUBG Mobile Betting

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Best PUBG teams

Despite being a “Last Man Standing” game, competitive teams cannot be absent. If you want to place PUBG bets it is recommended that you follow the following teams closely.

  • Team Unique
  • Team Soul
  • Cloud9
  • ARG Wistaria
  • Illuminate

Available betting markets

The PUBG betting markets are wide, from the first kill, to who has more kills at the end of the game are options we can see available in most platforms.

Each site has chosen to have some unique options and this only makes the market more competitive. Furthermore, when it comes to market availability other option we can mention besides, Unikrn, and Pinnacle are 365Bet esports positioned as other main betting sites for PUBG gambling.

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