For more than five years, PUBG betting has been getting increasingly popular. It must be said that esports betting in general has undergone a massive boom, but since PUBG launched in 2017, it has gone from strength to strength. At the start of 2022, PUBG became a free-to-play game, drawing in millions of players to the ecosystem. Today, PUBG boasts a dramatically popular esports scene, and it’s that scene we’re addressing today, fleshing out a guide to the best PUBG betting odds online.

If you’re an esports bettor, it’s likely you’ll already know everything you need to about the hottest PUBG odds you can find. However, if you’re not fully clued up on PUBG, or if you’re an entirely new esports bettor, then you should take the time to flick through this guide. We’ve covered everything you need to know about PUBG betting odds, from the sites hosting them to the tournaments you’ll be betting on.

Let’s waste no time – here’s our PUBG odds guide in full.

Where Can You Find The Best Odds For PUBG?

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GG.BET is one of the best PUBG betting sites.

If you’re hunting for the best betting sites for PUBG, then you’re in luck. At, we make it our goal to direct bettors to the best, most reliable, and most reputable esports betting sites online today. There are hundreds of betting platforms that offer esports odds, but some of them are unlicensed or simply a little shady. In a bid to make the process more accessible and much more secure, we’ve compiled lists of the best PUBG betting sites you can possibly find.

For instance, there’s GG.BET, is easily one of the best betting sites online today, and is deeply ingrained into the esports betting industry. If you’re more of a crypto-focused bettor, you could opt for Thunderpick, a cryptocurrency-exclusive esports betting site that wastes no time in offering PUBG odds. If you’re looking for a more ‘long-in-the-tooth’ kind of platform, you could consider using Betway Esports, one of the oldest esports betting solutions online today.

Whichever platform you pick, we guarantee you’ll find PUBG betting odds – provided they have an esports platform.

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How Do PUBG Odds Work?

Fortunately, PUBG betting odds are the same as the odds found in any betting arena, be it esports, virtual sports, or traditional sports betting markets. Firstly, let’s point out how you can determine probability through PUBG betting odds.

  • If OpTic Gaming had odds of 1/4 to win, then there’s an 80% chance that they’ll accomplish that, meaning the return on the stake will be much lower.
  • At the same time, if OpTic Gaming’s opponent, FaZe Clan, has odds of 9/1 to win, then there’s only a 10% chance it’ll happen, which means that this is the underdog bet, and returns on the initial stake will be higher.

In terms of money, if you took that 1/4 and placed down a $4 bet, you’d win $5, including your initial stake. If you took the 9/1 odds and placed a $1 bet, you’d win $10 including your initial stake. It’s a relatively simple concept that becomes easier to understand once you’ve spent some time working with the best PUBG betting odds.

When it comes to PUBG betting tips, we can highly recommend learning as much as you can about the odds you’re betting on. It’ll make it much easier when it comes time to scope out the competition and perhaps change platforms. This is key before you venture further out and begin looking at exotic or special markets, or even multi-line accumulators.

Best Tournaments for Betting on PUBG Odds

If you’re on the lookout for unbeatable PUBG betting odds, you’ll obviously be keeping an eye open for the best PUBG tournaments.

As of 2023, the most popular PUBG events and tournaments for betting are:

  • PUBG Global Championship, the world championship tier tournament that boasts a multi-million-dollar prize pool.
  • PUBG Continental Series, a global tournament that’s dramatically valuable to the PUBG esports ecosystem in general.
  • PUBG Nations Cup, an event that sees competitors represent their country on a grand stage.

Here’s another one of our top-tier PUBG betting tips – if you’re betting on PUBG, wait for one of these tournaments to roll around. They’ll typically boast the best coverage, the most diverse markets, and the most competitive odds.

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Image Credit: PUBG

Best PUBG Betting Tips

Before we leave you to go off on your PUBG betting journey, here are a few top PUBG betting tips to take away:

  • Don’t lock in on just one platform – explore what’s out there.
  • Don’t bet any money that you cannot afford to lose.
  • Try to understand the markets that you’re betting on before you bet on them.
  • Study the game, the teams, and the players at least a little.
  • Consider downloading the game (it’s free) and learning how it’s played.
  • Bet with a strategy in mind, don’t just blindly place wagers.

That’s it! We wish you the best of luck with your PUBG bets.