New PUBG rank system explained

A rank system has been requested by the community for a long time, and PUBG Corp. is finally delivering. PUBG Corp. already announced the rank system last month, but this week they unveiled some more information about it.

PUBG Corp. unveiled in a blog post that they plan to introduce regular ranked seasons once the ranking system comes out of beta. Each season will end with rewards for players that ranked high that season.

For now, it seems like PUBG will start off with each season lasting 2 months. This period may be adjusted depending on how the beta goes.

How PUBG’s new ranking system works

When a new season starts, players must play a total of 10 placement matches to get their initial rank. After the initial rank has been given to a player, each game will give or deduct rank points depending on the player’s performance.


©PUBG Corp.

Rank points will help to determine when you rank up or rank down. The rank points you get will depend on your current rank, and you will get more rank points for killing more players and placing higher.

PUBG Corp. mentioned that there will be multiple factors that determine how many rank points you gain or lose, but the basics of it is explained below.

Here is an example PUBG Corp. used in their blog post:

  • A Diamond player who wins a game with 8 kills would earn around 30 RP
  • A Diamond player who wins a game with 1 kill would earn around 20 RP
  • A Diamond player who ends a game in 100th place with 0 kills would lose around 20 RP

The image below showcases the ranks and the corresponding rank points.


©PUBG Corp.

If you’ve played PUBG before, you may recognize that the current rank points system looks similar to the ELO system already in the game. It seems PUBG Corp. is mostly just expanding on the existing ELO system.

Just like with the old system, the ranks will be seperated in solo, duo, and squad. There will also be separate ranks for first person mode and third person mode. This means that, in total, you can have progress in up to six different ‘rank pools’ if you consider the three squad size modes and FPP/TPP variants.

PUBG Corp. also mentioned that a new matchmaking system will be introduced with the ranks. The matchmaking system will use MMR, not rank points, to put you into games with similarly skilled players.

This should help to keep the game on an equal playing field no matter what your rank is and it’ll ensure that if you place high and get many kills, you’ll always be rewarded a fair number of rank points.

This means that the rank point example used above should theoretically be roughly the same no matter what rank you are.

The first ranked season will start with Update 22. Whilst all of the features for the rank system seem to be operational in Update 22, it should be noted that it’s still technically in beta stage.

What are your thoughts on the new rank system in PUBG? Do you like what PUBG Corp. are doing?