PUBG Rank System Explained – How to Rise Up in Rank

PUBG is a great Battle Royale game for serious and casual play, but the ranked mode is the main attraction for a lot of players. It is by using the ranks in-game that you can get a real measure of your skill, and make sure you’re playing with others of a similar level to you. Climbing up the ranks can be a lot more rewarding than just progressing through public matches. The PUBG rank system can be a bit hard to explain though. So much about it is done behind closed doors, leaving the player a little unsure of how exactly they can increase their rank, or why their rank is at the level it is.

PUBG Rank System

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PUBG’s scoring system isn’t public, but we’ve got some educated guesses on how o improve yours. This makes it a bit more difficult than the CSGO ranks, or Overwatch, or even LoL. PUBG has had a ranked mode for some time. Since they don’t make the scoring entirely public, we can’t really be sure how much it has changed internally over this time. However, from anecdotal evidence, we can be certain that PUBG occasionally adjusts the way that its rank system works and how your movement between these happens.

This guide covers the PUBG ranking system, explaining how it works, what determines what tier you are in the PUBG rank system, what you can do to improve it.

How the PUBG Rank System Works

Each new season of PUBG provides something of a soft reset to its rank system. This gives you a fresh chance to place higher in the ranked mode. At the outset, you’ll be able to play 10 different games. The outcomes of these games are going to determine what rank you’re starting in for the season. These are the ranks you can be placed in:

  • Bronze – 1-1399 Points Needed.
  • Silver – 1400-1499 Points Needed.
  • Gold – 1500-1599 Points Needed.
  • Platinum – 1600-1699 Points Needed.
  • Diamond – 1700-1799 Points Needed.
  • Elite – 1800-1899 Points Needed.
  • Master – 1900-1999 Points Needed.
  • Grandmaster – 2000 Points or Higher.
PUBG Ranked mode explained

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As you can probably see, the ranked system has lower amounts of points between ranks than in other games. This is because you can lose points just as easily as gaining them. This makes gradually increasing them more difficult and keeps the ranks difficult to progress through even when only 100 points are needed to climb.

Different PUBG Ranked Modes

PUBG doesn’t have one big pool for ranked players with a score that is attached to your entire account. The Ranked system is divided up by your game mode.

You will have a separate score for different game modes. So playing in first or third person will mean you’ll be playing in a different ranked mode and your points or score won’t be affected in others.

They’re also separated between squads, Duos, and Solos. In all, this means the ranked system in PUBG is quite nicely divided up with a lot of different areas for you to be competing in.

How Does Ranked System Effect Matchmaking?

If you get a lot of kills or survive to be the last one standing in a game filled with people of your skill level, your PUBG rank will increase. You will have showed that you’re now better than these players. Equally, if you have a bad game it will drop. You will have shown you’re not as good as other players of your level so you’ll fall down in rank.

how PUBG ranked system affects matchmaking

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How Do You Increase Your Rank in PUBG?

The way that you actually earn and lose points in PUBG is a pretty well-kept secret at the moment. However, looking at the way other players have gained or lost points in matches we have some solid ideas about how it works. These tips cover how to increase your rank in PUBG:

  • Play on One Game Mode – There are separate ranked mode tiers for first and third person or the number of players. So, it is spread pretty thin. Playing one game mode lets you get more time in with that ranked system. You’ll have a much better chance of rising up ranks this way.
  • Damage – The damage you deal in the game is as important as kills or surviving for longer. Make sure you’re actually getting shots in and doing some damage.
  • Survival Counts for a Lot – Surviving in the game is a pretty solid way to increase your rank. This isn’t anywhere near as fast as getting a lot of kills, but it isn’t as risky since you’ll die less often.
  • Play a Lot – This is the best way to gain in ranked mode. It rewards playing a lot more than it rewards playing well. If you keep playing games, your score is going to go up from sheer brute force.

That is how you can try to increase your rank in PUBG Ranking system. The game’s rank system is simpler than in a lot of first-person shooters, but also a bit more secretive.  Knowing how you can go up ranks is a bit confusing, so keep playing well and trust that the system will recognize that.