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Fans of Respawn Entertainments popular Battle Royale title can rejoice – it’s almost time for the very first licensed pro Apex Legends competition! Better known as perhaps the only recent game EA didn’t bog down with bad press, scandals or lootbox issues. In fact, Apex Legends was a huge success and is now one ofMore
The OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California will onceMore
Ten days ago, the PEL Kick-off cup gave us aMore

NPL Phase 2 kicks off with a bang

Phase 2 of the North American National PUBG League kicked off last weekend OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach,CA. 16 teams once again battle for $200,000 in prize funds andMore
Apex Legends

‘Apex Legends’ is following in the footsteps of Fortnite and PUBG

There’s been plenty of accusations from fans of all three popular Battle Royale games about them stealing content and ideas from each other – Fortnite adopted elements from Apex, suchMore

PUBG FACEIT Global Summit Recap: and the winner is OP Gaming

For an entire week it was everyone’s best guess, which was the top PUBG team in the world. It came down to the last three minutes of the final mapMore

First 19 players get their spots at the Fortnite World Cup

The first eighteen players to qualify for this year’s Fortnite World Cup have been announced. These are the players who came out on top of last weekends opening event. TheMore

The first PUBG Classic event in the 2019: FACEIT Global Summit

FACEIT Global Summit, the first of three PUBG Classic events in the 2019 Season is only hours away. The ExCeL Centre in London is set to host 24 of theMore

Fortnite World Cup begins hours after major update

The ever-changing nature of Fortnite can often leave pro players reacting to updates during the practice period for major events. This has never been more evident than now, as EpicMore

Logan Paul and Prince Harry decry Fortnite for different reasons

It seems that Logan Paul and Prince Harry have something in common, their hatred of Fortnite. Both have recently spoken out against the game and its appeals, but for someMore

Fortnite competitive players are frustrated with “Arena” ranked mode

Fortnite has a history of running in-game events as qualifiers for their major tournaments. This ensures a wide field of entry and allows surprising new players to get as muchMore

PUBG Europe League week 3: who will make it to the FACEIT Global Summit?

The final week of the PEL 2019 Kick-off phase commences on Thursday April 4th at 18:00 CEST. This week will finalize the standings and decide which four out of theMore

Competitive players response to Fortnite v8.20’s changes

Fortnite is a game that is continuously in flux, not everyone seems to like this. With most new updates there is a stream of reactions from Fortnite competitive players andMore
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