Kid Laroi to hold Fortnite in-game concert later this month

Fortnite has long been more than a Battle Royale, it now bills itself as the first Metaverse in gaming. Nothing shows this side of the game off better than the in-game concerts, and it looks like Kid Laroi is the next artist to get involved.

Kid Laroi Fortnite

Fortnite’s concerts have been held a few times. They all give an opportunity for fans to get together in large groups and enjoy some music as a collaborative experience. They usually offer a real treat for the senses with entire experiences and worlds designed to go along with the music. What’s next for the Fortnite Concert series has been discussed for a little while, with rumours flying of Lady Gaga or Billie Eilish being next,iIt looks like it might be Kid Laroi who turns up next though.

Kid Laroi hosting the next Fortnite Concert based on leaks

There’s been a lot of rumours about what’s next, but it looks like Kid Laroi is going to be the next artist to feature on the Fortnite concert series. This information comes from a more repeatable source than some past rumours. Additionally, it’ll be one of Epic’s in-game main events, not one of the smaller ones hosted through Creative Mode that have happened lately.

Kid Laroi is known for a few songs, but particularly his collaboration with Justin Bieber which has broken out over TikTok. He isn’t quite as big of a name as some past headliners. Although they’ve had some issues with bigger artists. There’s a whole spread of Travis Scott cosmetics that can’t ever come back after what’s happened in the years since the event.

We don’t quite know for certain. However, it does seem like this is the next collab we should expect from Epic, coming  late January. It’ll be our first big event since Fortnite Chapter 4 launched.

Fortnite Concert series going for a seasonal return?

Before this Kid Laroi rumour, names have been circulating for quite a while about who will be making the next in-game concert. It’s actually been quite a while since we saw an event like this in Fortnite. The Arianna Grande concert back in 2021 was the last time we saw this, taking place in the Summer? So why the big gap?

One reason for such a break might be the pandemic. The Fortnite concerts require a lot of planning for the visual spectacle. They also need cooperation and close work with an artist. That’s to design how their in-game representation is going to move during the event. That’s before scripting the entire cinematic around that. Epic uses motion capture and other technologies to try and make sure the concerts are as good as they possibly can be.

The covid pandemic might have made those motion and capture and other areas of preparation unfeasible for a while. With the Kid Laroi rumours though, it looks like we’re getting these in-game events back. They aren’t held monthly or even seasonally, but if Epic is back at the concerts, then we might see even more over 2023.

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